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Kappus Michael "Dee Snider" Lovell Dario A.K.A James,

Kappus Michael Dee Snider Lovell Dario A.K.A James (2)

Date of Birth
February 29th 1996, Christchurch Hospital New Zealand,
Hair Colour
Eye Colour
Karen James, Mother, (Deceased)

Antonio James, Father, Ian James, Brother, Brook James, Sister,

Katlian James, Sister,
Nicholas Eddie Ojeda Weaver, (Best Friend)

William Mark Mendoza Daniel,(Best Friend)

Millie Isabella Millerson, (Girlfriend)
004 agent! and also Security Officer
Work Jobs
201 Boy Scouts.(Formally)

Twisted Sisters

Trooper 828 Honeybee Scouts. (Young Teacher Aid)

"Millie your sexy and hot, I like your body'hee hee hee,"

Kappus to Millie, his girl friend,

"Kappus" was the name of a veteran Boy Scout Captain who served at one of the New Zealand Scouts in Christchurch, He was also a rockstar that was a brand new replacement from the old twisted sister band leader, Dee Snider, he was a half Spanish guy that had Buckteeth, big round glasses, He was a friend of Nicholas Weaver he however along with both Nicholas, William, Don, Joesph, Angus and Lovik were his band members of the new Twisted Sisters who replaced the old ones. Kappus had a Mum named Karen James, a dad name Antonio James,2 sisters named Kaitlyn and Brooke and 1 brother named Ian. Kappus was born to Spanish Parents, His Mum died of throat cancer when he was 8 years old his dad, his sisters and his brother was the only left of his family, One day in Christchurch there was a 7.1 earthquake that hit Christchurch, he, his family and his friends and his friends family were forced to leave New Zealand to the USA to San Francisco, in San Francisco it would become bad as he would escape Portia Gibbons and later he would crash by getting injuries by hitting the ground on his head by getting two scars, he would later meet both Bessie and Penny, and also he showed them his best Friends, later he would be a teacher aide for the Honeybee Scouts and get a girlfriend named Millie, the dream of his life. He is in a current relationship with Millie Millerson. Kappus sometimes say blonde jokes to Gaby even though She remains Kappus as a best friend.



Early life and Birth,

Michael Lovell Dario A.K.A James was born on the 29th of Febuary 1996 in a hospital in Christchurch New Zealand, His Mum named him "Kappus" after a Norwegian name, he lived with his family, in Wigram, Christchurch,

Kappus's life in New Zealand


In 2001 Kappus was meant to go to school but however his Dad Thought that Scouting was a better idea for him, as he Started Boy Scouts on the first day he was met by a boy named Nicholas Weaver who found him sitting in the tree alone, Nic became Kappus`s best friend and taught him to be social, to others,

Kappus Meets his best Friends,

Kappus met both William and both Don and Joseph and also Angus and Lovik, as his best friends, William was a real funny guy that could mock everybody, he and Kappus became best friends, William was British and Don was New Zealander whilst Joseph was Australian, Angus was Scottish, and Lovik was German, they would be his best friends,

Kappus was talking to them at the tree, saying that we will be rockstars one day, Both his friends did accept his saying,

Kappus`s First Outing with his Scouts,

One day Kappus and his Scouts and his Teacher, Mr Havelock went to the museum in Christchurch, they both saw expedites, Kappus even went in the cave, that was too dark, One Scout Kano was felling Claustrophobic. and Kappus saved him from the dark cave, they later went on into the other expedites, they both saw vehicles and even saw that they were in a museum old Town, Kappus and Nic and his team both saw a pretend horse, Kano went on the horse, after Kappus saved Kano from the darkness that he feared Kappus was awarded a badge for saving Kano, Mr Havelock thanked Kappus for saving him,

Kappus`s Mothers Death,

One day Kappus was at his Scouts, but trouble came his Mother Karen James caught Throat cancer and had to go to hospital, the nurses were unable to save his mum from Throat Cancer, his mother said to Kappus "take care of you father, for me," his mum suddenly died, Kappus began to cry, both he and his Friends and his Scouts and Mr Havelock and their Parents and other People participated in his Karen's funeral, Kappus said to her grave that, "I Was not able to save you Mum, good by mum you are in are hearts forever," after his mums death Kappus and his friends decided to do a rockband for his Mother, sins she was a founder of rockbands, Kappus became the vocals and Nic became the Electric Guitar player, Will became his second guitar player, Don also became his Drum player, and Joseph became a amplifier man and Angus also became a another Guitar player and Lovik became a another amplifier man, they played for the first time, it became popular by fans. Later when Kappus moved to San Francisco, he never mentioned it to Millie and the others about his mum.

Mission to the Mountains of the Mt Range,

Mr Havelock was soon to take his Scouts to Mt Range where they would get trained to see if they would prove a rock climber, Kappus and his Scouts went on a bus to Mt Range, along the way the Bus went on the road that goes from Rolleston through to Darfiled and Springfield, along the Kappus saw a coal train, Nic told Kappus I'll help you on the step climb,

Kappus and his Scouts arrived at Mt Range at the bottom they both used cable guns to attach onto the cliffs Kappus was climbing up the cliff with his Scouts, Nic was helping him to the top, Kappus`s hand could not grip onto the cliff, Nic was gripping his hand to the second cliff then to the third,

A Close Death,

When they got up the fourth cliff they were climbing up a cliff then to the next one, up the fifth cliff he was helped by Nic, Kappus got up the sixth cliff then the Seventh, Nic`s hand was getting sweater, However when Kappus grabbed Nic`s hand he lost his footing by a lose rock then slipped and Free-fell down, Kappus was still attached to the Four cables, as he fell the cable saved him, one of the cables snapped, Kappus lade on the cliff for about three minutes, he accidently banged his forehead giving him a cut, on his forehead but not a scar, but also he broke his leg, Nic and Will both saved Kappus, and finally brought him up the cliff,

Nic and Will got to the top Will, got up on the cliff, Nic was still with him, Don and Will pulled Kappus to the top of the Cliff, Nic got up there, and Kappus thanked Nic and Will for saving his life.

