Jumping Joey's is a resturant similar to Chuck-E-Cheese's. It made it's first appearance in "Penny Hearts Joey". Its mascot is a kangaroo named Joey (he is really a robot, though). At first he only says one phrase to Penny. But at the end of the episode he said to Penny that it was "the best time of his life" with her. It's well known for it's famous "Pizza Padoodle" or a pizza in the shape of Joey's glove. It's unknown if it will be ever seen again in the series. It appears in Penny Hearts Joey.


Not much is known about Jumping Joey's features, but there still is much shown. With games featuring Joey, a dance floor, large tables where the kids eat the Pizza Padoodles, and a "Band of Marsupiles" featuring the animatronic Joey as the singer. It's safe to say it's a very popular place. In "Dang it Feels Good to be a Gamster", it is revealed that they make microwavable Pizza Padoodles too.