Portriat of a Happy

Bessie who is amazed by Portia and Mrs. Gibbons pictures begins by staring in amazement. Portia kicks Bessie out and tells her where to go to get to Frirtz's. Fritz refuses to take a picture of a Dog. He quits his buisness. Bessie does everything she can to show Fritz how good and amazing Happy is. Happy confronts Fritz who accidentaly takes a bunch of pictures of crazed Happy. Fritz confronts Bessie who agrees to let Fritz sell Happy's pictures on one condition. Bessie finally got a picture

O say Can Bess See

After Bessie sells the most boxes of taffy out of her troop she wins a Magical Eyeball poster. Everyone can see the picture but no mater how hard Bessie tries she just can't see the picture. She spent most of the night at the Recreation Center trying to see the picture before she fell asleep. Happy tries to help Bessie by relaxing her but he gave up. Bessie also had help from Penny, Portia, and the Hippie. In the end the hidden picture was just a bee.

O Say Can Bess See Trivia and Goofs

  • Magical Eyeball poster is a play on the Magic Eye posters
  • It is revealed that Millie is allergic to cows
  • It is shown that the Hippie loves Magical Eyeball posters
  • It is revealed that Happy has a secret serenity garden
  • Ben doesn't appear

O say Can Bess See Appearences

  • Bessie
  • Penny
  • Portia
  • Gwen (Doesn't talk just seen in backround)
  • Millie
  • Mrs. Gibbons
  • Happy
  • Hippie

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