Bee My Baby
"Bee My Baby/Bee Afraid"
Season 1
Episode 1A/1B
Air date April 27, 2008
Episode chronology
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"So Happy Together / Sweet Sixteenth" "Artificial Unintelligence / We got the Bee"

Bee Afraid both aired in April 27, 2008.

Episode 1 Summary

When Bessie comes to deliver taffy to Gwen's house, she finds out that Gwen is babysitting her five rowdy little brothers. Bessie would love to babysit. Portia and Gwen trick Bessie and Penny into babysitting by saying there's a babysitting badge. Portia pushes the taffy cart then went to the mall. Bessie thinks that it's going to be easy, but she soon realizes that babysitting is hard work after she loses one of the kids. After a cart rings the bell with the baby, Happy comes and takes the baby, but closes on Bessie and Penny. Portia and Gwen come and tell Bessie and Penny that there is no babysitting badge.

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Episode 2 Summary

Bessie is the only Honeybee in her troop who doesn't have the Happy Camper Badge. That's because every summer at the annual Honeybee Campout, Bessie gets petrified of sleeping in the woods and goes home. Bessie decides that it's finally time for her to get it. She packs up her things and heads out into the woods. Portia, Gwen, and Penny don't want Bessie to get the badge so they try to scare her into leaving the woods. Penny tells a scary story and Portia runs away. Then she angers a bear. Bessie comes and the bear whats 2 boxes of taffy. The sun rises and Bessie gets the Happy Camper Badge. 

Characters present


  • Bessie told Portia that they are now both Happy Campers, even though Bessie took her badge, although Portia probably got another badge.
  • It's probably against the rules to take someone elses badge.
  • First time we hear Bessie scream like a little girl.
  • First time Penny faints.
  • It's reaveled that Bessie's mom has a red car.