Bee Patients; To Bee or Not to Bee
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Bee Patients; To Bee or Not to Bee
RuntimeApprox. 12 minutes (per episode)
DeveloperNickelodeon Studios
AirdateSeptember 8, 2008/November 29, 2008
Episode Season 1, Episode 12
Season 1 episodes

Bee Patients; To Bee or Not to Bee

Night Howl; Hat Trick

Apoxalypse Now!; Hive Jacked

Something's Wrong With This Taffy; Name Shame

Thanksgiving Beeenactment; TBA

Bee Patients

The episode begins with Bessie and Happy playing a game that involved them rolling down an incredibly tall and steep hill, when they accidentally lose control and wind up getting their knees bruised and scraped severely. Bessie then says that they should get to the doctor (and the vet for Happy). However, Happy is terrified of the vet, and tries his best to flee, but Bessie has his leash, and she manages to pull him all the way to the vet. There, medicine is put on Happy's leg, and a cone is put around his neck to prevent him from licking off the medicine. On their way to the doctor's office for Bessie's check up, Bessie comments on how cute Happy looks in his cone, but Happy is very annoyed with it and with her for taking him to the vets.

At the doctor's Bessie is calm and collected about her check up, until she realizes that she has to get a booster shot. This terrifies Bessie, but amuses Happy. When the nurse leads Bessie and Happy to a check up room, Bessie let's her fear get the better of her and visions the doctor's office as a cavernous room filled with dangerous tools and horrible creatures.

When the doctor comes in with equipment meant for shots, both Bessie and Happy, terrified, flees and tries to find their way out of the doctor's office, where she visions the other doctors actually hurting the patients (although it never shows the patients actually getting hurt, but Bessie sees it.) she tries to flee by going down the skin drain, but gets stuck, where she does get the shot in her rear. Bessie is given a lollipop, and Bessie hobbles out, her rear aching, while everyone else laughs.

To Bee or Not to Bee

Miriam bessie

Miriam and Bessie in "To Bee or Not to Bee".

The Honeybees are having a video contest, and the winner gets to have a private tea with Miriam Breedlove. Mary Gibbons thinks Portia going to win. Bessie is the real winner, and hearing this Bessie. changing temprarely to her Mighty B form, sings "I WOOOOOON!", knocking evryone down. Bessie wins the contest! Portia and Gwen become jealous, so they plan to sabotage Bessie's interview.‏‪ When Bessie comes late, she only has 6 minutes. Bessie asked what is the truth about The Mighty B. Miriam told her, but no one heard her (not even the viewers.) After she was done talking, she had to leave.


  • When Bessie and Happy hurt themselves, a music track played that was used in SpongeBob SquarePants.
  • It seems Happy has been to the vet before.
  • How did Bessie see Happy's insides behind the X-ray?
  • The episode, To Bee or Not to Bee, is a parody of Shakesphere's quote, to be or not to be, from Hamlet

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