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    March 2, 2014 by WikiaManageMentGuy

    Colby James I've deleted the Kappus page. Here's the info. Copy and paste it onto the fanon wiki: "Millie your sexy and hot, I like your body'hee hee hee,"

    Kappus to Millie, his girl friend,

    "Kappus" was the name of a veteran Boy Scout Captain who served at one of the New Zealand Scouts in Christchurch, He was also a rockstar that was a brand new replacement from the old twisted sister band leader, Dee Snider, he was a half Spanish guy that had Buckteeth, big round glasses, He was a friend of Nicholas Weaver he however along with both Nicholas, William, Don, Joesph, Angus and Lovik were his band members of the new Twisted Sisters who replaced the old ones. Kappus had a Mum named Karen James, a dad name Antonio James,2 sisters named Kaitlyn and Brooke an…

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