Hair Color
Eye Color
First Apperance
We Got the Bee
Rocky Rhodes (Best Friend)

Shaymus (Best Friend)

Bessie Higgenbottom (Best Friend)

Gerry is an Integritone band member that fetured in We Got the Bee and was very nicer that his friend Shaymus was. He is best friends with Rocky and Shaymus and Bessie for a time, He is a nice man!


Not much is heard about Gerry other than he was an Electric Guitarist in the Inegritones, He was first seen with Shaymus when they both talk to Rocky about the new drummer Bessie Higgenbottom, he quoted if it should be Betzie or Gary Bonsila Toad, He found Bessie not that bad when he first looked at her, and also this earned him the trust to befriend her, however Shaymus didn't respect her at first and found her to be a pest, He did at onetime tried to agree with Bessie on a Unicorn for a band, however Shaymus disagreed with Bessie, and later when they got a smoke machine they rented, Bessie later changed it to a Unicorn artist impression, however Gerry felt upset about what happened with the Van, however he was forced to trust it with Rocky on this one, Later that night after Penny Lefcowitz fainted due to too many people at the concert, Bessie was forced to help be a replacement to Portia Gibbons's band, he would respect Bessie in the end, he can later be seen cammo in some episodes,

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