Nisa (Ganish) Reddy

Nisa Reddy.

Hair Color
Dark Black
Dark Blue
No information
Honeybee Scout
First Appearance
Sweet Sixteeth

Nisa is a member of the Honeybees and appears to be African-American.

Although she is one of the nameless characters in the Honeybee troop, her name can be seen written on storyboards released by the show's artists on their blogs.

In The Series.

Sweet Sixteen.

Nisa was first seen at the fun fare at the rollercoster and was one of may Honeybees that rode the rollercoaster but at one stage she kepped throwing up and had to puke. she would later have to leave the rollercoaster and would also be the one to go home and stay in bed which caused a problem to be sick.

Body Rockers.

Nisa was also one of the many girls to go to the Museum to learn about the Human body however one gide by the name of Rainbow, told them quite a lot about the human but Mary Francis Gibbons found her to be very anoying when they told many rude things about the puberty and stuff, then Nisa would also ride in a Coster to see the other things although Bessie and Penny were not their because they where trapped inside until when Rainbow showed them what would happen. when it exploded it freed Bessie and Penny but this covered them in Chilly tea and also Nisa was in a stain. (Never Mentioned) She also went home to wash herself in the shower and also she then begain to sang in their. at one stage she had an Obesion with Pornogarhpy and playboy stuff when she saw the sign of a girl.

Bat Mitzvah Crashers.

Not much was seen with her but she was only seen when she came out the door and also after the bell rang as well.


Also she was one of the girls at the pool not knowning that Fingare one of Fingers evil finger was controling Bessie Higgenbottom to do things bad. then they was a fight with Fingare and Finger which Nisa had whitnessed she was unbelived to see it.

Little Womyn.

However when Portia told them a meeting was cancelled Bessie soon tricked them to thinking they was free jellybeans in the meeting room, but for Bessie she told them it is sorry and for their own good.

Later on Bessie`s mother came to replace Mary Francis Gibbons who was away and Nisa began to have some fun, at one stage she and Satha Thomas did art wrong and dipped her in the paint without using a paint brush although Millie was doing it all correctly, Nisa was one of the girls to go to the warf but unfortuntly was soon stopped by Bessie that no one dumps sashes in water because they resembled the rank of the Honeybee and also the emblem for it, though it was portia`s idea. she then was one of them to see Mr`s Gibbons again who brought the stuff for the bees.

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