Kappus was awarded the Purple Badge for his actions, bu he rejected it and gave it to Bessie,

Kappus`s trip to Lake Ellesmere,

Kappus and his Scouts went to lake Ellesmere on the way to Birdlings flat, On the way Kappus stopped at a big hill rock, Kappus and his Scouts went to the rock for morning tea, then they went to Birdlings flat, were they collected stones, after that Kappus and both the Scouts were awarded both the Badges,

Kappus and his trip to Lyttleton,

Kappus and Mr Havelock and his Scouts went to Lyttleton to the ferry to Quail Island to look around the island, once Kappus`s Scouts looked around the island they soon were to see some old ships and also learned the history of how dogs got trained, one Boy Scout Werner began talking to Kappus about Quail Island, Werner said to him that his life would not be completed without a girlfriend, Kappus told him someday I'll get one, Nic and Kappus and the Scouts and Mr Havelock went across the Island, after all that Kappus and his Scouts returned to Lyttleton,

Skirmish on Kajolica all over the world.

At one occasion Kappus was on a Computer and a word named Kojlica came up but as he said it made him look like he had Parkinson's disease, as it stopped then something bad happened again a huge eagle came and nearly attacked Kappus but it destroyed his computer as he made it safely to the room where his friends where, but Will then told him what was going on, but Nic replied "That word must mean doom or disaster Kappus," then he typed on Wikipedia and looked at the name as he looked at it he found out that the name meant a Magical word that means doom and death and a curse, however Kappus told his friends that the word is not a middle name it is a cursed word for doom, but as Donald said it the eagle came back and evenly they escaped though the eagle was chasing them, Kappus and his friends used the guns and shot the eagle down and they would warn everyone in Christchurch,

But then as they arrived at Riccaton mall Kappus along with Nic, Will, Don, Joe, Angus, and Lovik, and fellow Scout Sergeants Yuri and Boomer, came to warn them, but then as Scout Captain Kappus and Scout Sergeants Yuri and Boomer came to the bridge at Riccaton mall he tried to warn the two citizens but one citizen said the word Kojlica which caused the bridge to collapse, however only 4 made it and one citizen was killed in the fall, the 2nd citizen jumped and grabbed hold to the metal bar along with Kappus and Yuri and Boomer, Nic and Will and Don and Joe saved them and after that Kappus then thanked Nic for saving him, the citizen who Joe saved panicked and said, "My friend he`s" and Kappus replied "Dead, I am so sorry about him," after that Kappus began to warn everyone but although the word was still in the kayos of that word.

Kappus and Nicholas`s Outing,

Kappus and Nic planed a outing, they went to Hagley Park and began to run through the park and later go right past the hospital and on their way by bus to Cashel mall, they went through Cashel mall and later went on a Tram in the city centre, Kappus and Nic went to the museum, then went back on the tram to the station, Kappus and Nic went to a café and were discussing about going to the USA in future years, Kappus and Nic paid the money and had a drink, once they received a message from William their friend they had to go home to have the meeting,

As they were at a meeting with his rockband members Kappus and Nic and Will were soon to discuss about going to the band, Kappus got all his equipment ready for tonight including his Microphone, and Electric guitars and his drums and his amplifies, they were both put in the van.

The Night out at the Band,

During the night Kappus was on stage and with his bandmembers Kappus was on stage to tell the fans about him, before the song played Kappus began to shout out loud in the band, he started singing and singing, along through the song, his Friend Nicholas became the fastest Electric Guitar player in history and Don became the fastest drum player in history ever,

After that night the ONE NEWS team came to the band, and told them they are the best in history, Kappus and his bandmembers won the trophy,

2010 when Kappus was 14,

In Kappus later life he was 14 years old, and the year was 2010, during this year, he would be the Scout Captain, he had earned every single badge for bravery, Kappus and Nic and his Scouts went to the hills near Mt Range but would go into Caves,

To the Caves,

Kappus went by bus to the hills at Springfiled, then went by horse along with his Scouts and Mr Havelock to the mountains, they went by the path then through the regain then past the hills and then to the mountain, they both arrived at the rowdy view point, Mr Havelock told both the Scouts to dismount Kappus got of first and then the others did, Nicholas was felling horse sick, after that, Mr Havelock told both Kappus and Nic and two others to go with him, Kappus along with Nic, and Will, and Longshot, followed Kappus Will, and Longshot, went to the other cave, whilst Kappus and Nic went to the Cave, inside the Cave Kappus and Nic were walking, Nic said to Kappus that it wasn't such a good idea, Kappus brought Nic to see this, They saw a group of Three Graverobers and one Fedora, they both spied on them they saw one of the Graverobers that found the Cross of Colorado, Runnio the Graverober was happy that they were rich, Kappus saw the Fredora and his cross of Colorado with him as the Fedora put the cross on the table, Kappus told Nic that was an important artefact and belongs in a museum, Kappus said to Nic to go and warn Mr Havelock and get the Sheriff, because their were men in the caves, Nic was worried that Kappus was going to get caught, but Kappus told Nic he won`t,

