Maude is a Dragonfly and is one of the three main henchwoman that serves with Cherry. she is big and strong plus
The mighty b dragonfly maud
she can beat up anyone that would stand in her way,


Maud is first seen in Dragonflies and is first seen at the pool, She first was seen when she did a warning to the Bees if they didn't get out of the pool they would be killed, She beated her fist and made the Honeybees scared, She also started the fight with the Bees, also the next day she and the Dragonflies took the Recreation Center! She also took part in the Chelsea Challenge and also at one stage she changed the sign the wrong way for the Honeybees which was actuley the way to Pier 13 not (Pier 31), She also on the ferry to Alcatraz, at one stage she punched the Captain out of the boat into the Sea! she also piloted the ship and put is up to 'Your Insane' so the Dragonflies could try and beat the Honeybees, however they soon pushed through and later on the Dragonflies lost to the Bees when they got there Turf back,

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