Harris Gutter Daye

Harris Daye

No Title
Eye Colour
Type of Character
Minor Character
Voice actress
"Gutter" by the Police, "Dirty Cop" "Dirt Bag" by Bessie,
First Apperance
Police Junior Sergeant

Harris Daye nicknamed Gutter or Dirty Cop or Dirt Bag by Bessie Higgenbottom was a Cop who worked only appears in Yips, apparently an unidentified man was disguised as him to trick Bessie to see lots of action, Daye was a cop in his late '20s trying to get further enough to be the best, however at the Donut Shop, where Daye was caught stealing Purses and Wallets all over San Francisco was caught by Bessie, but in fact the real Police Sergeant Daye was in fact hidden inside John Dillinger where the real Harris Daye was found alive and well and was previously kidnapped by Chief Hood's evil crime brother to be a setup for Bessie, however after capturing both his evil brother, Bonnie and Clyde as well being taken away by Steve Heller, Daye was reactive into Armour Team leaving his fate unknown but was returned to duty to work,