The Beavers are a group of boy scouts from the Bay Area. They are the best known of all the boy scouts from The Mighty B! The Beavers wear blue uniforms with beaver tails. They have massive overbites and show childish male chauvinism. They have been seen in The Dragonflies, Name Shame, and Dang, It Feels Good to be a Gamester. In Dang, It Feels Good to be a Gamester, they beat the Honeybees, who were exhausted at that point, to win the Beeathlon. Later on, though, they lost to the Honeybees in a subsequent Raspberry Shortcake Space Attack V game contest. The best known of all the Beavers is Ronnie. He's the fat, pudgy kid who leads the Beavers. Ronnie has appeared the most out of all the Beavers, but most times, as a background character. His finger, Digit, rivals Finger, Bessie's finger. The Beavers are among the scout troops to have fallen victim to the Dragonflies.

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