Escape from the Graverobers,

After Nic went to warn the others Kappus went down into the pit and grabbed the cross of Colorado whilst the Graverobers were not looking, Kappus quickly went up the rope and his foot accidently touched the wood and made a sound, the Fedora turned his head and the graverobers turned their back, the Fedora and his men went after him, Kappus made a run down the hill and tried to call Mr Havelock, but no one was their, when Kappus saw the Fedora go after him Kappus quickly made his run and whistled for his horse, he jumped onto his horse and quickly made his run, the Fedora stopped and whistled for his truck to hitch them a ride, Kappus was running away from the car and the truck that was chasing him Kappus herd the sound of a train, and charged for it, Kappus made it onto what was called a circus train, he went on one of the boxcars and went directly onto the roof, the Graverobers went onto the roof, the Fedora and his men tried to catch Kappus but made his run to the Boxcar that was the house of reptiles, Kappus went into the boxcar and one of the Graverobers grabbed him by the foot, his name being Vacula, an American Indian, Kappus kicked him by the stomach, Kappus would soon realise that the path well would soon fall down, it pulled Kappus down in to the snake pool, and one of the snakes got scared and frightened, Kappus accidently fell into the box of whitetail spiders, one nearly bit him, but Kappus panicked and screamed, he slacked the spider off with his hand, turn out the circus train was actually a curic de freak train, Kappus went to the door, and shut it and locked it, leaving the other two graverobers inside, Kappus saw Runnio try to get him he kicked him back, Kappus made his run to the next boxcar, Runnio used a long hook that was used for elephant's, he used it to trip his foot into it, Kappus tripped over, which made the light where the rhino was fall on his head, the rhino got angry, and used his horn to try and Kill them, Runnio tried threatening Kappus with a knife the rhino tried to break the roof, both Kappus and Runnio did not get hit, Kappus threw Runnio to the roof and the others that were stuck in the boxcar of reptiles, came out, Kappus found the water tower and swing to the other side of the boxcar, he kicked Vacula, and swing to the other Boxcar, but the Fedora found him, Kappus confronted the Fedora into the fight, the Fedora told Kappus that his Cross was his property, Kappus told him that it belongs to Christchurch, Kappus told the Fedora that it should be in a museum, the train was heading into Christchurch, they tried to take the cross, but a Spider frightened Runnio, Kappus made a run for the Gaurdsvan, which was the house of magic, Kappus made his run inside, Kappus tried to open a door but was locked he went to hide inside the magic box which made him disappear, The Fedora tried to find him, but found he was not their, Kappus made his run to Wagram to his home, he ran and ran to his house, he found his dad, but was busy at work, Kappus then found that Nic arrived, Kappus was happy that his friend came, he was blowing on the trumpet, he took it from his mouth, and Nic told Kappus that he had brought the Sheriff, as the Sheriff came he told them that their maybe five or six of them, but then trouble arrived and the sheriff told them about the rightful owner who it belonged to, the Fedora and his men arrived, and their leader came know as the Panama hat, Kappus the Sheriff gave the cross to Runnio and then gave it to the Pannama hat. the Sheriff told them good day and the Fedora told him he lost today but did not mean he had to like it, he gave him an old man French hat,

With Kappus being a thief he realised he should not have done that,

The 7.1 Earthquake,

A week after the Incident, it was September 3rd and Kappus went to sleep unknown to Kappus that their would be a 7.1 Earthquake that would come on September 4th early in the morning. while Kappus woke up in the middle of the night He heard the first shake, and it rocked his Bed, Kappus felt traumatised when it came, after the first shake he went to his Dad and then went beneath a table, when morning came all Kappus`s best Friends came along with their parents, his Dad would soon tell them that they would soon move to the U.S.A in California to one of the city's San Francisco, they both packed their stuff and their stuff was to be shipped to San Francisco and both Kappus and his Dad and his Friends and their best friends family came along on an airplane, they released and they would both miss Christchurch, and soon move to the U.S.A,

Kappus' New Life In San Francisco

Arrival in San Francisco

On September the 5th 2010 Kappus arrived in San Francisco along with both his Friends and Family. Kappus`s dad Antonio could not find a home, they looked at a hill but unfortunately they were afraid that if an earthquake hit they would get all killed, so the group managed to find an old hotel at the harbour, Kappus and his Friends found rooms, and Kappus and Nic found their own rooms, after their arrive in San Francisco, they stayed forever and ever and always.

January of 2011,

"Greetings, my name is "Dee Snider," and you are,"

"Kappus." "Kappus James."

"Dee Snider," to "Kappus." during their meeting,

Later on in 2011 Kappus meat up with the Twisted Sisters their names being "Dee Snider", "Eddie Ojeda", "Mark Mendoza." "Jay Jay French." and also "A,J, Pero." at one of the bars, they were discussing to Kappus and his band that they were new to San Francisco, and also that they were rockstars, Dee Snider, their leader, told them you will be new members of the Twisted Sisters, Kappus was given the nickname, "Dee Snider." after the leader, Nicholas, Kappus`s Best friend was also given the nickname "Eddie Ojeda." after one of the band members, and also William was given the nickname "Mark Mendoza." after another Twisted Sister, band member, Don, was given the nickname "Jay Jay French," after one of Dee Snider`s band members, and also Joseph was given the nickname, "A.J. Pero." after one of the band members, the other two were not nicknamed, ,Dee Snider. told Kappus, good luck being the new Twisted Sister band leader, and a good luck to all of you, Kappus told Dee, that why do you need new band members, Dee, said to Kappus, because we are getting older, Kappus soon became the new Twisted Sister band leader,

Running Down San Francisco.

A week after thee old Twisted Sisters left, Kappus. along with Nic. and William, and Don. and also Joseph, and also Angus. and Lovik. went for a run up San Francisco, they Stopped near a Park, they both were talking about in three days time the Band will be doing their First Appearance at Kiss Kiss Clue, a bar, Kappus and his friend, Nic, would go to Sacramento for two days, Kappus told William to take care of my band, until I get back, Kappus and Nic got onto a train heading for Sacramento, to have a meeting.,

Arrival back in San Francisco,

After the arrival back in San Francisco Kappus and Nic were beginning to run up and down the streets, Nic started to talk as they were running they went past many buildings, they went past, Marie Postly`s post Office, and past the house of dingle berries, Nic and Kappus had the plan to get to Kiss Kiss Clue, they would get onto a Cable Car, and head for Kiss Kiss Clue, on it, then would have the party,


Along the way they accidently bumped into "Portia Gibbons." she was delighted to meet him, Kappus found Portia, to be very creepy, due to the way she looks, Kappus and Nic, Tricked her into thinking their was a shooting Star, Kappus and Nic, ran for Kiss Kiss Clue, Portia fell for that trick, once she saw they had ran away, she followed them,

Escape from Portia Gibbons,

''Can we say your Buckteeth look dumb, haahaahaahaahaahaahaahaahaa."

"Ok Nic that's enough."

Nic and Kappus telling him that's enough talking, moments before Portia chased them,

On the escape Nic started gossiping and spreading rumours about Portia, saying she looked ugly, and that her clothes looked dumb, Kappus told Nic to cut the chatter, and Nic still kipped going on, not long until Portia started to chase them, Nic Screamed and told Kappus to run for it,

Later on, Kappus told Nic to go strait on to Kiss Kiss Clue, after Nic ran he was free from being chased, now Kappus had to try outrunning the girl that is now following him, Kappus made his run he ran and ran, not long a camera man took photos of Kappus and Portia, once he had found out this was a chase, he contacted the ONE NEWS team, Kappus then ran down a hill and outran her and hid in a empty rubbish bin, Portia tried to find him but she went onto a different street, Kappus found she was gone, later on she scared him, and ran for his life, he began to tell her to leave him alone, but she did not listen to him, Kappus then found a building to hide in then once Portia tried to find him, Kappus then headed outside onto the roof, then went down a gutter, Portia watched, Kappus made his run, and then as Portia tried to get him, he told her she`ll never take him alive, he blasted away on his Jetboots, and Portia felt sad, then began to contact Gwen Wu, on her walky-talky, Unknown to Kappus as well that Portia has contacted Gwen to pretend that she is normal.

