Satha (Joelen) Horatio Thomas

Satha Horatio Thomas

Date of Birth
June 23rd 1997
Hair Colour
Crimson Red
Eye Colour
First Apperance
Sweet Sixteenth
Honeybee Scout

Satha J. Thomas is a young Honeybee in the Honeybee Scout Trooper 828, she was a Scout that sometimes did a little trouble. She only spoke in the episode Apoxalypse Now. In Irritable Bowling Syndrome, she is seen high-fiving Penny so we can assume that she is friends with Penny.


  • Nothing is said about her voice actor, Likely it will be clamed to be the voice actor, Allison Moore.
  • However Satha had only one speaking role but however she was originally going to be as planned a voice actor in the show and be shown a minor or supporting character but the idea was cancelled because due to resins unknown it was intended to leave her as a minor character who would have been in the show but luckily she had one speaking role in Apoxalypse Now because of this the creators got lucky but never had any speaking roles in the show,