"So Happy Together"
EP 001 A So Happy Together 0003
Season 1
Episode 1A/1B
Air date April 26, 2008
Written by Cynthia True, Erik Wiese (1A)
Jessica Chaffin (1B)
Directed by Erik Wiese
Larry Leichliter
Episode chronology
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"Sweet Sixteenth"

So Happy Together is the first episode/pilot of The Mighty B!. Aired on November 2007 on a DVD before it airs on TV while the other episode (1b) airs on April 262008.


Bessie learns that there is an upcoming Honeybee dog show. She decides that this is the perfect oppertunity to win a new badge and be one step closer to becoming the Mighty B. She then realizes that She dosen't have a dog. She decides that she go look for one. She thens finds a dog on the street with a torn ear and names it happy. But later she learns that Happy dosen't want to enter the contest, She then must learn how to control Happy.

Characters present



  • When Bessie gives her speech about Happy, the theme music for the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Dumped" can be heard.
  • The episode was Direct-to-DVD in SpongeBob's Atlantis SquarePantis DVD on November 2007 as a sneak peek before the episode aired as the show premiere/pilot.