Trouble with Police.

Not long after Kappus`s escape from Portia Gibbons,

Kappus quickly made his run on Jetboots to Kiss Kiss Clue, unknown that Kappus can't control them, Kappus past a sign that said, "Don`t Drink or Drive," and Kappus said. "Death, DEATH!!!!!!." he screamed, one of the Trucks, nearly hit him, but Kappus managed to avoid the truck, then another came, he avoided that one, then three cars came, and he avoided both the cars, Kappus was on the wrong side of the road, Unknown that Police are on the street making shore that their is no speeding, as the Sheriff named, Murdoch, O'Brian heard the noise, his fellow Policeman, Officer Boxhall. said for all Police cars to cache the espanel man, Kappus realised that it would lead to jail, Kappus made his escape, and the Police cars were chasing him, the Police of Armour Team, were chasing him, Kappus made his run to Lombarg street, where he went down the winding roads, 30 Policecars were chasing him, One Policecar crashed into a Normal Car and then fell of the edge, where both the Policemen were killed, only 29 were left, they followed Kappus, until he made his run to China town,

Kappus left Lombarg and was heading to Chinatown, along the way, he knocked of one of the mans hats, and those men would soon one day event those things, that could fly, Kappus went into Chinatown then tried to grab onto a pole, he tried to call for his Dad, but anciently let go Kappus then made his move past China town, then as he came out of Chinatown, Kappus saw two Cable Cars, and then when past them as Sheriff O'Brian's car got jammed into the Cable Cars this evolved most Police Cars to crash, Only 9 Police Cars would be alight, and Several Policemen were not injured, but most were, and one Policemen died, Kappus made his run to Kiss Kiss Clue,

Scarred but Steadfast.

As Kappus was nearing Kiss Kiss Clue. Kappus nearly hit Gwen Wu, but missed, Kappus turned off his jetboots but trouble came, Kappus landed onto the ground very hard on the left side of his face, and caught two scars one that was curved, near his eye, one on his cheek, Kappus survived, the incident, Gwen Wu, told Kappus are you all right, and as he said to her yes I'm fine, She got shocked as she saw his scar, Kappus found out their was pain, he used his hand and touched his scar, not knowing it was their, Kappus found out he was bleeding, he bowed Gwen`s mirror and then saw he had two scars, Kappus dropped the mirror and screamed, "SCAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" out loud all over San Francisco, Kappus said to Gwen their is a girl that was chasing me and Kappus said to her don`t tell her I was hear, Unknown to Kappus that Gwen was going to tell Portia about him and that he arrived,

First Performance on Stage,

After Kappus had Scared himself he came to his band members, and found Nic, that had got hear first, Will, his friend put some stiches on his two scars, Kappus soon went on stage, Kappus was on stage and told everyone that their new and will be the new Twisted Sisters, Kappus after the discussion he played the song of the Twisted Sisters, "Let the Good Times Roll." at Kiss Kiss Clue, Kappus then played his vocals at his best through the song, After the song everyone cheered and Kappus thanked everyone for his song, after his song, Kappus told them their is a party at another room, and most of everyone went to the party, but some stayed, Kappus and his friends went to the bar, where they drank beer, although Kappus was 14, he was under age drinking, Kappus was soon met by two girls, one being Bessie Higgenbottom and the other being Penny Lefcowitz, Bessie told Kappus was he old enough to drink beer, Kappus told her yes yes I am, Kappus then told her about her dog, Happy, Kappus then was introduced to Bessie, and Penny, Kappus introduced Bessie to Kappus`s friends, Kappus told Bessie that he is being chased by a ugly blonde haired girl with buckteeth, Bessie told Kappus that her name was Portia, Kappus found out that Portia was trying to kill him, Later when the Police came that waiter told Kappus to hide the beer, and when the Police came, they handcuffed him, but then Kappus told O'Brian that it wasn't his fault, it was Portia`s, as the Police understood Kappus he then ordered the Police to go and arrest Portia Gibbons and get her quested, soon the Policemen, Murdoch O'Brian, Toby Boxhall. Steve, and Norman, and also Harris Daye, and also Morly Roobler, went to find Portia and look everywhere around town for her,

After the discussion with the Police they released him and he was free, Kappus told Bessie about her uniform, he said that that was a Honeybee Scout uniform, Bessie found out that Kappus was correct, later trouble came Portia and Gwen came and as Kappus was talking to Bessie, when Portia and Gwen came she tapped him on the shoulder, Kappus was afraid that she has come for him, His said please don`t hurt mee Portia I'm inset, he replied to her, Portia soon found out that Kappus got her name correct, as she was to find out who told her name, Penny pointed at Bessie then Portia was angry with Bessie that she told him her name, Kappus was soon introduced to Gwen Wu, and also he introduced both his friends to Gwen and Portia, Portia told Kappus I was not trying to hurt you or kill you I was trying to meet you, and Kappus found out that it was all a big mistake,

After all that Portia invited Kappus to her house and Kappus was meet by both her brothers Richard and Dick Gibbons, as they knew it was him, "Mary Francis Gibbons," ,Portia`s Mother met Kappus and told him that if he would like to join the Honeybee Scouts as a teacher aide, Kappus signed the contract and also counted his friends in as well, however Portia was caught by the same Police that met Kappus at Kiss Kiss Clue, Sheriff O'Brian and Officer Boxhall and Police Sergeant Harris and Junior Police Officer Morly found Portia and arrested her, Portia was taken to the Judge for questioning, leaving Kappus and Mary and her brothers as the only one`s left,

A Brand New Job for Kappus,

On the first day of Scouts, Kappus was sitting down at a desk, and as Bessie arrived she saw Kappus, at the desk, she told him he is not supposed to be here, but as Mary came in she told her that this is our new teacher aide, Bessie soon found out that what she said it was a mistake, Kappus on his first day of Scouts, as all the Honeybee Scouts came at a meeting Kappus introduced both his rockband members, to the Scouts. and also told them their names, one teacher Angus, had the tattoo of death, and some Scouts fainted and others were shocked as they realised the symbol of death, they introduced Nic, William, Don, Joe, Angus, and Lovik, After the meeting, Kappus was in charge of looking after the Scouts,

Put on a Happy Face and the Spy,

"Wow your a real Babe."


