"A Pirate's Life for B"
Pirates title card
Season 2
Air date TBA
Episode chronology
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"Mr. Turtleton's Wild Ride" "Awww-esome!"

"A Pirate's Life for B" is an episode, paired with "Mr. Turtleton's Wild Ride" according to the end credits.

Episode Story

Happy and Bessie are playing pirates all over the house. Bessie accidentally knocks her head in the wall. Then they find a solid gold nugget inside the wall. Bessie spilts it buys lots of stuff. But theres insafition funs (all the bills are twice as much as the half nugget.) Now Bessie need Happy's half (that he didn't put in the bank) so she can pay the unpay bills. She has to be First Mate and every time she helps Happy, she'll gets a piece of a map for the nugget. She gets the whole map finds it but Happy uses the pirates' code against her. They then lose and tries to make it wait until they pay it off. [1]

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