Benjamin "Ben" James Higgenbottom

Ben 189x189

Type of character
Hair color
Eye Color
Skin Color
Dark orange
Heavish Alcoholic Pink
Small size light blue short-sleeved shirt
Red cape (most of the time)
Dark blue pants
Black shoes
Bessie Higgenbottom (big sister and hero)
Happy Higgenbottom (pet)
Hilary Higgenbottom (mother)
Mr. Pants (best friend)
San Fransisco, California
Voice actor
Andy Ritcher
First Apperance
Last Apperance

Benjamin James "Ben" Higgenbottom is Bessie's six-year-old younger brother. It was originally stated that Ben was six in the episode "So Happy Together".


Ben is a thumb-sucking scaredy-cat, but hopes to be Bessie's sidekick when she becomes the Mighty Bee. He isn't quite there yet, so Bessie often refers to him as her "trial sidekick" or says that she'd "possibly consider [him] for sidekick candidacy." Though he won’t admit it, Ben feels his sidekick position was compromised when Happy came into the picture, hence Ben and Happy’s unspoken rivalry. As Bessie’s only sibling, Ben tends to get stuck wearing a girly costume (a nurse in “Apoxalypse Now” and a fishnet-clad assistant in “Hat Trick”), but he puts up with it if it’ll help Bessie get a badge. He's often accompanied by Mr. Pants, a teddy bear who he talks to and plays with. In "Ben Appetit" we learn that Ben had a fear of foods touching because Bessie used to mash his food together when they were little. In both So Happy Together and We Got The Bee he is shown to play the tuba (it appears to be a sousaphone). In Oh Brother, What Art Thou?, Ben thinks that Happy is taking his place as future sidekick so he decides to get revenge on Bessie by becoming The Hurtful Hornet with Mr. Pants being Mr. Evil Pants. Only for it to result in a big misunderstanding and Ben turning good again and Mr. Evil Pants behind bars. Ben often comes up Bessie's ideas without taking the credit.



  • Wearing girly costumes
  • Portia Gibbons
  • His food touching (formally)
  • scary things


Bessie Higgenbottom

Even though, Bessie would tell Ben to get lost sometimes or even go to the lengths of ditching him, Ben would still try and Bessie anyway he can so that he can become Bessie's sidekick when she becomes The Mighty B!. Ben would always help Bessie get the badge as hard as he can...except in The League of Ordinary Gentlemen where in that episode, he would try as hard as he can to NOT have Bessie join the Gentlemen's Club.

Happy Higgenbottom

Ben usually has this unnoticed rivalry between him and Happy. Ben thinks that ever since Happy came into the picture that he would become Bessie's sidekick and not Ben.

Hilary Higgenbottom

Ben has a great relationship with his mom. You could say he's a "mamma's boy".

Portia Gibbons

Though never shown, it has been mentioned in Gorillas in the Midst that Portia would usually boss him around. In the same episode, when Bessie switches places with Ben, Portia thinks falls in love with Bessie thinking that she's Ben. Until, she finds Bessie and Ben switching back to normal thus Portia falling out of love despite Portia holding the "I love Ben" sign when returning to the crowd.


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