"A real Babe."

"Oh that's nice what you are saying but why do you think I'm a Babe,"

Kappus to Millie during their introduction.

Kappus was walking through the class but he saw a blonde haired girl that had a pink ribbon in her hair, it was Millie, he saw her and then said to her, Wow your a real Babe, and Millie, said, What?, and Kappus said a Real Babe, and Millie liked what Kappus said, she told him your nice man, Kappus told her why do you wear a ribbon in your hair, Millie told him its to keep my hair straight, Millie found Kappus to be very nice and kind, He and Millie developed a friendship with each other, she told him her name, and Kappus told her his name, She liked his name, Millie then showed Kappus her best Friends Kappus told her he already knew Bessie and Penny, they asked if Bessie and Penny and Millie wanted to be Kappus`s best friends, Kappus said yes to them, Kappus then hanged out with Millie and her friends, unknown to Kappus and Millie and Bessie and Penny that Portia was spying on them,

Later on Kappus then overheard Portia`s and Gwen`s conversation, Kappus was angry with Portia because that she stalked him, she was scared and frightened, Kappus and Bessie and Penny and Millie began to fight Portia Gibbons, Millie apprehended Portia and then handcuffed her, Miriam Breedlove and Mary Francis Gibbons came to see what had happened Miriam talked to Portia about what she has done to her Honeybees,, Portia and Gwen was put in detention, after that Millie and Bessie and Penny both thanked Kappus for being a hero, Millie and Bessie and Penny became best friends with Kappus,

The First Field trip to the Hills.

On February the 2nd Kappus along with Nicholas, William, Don, Joseph, Angus, and Lovik, and Honeybee Scouts, Bessie Higgenbottom, Penny Lefcowitz, Gwen Wu, Portia Gibbons, Millie Millerson, Molly O'Connell, Satha Thomas, Nisa and Tigerlily, and also Marie Malarkley, Jane Parklands and also the teacher Mary went to the Hills at San Francisco by bus so they could have a great day, Kappus took the Honeybees to the top of the Hill, they saw the view over San Francisco, Portia took a photo of the view overlooking San Francisco, Portia accidently touched the light bauble and dropped it into the bush, after that incident Kappus and his Honeybees and his Band members walked away, not knowing the hill was soon to catch fire, as Kappus and his Honeybees turned their backs around they saw the fire that was coming, Kappus along with his Scouts and his Men ran to a tree, Kappus and his Honeybees and he men remand in the tree for at least 30 minutes, Millie told Kappus that she would never believe anyone could come and rescue us, but Kappus told her why are you so certain no one was coming, She told him We're just Honeybees sir we are meant to be expendable, Kappus and Millie and the Honeybees heard the Helicopter coming, Kappus used his flare gun to signal them, the Chopper came to the tree where the Scouts were, they all got on board. Kappus was last to board as he climbed the ladder the Chopper moved and as he boarded the Scouts thanked him for saving them all,

After the rescue Anton, St Germain awarded him the Medal for saving both the Scouts and everyone, Kappus became a hero,

William the Medic,

One day at the Scouts William, Kappus`s best friend was hearing to a girl named Satha that got her arm cut by mistake, he saved her as Kappus watched, then later, their was a meeting and Kappus then participated in the meeting he was sitting next to Millie, Mary was telling them if anyone of you get your self cut he will save you, as Mary was telling them, Millie whispered into Kappus`s ear, and said, "He`s a life saver," and Kappus said, "No he`s a Medic," as Kappus told Millie, then Bessie heard Kappus talk to Millie, later on Millie was talking to both Kappus, Nicholas, Bessie, and Penny, and Tigerlily, and Molly, and Marie, that were the only girls that sat down as the others were talking to Portia and Gwen, Millie was talking to Bessie about William, then Kappus said to Millie that you are a very kind girl, Millie told Kappus you are nice man, and you are right for me, they both laughed, Bessie began to talk to Millie her friend,

The next day Kappus watched William help a girl named Nisa and put a plaster on her, Later Kappus and Millie and Bessie and Penny and Nic both went outside later on when one girl injured herself William came to help Jane, he found her and he put a plaster on her arm, Jane soon kissed William, as Kappus and Millie and Penny and Bessie and Nic both watched,

Kappus then participated in William`s Medal of honor, in being awarded the lifesaving medal, Anton then thanked his best friend,

Valentine's Day,

On Valentine's Day Kappus went to the beach. then he heard a sound from a girl, he realised Millie had fell of her surfing board, the lifeguards were ment to save her, but Kappus then started to save her, he brought her to shore, and Kappus carried Millie in his arms, she thanked him, then Millie starred at Kappus`s eyes she began to blush at Kappus. Millie and Kappus fell in love, Millie and Kappus then winked at each other then started to laugh, she and Kappus began to hug each other, and she began to flirt with him, Millie told him you are the right man for me, he and Millie became, boyfriend and girlfriend, she returned Kappus's feelings.

The Day When Kappus Sang,

When Kappus was at the Scouts he could not find Millie, he thought she was sick, but Millie came, Kappus was in his office working, then later on Kappus and Nicholas and William and Don and Joseph, and Angus, and Lovik were hanging out at the courtyard they started chatting and talking so much, as William saw one Honeybee get her helmet stuck in her foot, Don, started to bully and hassle that girl, saying "hahaahaa, you really put your foot into it this time chisel nut," as Don said it to the Scout, Don acted silly with his water gun, then he saw Lovik stalk new Scout, Andria, he stalked under her skirt and Kappus watched as Lovik did it, Don said to Andria their is some one stalking under your skirt, Andria saw Lovik and found that was a sick man, then Don told him your a sick man Lovik, then they were soon to talk to Kappus about this girl he met, Kappus was afraid to talk about it, but then they wanted to talk about it, Kappus told em and sang the song, Tell me more, unknown to Kappus that at the cafeteria Millie and Bessie and Penny and Gwen and Portia and the others began to sing, at the same time, after the song ended Kappus then returned to his Office,

Trouble at the Bonfire,

At the bonfire that night as Millie and her friends came to Kappus, she was surprised that she saw her boyfriend, however Kappus accidently said something rude to Millie, she told him he is a fake and a phoney and wished she never laid eyes on him, she then began to cry, and Kappus got sad, but Kappus thinking he could get away with his bad behaviour apologised to Millie on Facebook.

