Bat Mitzvah Crashers


After going to Penny's neighbor's bat mitzvah, both Bessie and Penny get the urge to go to other Bat Mitzvah. They continued until they were late for a meeting. They then swore that they would never go to another Bat Mitzvah, until they heard about Chelsea's Bat Mitzvah. This isn't the end though. At "8:30 o' clock" Bessie urged Penny to go with her. While they were there, they saw Chelsea yelling at Portia for sitting at the head table. When Bessie and Penny went to comfort her, they were then spotted. At the end Bessie and Penny swear to NEVER go to another Bat Mitzvah, until Bessie's Honey Bee Big Sister invites her to her Bat Mitzvah.


  • Portia appears to be annoyed by the Honeybee oath.

Super Secret Weakness


After saying that the Mighty B has no weakness, Bessie has a nightmare of the Honeybee honey being stolen by Bears in Capes. She then wakes up Ben, Happy, and Penny to help find her weakness. After going through many gross thing, she then eats zucchini, making her very sick. She then got the idea that zucchini was her weakness. Then after being on television, Portia became jealous. She then began plot, and decided to scare Bessie with many real and strange things with zucchini in them. Bessie then realized that zucchini isn't her weakness. Then later while sleeping, a feather lands on her nose, making her sneeze. This probably made her think that this is her weakness

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