"Sweet Sixteenth"
Sweet Sixteenth Title Card

The Sweet Sixteenth title card.
Season 1
Episode 1B (2)
Air date April 26, 2008
Written by Jessica Chaffin
Directed by Erik Wiese
Larry Leichliter
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"So Happy Together" "Bee My Baby"

Sweet Sixteenth is the second segment of the 1st episode/pilot of The Mighty B! This episode aired on April 26th, 2008 on Nickelodeon, while the 1st episode/pilot So Happy Together (1A) shown in the "SpongeBob's Atlantis SquarePantis DVD" on November 2007 on a DVD.


The episode begins with Bessie practicing for a roller coaster she wants to ride, since she feels she's finally tall enough to ride it. She's actually riding on a chair in front of a moving backround, with Ben moving it. However, Ben grows too tired to move it. Bessie yells to Happy to bring her the bucket, which she pretends to vomit in. Bessie then explains to Happy that it's a precaution, in case she does vomit on the ride.

The three of them, along with Hilary, then head to the amusement park by the docks. Bessie stares in awe at the roller coaster, called "The Punisher." she eagerly waits in line to ride it, even doing a little dance. However, it turns out, that without her hat, Bessie is still to short, only being a sixteenth of an inch, and is not allowed on the ride. This shocks and devastates Bessie, but she is not about to give up. So she has Ben and Happy pull her arms while she's hanging by her feet on the monkey bars, but all this manages to do is cause the monkey bars to litterally sink into the ground. Bessie still won't give up.

Next, Bessie his holding on tight to one of the city's trolleys with Happy and Ben, who are tied to one of the dock's poles, holding onto her ankles. However, they accidentally lose their grip, which startles Bessie, who lets go of the trolley, which causes her to bounce all the way to the amusement park, in front of "The Punisher." The ticket taker still says she's too short.

Bessie, Ben and Happy then go to the museum, where, after making sure nobody was there, Bessie ties herself to a rack where Happy turns the wheel to stretch her out, but it turns out people are there, and watching Bessie in shock. Bessie sees this and awkwardly says. "Hi, hello. Just, you know, stretching the old legs."

After that fails, the trio goes to the taffy factory. Bessie then tells them that if anything happens to her, Happy can have the Hive, and Ben can have her flip flops. She then mounts the conveyor belt, where the taffy stretching machine stretches her out, but leaves her extremely sick and dizzy. She tries to go on "The Punisher" again, but it still doesn't work.

Bessie's final attempt is to trick the ticket taker by making him think she's a very tall Japenese lady, but the ticker taker sees right through it and shows that Bessie was simply on stilts under the dress. Bessie finally gives up and glumly tells Happy that they "should ride the stupid teacups". Happy, upset at seeing his master and friend so upset, finally takes a stand when the ticket taker isn't looking, chews the ride's height checker to bits, leaving only a few inches of the height checker intact, making it look like that Bessie is tall enough to ride, and the ticket taker just wasn't paying attention. Happy gets the ticket taker's atttention and shows him that Bessie is indeed tall enough to ride, and threatens the ticket taker that he will tell his boss. The ticket taker buys this and nervously allows Bessie and Happy to ride it, in the last car. Just how they wanted it.

Bessie, despite her eagerness, is somewhat nervous, as well. But there's no turning back as they first go down a near 90 degree slope, and go through a series of flips, twists, and turns. The ride nearly ends, but the ticket taker loses focus, causing them to miss the end and go through the entire thing all over again. On the second time, the ticket taker stops the ride at the right time, and asks them, "Pretty sweet, huh?" Bessie and Happy were amazed and terrified, both of them were trembling. Bessie them vomits (offscreen) but this doesn't ruin her mood a bit, and she then shouts "Awesome!" as the episode ends.

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  • When both scenes of "The Little Pun" are seen, Hilary and Ben are seen riding it both times.
  • The man says Bessie is too small for the ride, but a few Honeybee troops are shorter than Bessie. A few other people who were short were also let on the ride. It's possible that he wan't playing attention because he probably didn't care about the people going on the ride.
  • Continuity: It is clear, in some shots of Bessie, that she is tall enough to ride the roller coaster. However, a split shot later, she is too short again.