Trying To Be Social,

Kappus went to try at P.E but none of these things worked, Later he did cross country, Kappus was running and he saw Millie and Bessie and Penny, he ran and Millie saw him, Kappus tripped over an object, Millie came to talk to Kappus telling him are you all right, as Millie came to him she tried to talk to him, but she said to him "Well at least you talk to me after the way you treated me," and Kappus said to her "the the way I treated you aw come on Millie I thought I told you I was sorry about that." Millie got the joke, Kappus was pleased she and him were back together, Kappus apologised but Millie already knows how he feels about her understands him, Kappus told her if he and Millie would like to go out on their first date, Millie told him well that all depends Kappus, and Kappus told her depends on what, and she told him the way you respect me, Kappus accepted that, Kappus looked back at Bessie and Penny, and waved at them, Millie and Kappus giggled at each other,

Then he took her to Hilary Higgenbottom's restaurant, and entered the restaurant, he and Millie found a table and Kappus and Millie holed each others hand, and he and her told each other about having a little privacy, Kappus` Best friends came, to join Kappus at the table, both William and Jane, Bessie, and Donald, Penny and Joseph, Portia and Rocky, Gwen, and Nic, Angus and Satha, Molly and Boomer and Lovik, plus a girl named Andria who he had stalked, Kappus and Millie were having a good time, Nic Kappus`s best friend said something to Gwen by mistake, but he didn't mean it the way it came out, Gwen understood him, Nic and Gwen fell in love,

As Kappus`s best friends were at the table they went to dance at the dance floor and the song Robyn Call your girlfriend by Robyn is playing on the dance floor and all sing really loud then starts having fun, Kappus and Millie were having a chat Millie told Kappus, that Kappus was invited to Millie`s house, Kappus would go to Millie`s house the next day,

Kappus goes to Millie`s house,

Kappus got invited to Millie`s house and Drove his Car to her house, just before he entered Kappus knocked on the door, and Millie`s father, Derek Millerson her father thought Kappus was a stranger, but Kappus told Derek that he is Millie`s boyfriend, he let him in, Kappus then found Millie`s Mother, Lisa Millerson, and Lisa thought he was a stranger, but Kappus told her I'm Millie`s boyfriend, Lisa then found it was Kappus, Lisa told Kappus that she is upstairs in her room, Kappus went to her room, and entered Millie was surprised to see him, she hugged him, and she was wearing a short dress, He told her you look sexy and hot, Millie liked that, Millie`s brother entered and saw Kappus, he told him, that was he the stranger, and Millie told him, that's my boyfriend, Millie`s brother was surprised about that, Lisa came to Millie`s room, and told them would she like anything to eat, Kappus and Millie told Lisa, no were fine, Kappus and Millie soon went out on an outing, Her mother let Kappus and Millie go on their first date,

Kappus and Millie's first date,

Kappus drove her downtown and Kappus and Millie then took their rollerblades and both went rollerblading, they both were having fun, Kappus and Millie holed each other's hand, Kappus then holed her in his arms, and Millie giggled with Kappus, then he drove her to a restaurant and had a iced chocolate, they had a single glass, and two straws, they both drank, then he drove her around San Francisco, and Millie stands up sexy for a moment, and Kappus and Millie both were soon to have their kiss later, Kappus and Millie arrived at the Beach and then got their swimming gear
Kappus and Millie kiss

Millie kisses Kappus for the first time,

on, Millie wore her bikini on and Kappus wore his swimming shorts on, Millie and Kappus then laid down on the rug and then She asked Kappus to touch her, Kappus touched her by her body but not the private part, Kappus holed her hand and his other hand touched her bottom as Kappus kissed her, Millie asked Kappus to touch her even more, and Kappus did do the thing, for her, then Kappus and Millie went for a swim, then he and her shared their first kiss, they both kissed each other on the lips, Kappus and Millie went snorkelling and saw seals, Millie and Kappus later went to a dance at the Beach and they both danced to Caribbean music, Kappus and Millie then kissed again, and then became Millie`s love of her life, Kappus drove her home, but was stopped by his best friend Nic, Nic told Kappus that his father was worried, and Nic came for the ride, then as they were just about to leave, Bessie and Penny saw and began to talk to them, and said, well well well, if it isn't the two lovebirds, and Kappus and Millie told Bessie and Penny that this was her first date, Kappus then drove her home and Millie told Kappus of he would like to go out on another date tomorrow and Kappus said yes, Millie said tomorrow take me to the hot spas in Chinatown, Kappus then kissed Millie and said I'll see you tomorrow babe, Kappus then went home after that and told his family about his first date with Millie,

Second Date to the Hot Spas.

Kappus went to Millie`s house and picked her up for her date to the hot spas, Kappus drove to Chinatown and stopped at the Spas, he entered and then got changed, Kappus was in his swimming shorts and Millie was in her bikini, they both got changed and then went into the hot spas, Millie told Kappus that felt wonderful, and Kappus was telling her nice things to her, Millie told Kappus that she actually liked Playboy stuff, Kappus liked what Millie said, he and Millie kissed each other on the lip, then Millie told Kappus to put on something more inspirational, Kappus got to the radio and changed the tape from chinese music to classical music, one of the love music, Millie turned on the bubbles and she giggled, Kappus told her are you all right, Millie said the bubbles tickle me, and she realised it was Classical music, and Millie replied in Danish, "oh this is beautiful," in her former language, Kappus began to touch Millie, and Kappus and Millie kissed and touched each other, unknown to Kappus and Millie that Portia and Gwen were spying on them, Kappus and Millie still kept touching each other and kissing.

