Norman Morrison

Norman Morrison

No Title
No information
Eye Colour
unknown as he wears shades
Type of Character
Minor Supporting Character
Voice actress
First Appearance
Police Junior Captain

Norman Morrison was a Supporting Character in the episode Yips, and helped Bessie Higgenbottom and Happy along with Lieutenant Steve Heller in pursuit of A man disguised stealing Wallets in San Francisco at the start, they unfortunately where unable to capture the man due to an setup secretly they made to prank Bessie, in order for her to do her job and be rewarded the Junior Policeman Badge, however being useful to help Bessie he was good and close friends to Bessie with Heller, unfortunately at the Donut Store which was a setup and trap, where Harris Daye was really Terrance Hood's Evil Brother who was mysteriously behind all the setup on Bessie to trick her, the real Norman was hidden inside John Dillinger along with Happy disguised as Lieutenant Heller, and the captured Harris Daye as well, as Bessie successfully captured both Chief Hood's evil brother, Bonnie and Clyde, both Morrison and Daye where later returned to active duty in Armor Team, possibly meaning he was still close friends with Bessie,

Personality and Traits

Norman Morrison however was described for being a Police Officer who would help Bessie do anything to earn her her Junior Policeman Badge, but however on the chase of Harris Daye disguised to stealing wallets, Daye was being paid for to prank Bessie, Captain Morrison would try earn his promotions that was not really in regulations in the force to give somebody undercover money when they did something wrong, however though the real Morrison however was secretly captured and placed in John Dillinger along with Bessie undercover to be disguised as Lieutenant Heller, and the real Sergeant Daye whom was captured, they would be reactivated to duty after the capture of both Bonnie and Clyde and Hood's evil twin brother,

As such Morrison was described to wear sunglasses a lot and his body would be a joke to humpty dumpty in the show when creators make laughs to it,

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