Marie (Glennline) Malarkey

Marie G. Malarkey

Hair Color
Black with Vilot,
Eye Color
Honeybee Scout
First Appearance
Sweet Sixteeth

"Marie Glennline Malarkley" is a Honeybee Scout in Troop 828, she is a friendly girl, and are good friends with her Scouts. nothing is actually told about Marie's history although they was never any episode part to where like most honeybees had in the show, Marie was considered background character left out of the show originally planned to have a voicing role which was cancelled, Marie however had violet dark blue hair and also brown skin possibly of part South American decent oneside and their father might be an Irishman married to a South American,

Throughout the show

Marie was a young Honeybee Scout in troupe 828 and like all the bees was very clever, however she was a girl who had issues in needing to learn, thus wanting to be a good honeybee to earn some more badges to but as the lowest of the grade she was the young Rookie of her class and troupe group, however she sometimes grew cross at Bessie but also sometimes felt very sorry for her, as such she was friendly and of course cared about the future on Bessie so she wouldn't loose her dream to being the Mighty B!. however she is a nice honeybee but unlike most honeybees she was a background character with no lines of speech,


  • Originally Marie was going to have a speaking role like all Honeybees of the show but however it was declined and it was never used so throughout the show is a background character like all except Bessie, Penny, Portia, Gwen and Millie, where that had speaking roles, although Satha did once, the rest had not,
  • Marie is possibly South American since she has ancestors that lived their and her father though never seen in the show was likely Irish since their last name was most likely Irish,
  • Marie was a young rookie Honeybee the newest member to the troupe group and was a cleaver girl though was handsome showed nice looks but never to ugly troupe's like Beavers, or Dragonflies, or the Blackwillows or others,
Marie's bassis.

Marie's bassis

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