Early Life.

Colby was born in 1996 on Febuary 29th a leap year that does not happen a lot but only 4 years. His fammily are his Father. Steven (David) James. and his mother Karen (Elizabeth) James. and his brother Brooklyn James. the name was british and was very popular.

One time in Hammer Springs on Holiday when it was 1999 his family soon found out he was autistic and caused a behaviour a habbit that caused his problem.

Colby started Cotsworld from 2001 until 2006 when his fammily moved to Prebbelton where he went to Ladbrooks School in 2007 but behaviours came where he couldn`t stop it. He was very trouble. he used to hide and run off a lot where he would not do his work. He in his primery School years didn`t know of youtube was prohibtied in Schools. this was because of bad things. He went through his years from 2007 until December of 2009 where he left to high school.

A strike with his show.

Colby got an obsession with the Mighty B! Series and was very fond of it. however in 2010 his brother didn`t want him to watch it but this made him fight with him until his mother told him to leave the room Colby grew a dislike on St Partricks Day he called Happy F*****g Partricks Day lossers.

Hagley High School and Stalking Kytten.

He was put into 10BD with his teacher Mr Budd at Hagley and there he got bullied and they called him names like for example made fun of his middle name, (Thomas) from a train show which made him want to kill a boy by the name of Dillon Morgon. Also there he had a big crush on Kytten a girl whom he was attracted to. she didn`t feel the same way for him and he only liked her because of the singing she did. but he still kept annoying her and made her upset. Colby just couldn`t make a friend with Kytten and still things weren`t quite right at that school so Colby felt cheated one day on a Friday he got mad with her and nearly killed her but he smashed a toilet seat, then had to go to an Office. Colby`s life was miserable. Later one day he apoligised to Kytten but unawear he was being cheated by her. Later before she left to Unlimited High School. All Colby ever wanted was a big hug from Kytten which she gave to him on her last day and in the end he said good by to her.

He also had a hatred over the man Steave Prattley who was very annoying and his main arch nemesis was Dillon Morgan whom later when writing a book called Alpha India 2 his sequel is killed by Dylan Stewart and his ripped torn apart by the soldiers because is a rapist killer.

A bad year and a very hard time and return of his show.

Then he grew a friendship to Sam Conniebear who befriended him and also Jared who thought him everything however one day he grew a hatred over Mr Budd and called him Mr Mudkip. fortunately for him he is bought to Fast Track and also later he runs off to the city crying and saying he was going to kill that old freak with a knife. But later his mother was not impressed.

But he soon got back his show and turned him good again which was all he ever wanted Mighty B! again. he watched his show which he likes. and was very fond but when the last episode of season 2 came and said The End he was shocked, This made him want to make the new Mighty B! Season 3.

Hilmorton and Revenge on Krista.

Colby however left Hagley because of problems with exams their, so they sent him to Hilmorton, however their he joined Drama but unfortunantly later in term 2, he became love struck by a student named Krista Dawson who didn't return his feelings again like Kytten before, he didn't care until the end of term 3 where there he was pleading to go back to Drama, however with his teacher in the Learning Center now gone and replaced, this became a problem, In term 4 however he grew a hatred over Krista and wanted to kill her for getting rid of him in Drama, He wanted to through her off a building and if she grabbed onto his shoes he would use a sharp knife and cut off his shoe where Krista would fall to her death, like in the James Bond Film where Necros falls to his death in a similar manner, however unfortunately never happened because if he did that he would go to prison, he said something rude to Krista saying "You know what I think, Your drama performance sucks," and yield "OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" very similar to Mordecai and Rigby in Regular Show when they do it, Colby told her, "I never want to see your face again," which meant he hated her, however during Hilmorton and his career, he befriended Ethan Johnson, who thought him how to be a bad kid, although however no one liked him but another friend did, and some did, Colby however had to help him, unfortunately Colby wanted to leave because he nearly was going to kill and rape Krista, as revenge for getting him expelled from Drama, so he left never to go back again, this however has been a hard life after an 11 year career in school,


