''Mary Frances Gibbons"
Voiced by
Type of Character
Main Character
First Appearance
Hair Color
Eye Color

Mary Frances Gibbons (originally Everett) (also known is Mrs. Gibbons) is the Honeybee troop leader and Portia's mom. An advanced social climber, she is banking everything on her mall-pretty daughter. She became a Troop Leader because she plans one day to run for PTA President and she wanted to show how good she was with children. She forced Portia to join the Honeybees and considers the troop a mother-daughter bonding activity. During troop meetings, MF shows blatant favoritism towards Portia and gets frustrated with Bessie because her Honeybee achievements constantly outshine Portia’s. Mary also is a certified Patty Faye Cosmetics (a parody of "Mary Kay" Cosmetics) representative and jumps at any time to push Patty Faye. She often helps Portia cheat to get a badge. in The Old Bee and the Sea wears bikini with polka-dots yellow blue.

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