A SICK PEDOPHILE named ColbyJames2 and The Almighty Yhwach shall not be welcome to this site ever again

Hi to all viewers I have important news on some idiot named The Almighty Yhwach has done racist and black things and vandalized The Fanon Site for children to see, The Almighty Yhwach is a sick pedophile and racist bigot, he hates African-Americans and wants to fuck people he is sick and messes about even with people like me, he was with ColbyJames2 another sick pervert, I need your help and fast we need the cyber police and the administrators this is an urgent emergency to ImNotaBee and all other viewers of this site, we need that man on the fanon site to be gone and destroyed he has vandalized peoples lovely work which is not his or their but our work he is a sick twisted man that hacked into my account, please whoever you are come help us delete that sick man off Wiki and ColbyJames2 as well, this needs to be put to an end,

Whatever The Almighty Yhwach is he is a sick good for nothing incompetent cunt jerkface and sick pervert that likes to burry children and burn children alive even in sheds, he hates us and said racist things about African Americans, and also taking the piss out of them, he is a bad man so please help me stop him form a clan to help ban him for good,

As we know what ColbyJames2 is he needs to be banned for life, never come back to this site again,

I don't know why he has found out and placed porn on a children site that site is supposed to be for kids, gracious that man really must die or find a new life behind bars, don't listen to that dick face ok, he just is trying to play on with you and take the piss out of you,

If we have the hopes then we stop and get the cyber police to arrest The Almighty Yhwach and ColbyJames2 who has blamed ImNotaBee as well, ImNotaBee was picked on and I feel sorry for that man, he is my friend and ally and what Almighty Yhwach is saying about him he thinks he is ColbyJames2 but he isn't is he,

That I do not believe ColbyJames2 nor The Almighty Yhwach so I guess all of you viewers arrest that man for good who has been disgracing the honeybee name and children as well, he needs to get the fuck off that site and get rid of that shitty god stuff right now, Colby James (talk) 12:15, May 24, 2015 (UTC)

I am very uncomfortable with The Almighty Yhwach and ColbyJames2 Colby James (talk) 12:21, May 24, 2015 (UTC)

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