''Chelsea Gibbons''

Chelsea two

Voiced by
Jessica Chaffin
Type of Character
Minor Character
First Appearance
Last Apperance
Hair Color
Eye Color
Portia Gibbons (younger cousin)
Mary Francis Gibbons (aunt)
Richard and Dick Gibbons (cousins)
Unnamed Father
Joanna Gibbons (mother)

Chelsea Gibbons is Portia's cousin and Mary Francis' niece. She is featured in Bat Mitzvah Crashers and The Dragonflies. She is said (and shown) to be even meaner than her cousin Portia. She also appears in the first ever special.


While she is a minor character and not much is known about her, Chelsea is seen to be spoiled and very bossy. She is mean and harsh, and very narcissistic. As seen in the episode "Bat Mitzvah Crashers", she commands Portia to arrange her Bat Mitzvah and threatens to look down on her if she fails. During her Bat Mitzvah, she coldy scolds Portia for sitting at the head table, making her cry.

Despite her mean demeanor, Chelsea has morality and a little merciful towards the Honeybees in the episode "Dragonfiles". Despite seeing the Honeybees in her report book, she gives them a chance to regain thier meeting place from the Dragonflies. When the Honeybees won the "Chelsea Challenge", Cherry protested to her that Chelsea was a former Dragonfly, but Chelsea firmly replies, "Was. Past Tense. And back in my day, we played rough. But not dirty.", leaving the Dragonflies in shock and in angst.


  • Bat Mitzvah Crashers
  • The Dragonflies



  • Longface
  • Strawberry Frozen Yogurt



  • Showing that she had a Bat Mitzvah, Chelsea might be Jewish.
  • Her family is mega rich.
  • Like the other members of the Gibbons family, she has an overbite.
  • Knowing that she was a Dragonfly at one moment can sum up to her mean demeanor, however, she scolds the Dragonflies for cheating in the episode, "Dragonflies".
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