A Intelligent Mission,

Kappus was having a nice time at home until a Junior Police Officer Albert Michal came from the hospital after three weeks in hospital with a broken arm which he caught when his Sheriff named Bert Bertram which got killed in an incident, he hired Kappus due to the fact that they was no one to look after, he took part in an attempt to stop a criminal who escaped, he stopped a criminal named Dan Carter and apprehended him, after that he was given an award,

New Boy Scouts join as Teacher aids.

Good news came when the 350 New Zealand Bunny Rochfud Boy Scouts came to the Honeybees and joined as Teacher aids, one old friend named Boomer was pleased to see Kappus and during the new job at the Honeybees with new Teacher aids, Kappus`s friend Boomer was at the pool but Molly found Boomer to be handsome so Molly and Boomer fell in love, Kappus was surprised that all of the Honeybees liked the new Boys and most of them go relationships with them, Kappus and Millie both go childish and silly while having lunch, she does a real silly thing giggles and laughs about his past, Millie kissed Kappus on the lips that day,

Kappus gets new braces,

One day Kappus went to a dentist appointment but as the dentist saw his teeth they weren`t strait so that forced him to wear Braces on his teeth, When he arrived at the Honeybees Millie thought he was way nicer because he had braces on his teeth,

Millie comes to Kappus`s House.

Millie went to Kappus`s house that day, she was soon met by Kappus`s sister's Kaitlyn and Brooke and his brother Ian, Kappus showed her around his house, Millie was soon to run into Kappus`s dad, Millie was introduced by Kappus`s dad, Millie and Kappus then went to their room, Kappus and Millie were playing an Xbox 360 R16 game called Halo 3, Kappus teaches Millie on how to use the controller and Millie got the skill, then they played campaign on the first level of Halo 3, after they had played the first level of Halo 3, Millie and Kappus soon went on Facebook and wrote to their friends on Facebook, Millie wrote to her friends that she has arrived at Kappus`s house, Kappus showed Millie his parrot named Neil, Kappus took Neil out and was on Millie`s finger and Millie giggled and laughed, Neil went onto Millie`s shoulder, Millie said something to Kappus, but his Parrot copied her, Millie laughed, Later Nic came into Kappus`s room and Nic said to Kappus, would you like anything to eat, Kappus and Millie told Nic, "no were fine" and later Kappus showed Millie his garage of his cars, Millie was surprised of Kappus then he Showed her his rollerblading trophy he got, Millie then found out Kappus was the champion of rollerblades, Later Mr and Mrs Millerson was introduced to Kappus`s Dad, Millie said I'll see you tomorrow Kappus, and Kappus waved at her,

Two days before Kappus`s Birthday party,

Kappus got dressed into his Flying Officer uniform and then put on his Officer`s hat, then Nic and the others went into the Astin Martin to the Scouts, as he arrived at the Scouting, Kappus and Nic and William and Don and Joseph and Angus and Lovik then went to the class, they were welcomed by Bessie to class, Kappus was teaching both the Honeybees about the Great Escape, what had happened at Stulag Luft III during 1944, Kappus told them about the leader of the escape, Squadron Leader Roger Joyce Bushell who was known as Big-X. Kappus told them the Names of the POW`s at Stulag, Kappus told them about the names, those names being Flight Lieutanant Romualds Marcinkus, a Lithuanian Pilot, also Squadron Leader Leonard Trent, also Flight Lieutanant Ernst Valenta, also Squadron Leader John Edwin Ashley Williams, also Pilot Officer Bertram James, also Wing Commander Harry Day, also a Flight Lieutanant Sydney Dowse, also a Flight Sergeant named Per Bergsland, and also Flight Second Lieutanant Jens Muller, and also a Flight Lieutanant named Bram van der Stok, Kappus told the Scouts about how they were going to dig tunnels, he told them about the names of the tunnels, the names being TOM, DICK, and HARRY, he told them about what they were called during the job, he told them that Roger Bushell was called Big-X and also Jens Muller was called the Manufacture but Kappus did not know about the others but he only knew two of their jobs, he told them about the construction of TOM, he told them that one day it was found by Germans, he told them about HARRY, and how it got completed, he told them about their escape, and that their was 76 that escaped, he told them about the 50 that were executed including Roger Bushell and Romualds Marcinkus, and also about the others, he told them about the others that were recaptured, Millie his girlfriend interrupted and told Kappus did anybody make it, Kappus told Millie and the Honeybees that only three made it, including Flight Sergeant Per Bergsland and also Flight Second Lieutanant Jens Muller, who had made their run to Sweden, he told them that they made it to a merchant ship and then went to Sweden, and how they made it back to England by airplane, then Kappus told them about Flight Lieutanant Bram van der Stok, who made his run to France until being guided by a resistance to Spain, Kappus then told them Bram van der Stok then went by air plane back to England, after the talk about the Great Escape Kappus told the Honeybees that its nearly swimming time, Kappus told them to get their swimming togs on, Kappus then told Millie about his Birthday tomorrow, he told her he was born on the 29th of Feburary 1996, Millie then found out his Birthday was on a leap year, Kappus told Millie to get me a gift after Scouting, Kappus got changed into his togs, then Kappus came out and the girls saw his 8 pack of abs, they found he was a strong man, Kappus then jumped from the diving board which was called (The Sawn Jump) and into the pool, the Scouts joined him, Millie was with Kappus, Millie then swam to Kappus and Millie then told him about his Birthday, Kappus told her it has to be special, and all the Scouts have to be hear, Kappus then told Millie, you look pretty today, Millie then hugged and kissed him, then later on Millie told the others about Kappus`s birthday tomorrow, Then Isaac and Marie told Kappus that Lovik had just drew all over his pictures, This made Kappus very mad and he also pursuits him and tried to catch him, He also kipped hitting him and punching him hard, even on the top of the Recreation Centre he nearly punched Lovik off the building but Millie persuades Kappus not to do this, however also Andria tells Lovik to stop being evil, Millie also hugs Kappus and kisses him, until tomorrow!

