Happy Walter Higgenbottom


Voiced by:
Type of Character
Main Character
Fur Color
Eye Color
Tongue Color
Light Blue (season 1)
Dark Blue (season 2)
Light Pink (season 1)
Dark Pink (season 2)
Round dark purpleish nose
Torn ear
Red collar
Bessie Higgenbottom (owner and best friend)
Rose (mother)
probably San Fransisco, California
Voice actor
First Apperance
Last Apperance

Happy Higgenbottom is Bessie's pet dog and best friend.


Happy is often portrayed as a egotistical, generous, helpful, lazy, smart, smug, and lovable dog. Happy was separated from his mom once when he was a puppy. Happy usually helps or gets dragged into Bessie's adventures. Happy doesn't speak however he usually makes dog sounds (although closed captioning interpret this.


Happy originally started working as a secret agent for S.H.A.D.O.W. and was owned by K.G. Bianca.He was consider the best in his field. However, on his last assigment Happy was given orders to bite his future owner Bessie as a warning to the Honey Bees from the Nougat Lobby because Bessie sells crush nougat sales. However because Happy has this code of never biting women and children he faked his own death and even ripped some of his left ear torn off to prove he's gone. So he decides to live the life of a stray. Until, of course, Bessie finds him and takes him to her house for a dog show in order to get the Animal Appreciation badge. Happy doesn't seem so happy with that idea and even leaves once at the show. However, when leaving, he begins to feel sorry for Bessie and decides to come back just in time. Thus, Happy became Bessie's pet dog and best friend. 




Bessie Higgenbottom

Happy is Bessie's pet and best friend in the whole world. Bessie often calls Happy his "senior advicor".


A dog in the episode, Lil' Orphan Happy, who claimed to be Happy's mom but was lying just to live in Bessie's house.


In C'mon, Get Happy!, K.G. Bianca sent a dog girl named Roxxy to lore Happy to her plane. Happy was madly in love with Roxxy even to the point of moving out of the house to be with her. However, he found out that K.G. Bianca was using Roxxy to lore him back to her. Bessie then saves Happy and have a quicky "friendship ceremony" at Las Vegas.


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