Colby has tried to go through a hard life and stress, but he now goes not to school since now he is 17 years old, he goes now to CPIT in Christchurch, but only Wednesday's and Thursday only, and the only time is from 8:00 until 12:00 in the afternoon, but sadly as Emma Grey tried to help him he later turned to his rival as he disliked her one day when he didn't get to read a book, Colby however still writes his Mighty B! Books and is the best man, although one day he is planning to be a movie star and go to Hollywood, also he has now got a new girl whom he likes, Stacey Hoolahan who likes him back and returns his feelings, but sadly his girlfriend went full time at CPIT, and this angered and enraged Colby to get revenge and blame his tutor teacher Debbie who had been putting him on hard times over the year when he had few bans on days as such he had been saying sick words,

Unlucky 2014 for Colby

Sadly Colby at the end of 2013 didn't get to see the fireworks as his rival or former friend Emma Grey had been in his way he was not allowed to see them, but things were not going quite well and one day the start of the year at CPIT, he was crying over his girlfriend that moved full time, Colby complained he wanted to be a full time student, but unfortunately what his parents tried to warn of him, Colby didn't listen, (maybe perhaps he wasn't or was not on his resperidone tablets by that time that could have calmed him down) however Colby tried to plead Debbie to go full time when he is done part time, but she said he cannot because he didn't have the work to do so, but this enraged Colby and he started to kick a table over, then he nearly threatened Debbie with a chair and almost killed her with it, Colby ran away from the cafeteria and ran to the car park, Colby was found by his Teacher Aid and the Owner of CPIT, both Barbra, and Carol his teacher aid, who told him why he was so stressed and he felt angry, they understood this that Debbie was incompetent but couldn't send her away since only the Principle can send her away, Colby angered by this had to leave for now if they could find somebody to help him, which failed later and one day on his facebook account he spammed CPIT's Facebook site which cased him not to go anymore due to threatening behavior, but they later found the problems in Colby's brain, that maybe he wasn't on resperidone at the time, (as of now this year Colby suggests he should have taken them and could have behaved in the first place without causing him to say sick words) sadly unfortunately Colby had issues, hard times came and on Facebook on Around and About a train site of heritage they banned him for copyright's of peoples property images, and also for threatening the owner of the site stating that his favorite engines, Dbr's, Dc's and Dft's would be scrapped, that angered Colby, on this site later had issues with ColbyJames2, but later had to delete sex talk on Kappus's page because that was the cause,

Sadly on November 16th Sunday saw a dark day for Colby, and sadly an old woman from Hagley learnt of Colby at Rowley Ave of his history, that on Youtube he was looking at YTP or Youtube Poops, even such he liked WTLnetwork and Keeper of Beans, and as such Baiocoislandfilms and many others, but it was sadly found he was looking at YTP's that said disgusting works, like sick talk, and also found out Colby was on Arby 'n' Chief, a bad series of two plastic figures playing Xbox 360 with Halo games, Colby suggested not to return to his course Rowley Ave because if he went back their could cause more trouble since it wasn't going very well for him, his parents well his mother felt upset and cross, his father understood but told Colby what was not expectable and that he wasn't impressed by his actions their, Colby was just afraid that Richard his Teacher wouldn't forgive him for this, why he didn't want to go back, Colby has been throughout stress in his life, but that year he wrote a story not a Mighty B! book and yet to be published 'Alpha India' a Commando story about Commando's landing in Indonesia to kill a War Lord,


Not much has happened but Colby is trying to recover since Rule 34 staff have found he was copyrighting peoples' artwork, Colby is however feeling stressed on that, he suggests that it was wrong to do, but plans to try and not do it in future when he learns not ok to do so, feeling bad on Rule34 for what has happened he wants to reupload them but is afraid he will have them deleted again, he also is writing a sequel to Alpha India,