"The Apprentice"
Season 1
Episode 8
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"The Apprentice" is the 8th episode of season one of The Mighty B!


When Portia's mom's discover that if she doesn't make her mothly cosmetic sale qouta by the end of the week, she'll lose her company van, so she tricked the honeybees to help package product in order to make her qouta, then she takes Bessie as her apprentice to boost her cosmetics sales, but Bessie's zeal will give her much more than she anticipated.

Later after Bessie sold the most make up and was given a badge, she was given the company van, who she pass it on to The Hippie, who threw the keys into the river.



  • Bessie walked in on Portia's Mom in the bathroom, just as she dropped her pants down to her ankles, leaving her embarrassed.