Emily is a robot created by Bessie Higgenbottom in an attempt to win the Mad Scientist Badge for the Honeybee Science Fair that appeared in the episode Artificial Untelligence. The ingredients are filled with hair dryers, computers, pot, and laser nose and even more products used by Bessie. Her Mother thinks that they were taking less than 50$, and then later pays 50$. Its brain is made out of Macaroni and Cheese. Later in the episode, Portia goes inside Emily, controls her, removes the now-stinky brain into a garbage bin, and plans to terrorize the Honeybee Science Fair. Bessie is quickly blamed for it, but when Portia gets out, she gets filthy and a pimple (which Gwen lies to Anton about). Portia then gets in trouble thanks to Ben and Happy by founded the brain to the audience of people. In the end of the Honeybee Science Fair, they later won the Honeybee Science Fair and then gets awarded the Mad Scientist Badge.


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