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Mr Griff is the Taffy Factory Manager that features in "Something's Wrong With This Taffy" he was in charge of the factory.

In the episode

He showed Bessie the tour when she was on inspetion about Taffy that was bad and if people ate it, it was contamanated, he refused to let Bessie see the secret door and lied that it was storage, (Which in reallity it was the machinery to making '95 peur Honey from Consentrate' which contamanated the Taffy) so Bessie later that night had to stop bad Taffy from being sold, which the girls thought she was a theif that night, When Bessie raided the factory she was shocked to see the 95 peur Honey from Consentrate, which contamated the Honeybee Taffy, all the Honeybees where shocked to see what Mr Griff had done to the Bees, why he did this is unknown, (likley to get everyone to hate the Bees, think it is worse,) although likley according to him, peur Honey was too expenise these days, when Miriam Breedlove came, she was not happy with Mr Griff and (although never mentioned in the episode) she told him 'One more dislike to the bees, you are Fired' which had to make him truse the bees,

Trivia: and personallity.

  • He was spitful to Bessie Higgenbottom and refused to let her in to the secret door,


  • "And thats our tour! any questions"
  • "What Door"
  • "Which one"
  • "Storage"