"Bee My Baby"
Bee My Baby
Season 1
Episode 3A
Air date April 27, 2008
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"Sweet Sixteenth" "Bee Afraid"

Bee My Baby is the third episode that aired in April 27, 2008.


When Bessie comes to deliver taffy to Gwen's house, she finds out that Gwen is babysitting her five rowdy little brothers. Bessie would love to babysit. Portia and Gwen trick Bessie and Penny into babysitting by saying there's a babysitting badge. Portia pushes the taffy cart then went to the mall. Bessie thinks that it's going to be easy, but she soon realizes that babysitting is hard work after she loses one of the kids. After a cart rings the bell with the baby, Happy comes and takes the baby, but closes on Bessie and Penny. Portia and Gwen come and tell Bessie and Penny that there is no babysitting badge.

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