One of the logos of the Honeybee Scouts.

The Honeybee Scouts is a scout group for girls ages 7 to 12 years old, much like Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, who partake in various activities and strive to acheive badges.


The Honeybee Scouts program is quite similar to Girl Scouts, where scouts do activies to earn badges. The activies vary greatly, some being as simple as typing to much stranger like the Chicken Pox badge (earned by having been sick with the Chicken Pox).

Mary Francis Gibbons, Portia's mom, is the Honeybee Troop Leader for Troop 828.

Meeting's are held at their own huge Honeybee meeting room with a pool, a movie cinema, a big expensive desinger clothes wardrobe, a bookcase with magazines and a starbucks and mcdonalds restrurant which can only the popular girls can access and the unpopular girls can only access to the pool, the popular girls have v.i.p cards to access the exclusive area.

The scout chant that most Honeybee Scouts say is: Sisterhood, Sisterhood, the most important thing!
We've got the honey and the sting!



Honeybee Scout Hat


Honeybee Scout Blouse and Sash

Though some Honeybee Scouts don't follow a set uniform, like Portia, Gwen, Alexandria and Gaby. The standard uniform for Honeybee Scout consists of a hat (brown and a gold circle with the Honeybee Scout symbol in the circle), yellow blouse, and a sash (to hold badges).

Some scouts wear regulation bobby socks and black shoes.

The Honeybee's Scouts,

List of Honeybee Scout Badges

Badges seen on the show

  • The Mad Scientist Badge (Artifical Unintellenge)
  • The Chicken Pox Badge (Apoxolypse Now)
  • The Animal Appreciation Badge (So Happy Together)
  • The Happy Camper Badge (Bee Afraid)
  • The Origami Badge (Doppelfinger)
  • The Young Entrepeneur Badge (The Apprentice)
  • The Ta-Da Badge (Hat Trick)
  • The Knot-a-Lot Badge (Macro Mayhem
  • The Sausage Making Badge (Beenadict Arnold)
  • The Little Lady Badge (Little Womyn)
  • The Ever-Allusive Beekeeping Badge (Hive of Darkness)
  • The Democracy Badge (Dogcatcher in the Rye)
  • The Monster Squad Badge (Sleepless in San Francisco)
  • The E.S.P. Badge (An I See Bee)
  • The Sock Hop Badge (Grumpy Old Bees)
  • The Junior Police Badge (Yips)
  • The Staying Up til New Years' Eve Badge (Toot Toot)
  • The Unicorn Finder Badge (Toot Toot)
  • The Stand Up Badge (Bang the Drum Timely)
  • The Architecture Badge (One Million Years Bee.C.)
  • The Time Traveling Badge (Toot Toot)
  • The Toot Toot Badge (Toot Toot)
  • Scarlet Badge Of Shame (Stuffed Happens)

Badges mentioned in other medias

  • The Burp Badge (Kids' Choice Awards 2009)