Portia Gibbons

Portia 189x189

Type of Character
Secondary Character
10(12? in "Woodward and Beesting")
Hair Color
Eye Color
Skin Color
Light Blue
Heavy Alcoholic Pink
White long-sleeved vest
Light blue sash
Light blue skirt
Light blue and white stripped knee-length socks
Mary Frances Gibbons (mother)
Richard and Dick Gibbons (brothers)
Bessie Higgenbottom (rival, true friend)
Cherry (rival)
Gwen Wu (best friend)
Penny Lefcowitz (semi-friend)
Rocky Rhodes (secret love interest)
Chelsea Gibbons (cousin)
Joanna Gibbons (aunt)
San Fransisco, California
Honeybee Scouts (Troop 828)
Voice actress
First Apperance
Last Apperance

Portia Gibbons is the "pretty and posh" member of Troop 828. Although she does not wear the standard uniform of the Honeybees, she partakes in the regular scout activities provided from her Mother and Honeybee troop leader, Mary Frances Gibbons.

Portia and Gwen's ways of humiliating Bessie are:

  • Scaring Bessie.
  • Teasing Bessie.
  • Getting Bessie dirty.
  • Making Bessie go to the wrong place.
  • Trading Bessie some bad things.
  • Trying to get Bessie kicked out of the Honeybees.


Portia is Bessie Higgenbottom's rival throughout the series, often pulling pranks on her and calling her "Messie". Along with her best friend Gwen, Portia will stop at nothing to prevent Bessie from achieving her goal of becoming "The Mighty Bee". In the episode "Ten Little Honeybees", Portia had her brothers trick Bessie in some way involving a door. In "Bee Afraid", when Portia tells a scary story, Bessie screams and runs away. Portia is often seen carrying a mean and domineering attitude, especially towards Bessie. She lives in a normal-sized house, but fully expects to be treated like a celebrity. Used to getting her way, Portia does not accept being told "no" (which everyone, except for Bessie, pretty much goes along with). Portia loves makeup, celebrities, anything spa-related, and is obsessed with gelato. She is also incredibly lazy. Portia expects things to be done for her, because she has better things to think about, like moisturising.




  • She has a pet dog named Precious who's really a rat even though Precious is only seen in the pilot episode.
  • Portia seems to know Cherry even though none of the other Honeybees do.
  • Her true friends are the Honeybee Scouts.


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