"Macro Mayhem / Ben Screams for Ice Cream"
Season 1
Episode 19A/19B
Air date June 10/11, 2009
Episode chronology
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"Portrait of a Happy / O Say Can Bess See" "The Dragonflies"

Plot 1

Bessie gets carried away with her new macramé hobby after helping the macramé club. She makes it all over her room, for outfit, for a car, for coins, and all over San Francisco. But soon the macramé starts to stink up turning to wet wool. Bessie is told to stop but she doesn't understand intel she sees that the macramé is making all the sheep cold. So Bessie takes all the macramé back and give them back to the sheep.

Plot 2

While Bessie tries to tell Happy her story, and Happy's not supposed to know about the leprechaun, Ben was over heated. Then Hal the ice cream man comes to Ben and the other kids to give them ice cream. Then Bessie sees Hal pass though a stop sign and a bumper sticker that says "How my driving?" She decides to call Hal but actually calls his boss. The boss got mad at Hal which made Hal mad at Bessie. When Penny tells Hal two ice creams were for Bessie and Ben, he quits thanks to Bessie. Every child in the neighborhood gets upset. Then Bessie gives out a new kind of ice cream: Choco-bananas! When Bessie and Ben are counting the money they have earned, the company wants to talk to Bessie, Ben and Happy. Bessie offers them choco-bananas if they bring ice cream back to the neighborhood. When the boss finishes his ice cream, he writes on the paper O.K..

Then, when the ice cream is back, Bessie continues to tell Happy her story, which she continues to mess up.