Bessie Higgenbottom becomes a beekeeper.


Bessie stops Mary from desroying a hive. She becomes their beekeeper and tries to make 1000 g. of honey. Ben and Happy are upset because the bees keep eating their food, stinging them repeadedily, and sinking Mr. Pants (Happy some how had to give Mr. Pants CPR.) Bessie isn't on the same page. She then becomes the bees' queen. She brings the the 1000 g. honey and gets the badge. Though the bees will not let her move on. So they prisine her in The Hive as Queen Bee. Happy gets Ben to be the other Queen Bee and Bessie pretents to challenge him and lets Ben win. Now the problem is Ben's trapped.

Aired at 11:30am at 1/16/2010 part of Nick Super Strange Saturday