Dude to tell you I am the book writer of Season 3 for the future because the last episode in Season 2 was a shit ending, and Bessie didn't come close to being the Mighty B!, Thus Mrs Gibbons was hard on Bessie which I don't like, I am makeing it a better story,

We also need images of Season 1 n 2 episodes for gallerys, please, help us, also I do not like them making their own episodes up of Season 3 n 4, it never happened, Also I am the book writer for Season 3, they do not ask primision without asking me first, I am chairmen to this site, and I am gonna have to delete made up episodes sorry, but leave my ones, also you cannot just delete my images of my fan characters, they are for the future of the show to show how they will look like, also you can't just delete anything, ask me first,

I do respect you but still, trust me please, I am using them for the future, and also Introducing Kappus Michael Dee Snider Lovell Dario as second main character to replace Happy, Happy who is Bessie's dog will still be on the show, but Kappus mostly takes up,

my regaurds Colby James, Writer for the Mighty B! Season 3.