Kappus's 15th birthday party,

On the 28th being not a leap year Kappus`s Dad gave him presents and began to open them, one of them he got was a watch of his birthday, he also got DVDs, and Lego and stuff, Kappus later on had breakfast and his dad cooked him some baked beans and egg and sausages on toast,

Later Kappus and Nic start helping with the party and the things they needed. Nicholas went for a birthday cake, William also went for food, and drinks, Don also helped make the party and put the things up, Joseph also was in charge of the inviting the people from Scouts, Angus was in charge of making the food, Lovik was in charge of the music,

Kappus then liked what he had saw then later on the Honeybees came to Kappus`s birthday party, and also Kappus's veteran boy Scouts that left New Zealand because of the 6.3, came to his party, with Mary unavailable only his dad could be in charge of the cake so was Angus, Kappus then soon went into the room and was surprised by his Honeybees and his best friends, Kappus then came to tell them let the party begin, the music started, Call your Girlfriend by Robyn was playing also Kappus and the others make another song up We Built Millie`s face. Kappus then had a drink, Millie came up to Kappus and told him hero's a gift for you, Kappus was pleased with Millie, he opened it, it was a nice gift for Kappus and the other scouts gave him a present as well. he said to Millie you are the nicest girl in Honeybees, he hugged her and kissed her, then everyone starts to dance on the dance floor it was all what Kappus ever wanted from her a hug.

Kappus gets revenge!

At the cross country race at Lunch time Kappus and he friends Nic and Will have lunch, but he sees Millie do the impressive cheerleading jump, Kappus got the kiss and put it on his stomach, however whence Portia told Kappus that Millie does not like you as a lie, he was very jealous and his evil sprit known as Jealousy controlled him and wanted his revenge on a man! however he would get his revenge on Jester!

In the cafeteria Kappus spies on Jester and Millie, who envy once again assumes control over him and causes him to scornfully mock Jester, He charges in to attack Jester, who is easily brushes him aside and walks away with Millie, Furious at his own spiteful emotion, Kappus fights back for his body, but is overpowered. He is knocked by his own limbs.

With Kappus unconscious, his body is under the unadulterated influence of his Jealousy, He attempts to frame Jester for the theft of a trophy, but fails for not concealing his tracks. In the wake of the incident, a trail of glass behind was left after Kappus had smashed the trophy case, Jester's locker had already been pried open after he himself attempted to place the trophy in it, and in his own locker are herbicides, vandalized pictures of Jester, and the crowbar Kappus used to force Jester's locker open, Upon being caught, Jealousy gives a dazed Kappus his body back, leaving him to talk the fall.

Everyone involved gets called to Mr's Gibbons office, where Kappus attempts to apologize to Jester His Jealousy intervenes and spews a long string of insults at Jester, Believing to be locked away in prison as a result, Kappus sadly resigns to his fate, but Mr's Gibbons notifies him that he will not be incarcerated. Upon hearing this, an ecstatic Jealousy repossesses Kappus and attempts to flee to Mexico. His plan is foiled by his inability to open the door, repeatedly running into it until knocking himself out. Kappus, lying knocked out on the ground, agrees to make amends with Jester,

The two try to bond with a walk in the park. Kappus benignly offers Jester a seat on a shady bench, which Jester gingerly accepts. All is well until the trap set by Kappus's Jealousy is triggered - Jester spot is slathered with superglue, allowing Jester to unleash snails and other herbivorous insects upon him. He replies "That's right, I glued you to the bench. (Laughs evilly) I guess we won't be "Insecting" you at Recreation tomorrow (Laughs Evilly) No, still not good enough, (Taking another deep breath) that will teach you for being a creepy crawl... Ah... you get the point," Kappus departs leaving Jester to die, 

At the Recreation cafeteria the next day, Millie and Nicholas and Bessie remark on the friendship formed between Kappus and Jester. Bursting through the cafeteria doors is a naked and partially eaten Jester, calling Kappus insane. Millie immediately rushes to his side, prompting Kappus's Jealousy to return. Kappus with no traces of his former self visible, pounces on Jester and brutally rips his hair off one by one. Nicholas rushes over and, with Millie's help, restrains a feral Kappus from hurting Jester further. By then, everyone notices that Kappus is not himself. Penny formulates a plan and leads them all to her house.

Knowing full well that Kappus's Jealousy had gotten the better of him, Penny has called everyone to her room to perform an exorcism. They put Kappus in the centre of a circle of candles and occult markings while chanting "Jealousy be gone..." repeatedly. Much to Penny's surprise, the exorcism is successful, and the Jealousy is expelled from Kappus's body and manifests into a lumpy green ball of ectoplasm. Millie steps into the circle to try and help her love Kappus, but breaks the protection ward by doing so releasing Jealousy from his prison, He immediately wreaks havoc on the room, trashing anything and everything that he envies and possessing Jester Penny and Nicholas in order, He soon declares an ultimatum: if he can't have Kappus, then nobody can, and prepares to explode, The only way to be rid of him is if Kappus overcomes his envy of Jester. But he cannot so long as Millie and Jester are dating, to which Millie told Kappus the truth, that she is her cousin not her boyfriend, Now that Kappus is no longer jealous of Jester, he apologises to him saying, "Jester! I am so sorry! you should have told me this earlier!" he replies and Jester says to him, "Are you kidding, Its done Kappus and your girlfriend loves you so much," Jealousy disappears. The five lie exhausted amidst a pile of Penny's belongings. Penny gives Kappus a friendly pouch in the arm, However Jealousy has not been complete driven away. Kappus and his friends say "Wow" then Millie hugs Kappus with an apology hug and kissed! the friends of his now hug! Jester is now a friend of Kappus.

The next day he soon finds out Porita is to blame, he pouches her but it seems Gwen Wu doesn't seem to care about it, so Gwen smiled at Nic as well,

A New Honeybee,

Millie's childhood best friend from Kentucky, Dominique Harper comes to visit all the way from Kentucky. Millie is excited to see her and Dominique later meets Kappus and thought he was lovely, she also meet the others, she and Millie starts hanging out and causes Bessie to be jealous. Dominique later moves out from Kentucky to San Francisco and joins the Honeybee scouts and everyone throws a welcoming party to her.

However Bessie doesn't but then Dominique talks to her, saying, "Hello what's your name" and she told her, "Bessie why" she started telling Bessie everything, "Bessie I am not bad, also Millie knows how you feel, it was all a mistake she is your friend silly, we all our, Bessie how would you like to be my friend" and Bessie agrees to be her best friend, even Kappus is to Dominique, which they talk endlessly a lot of times, Even when she and Millie are around, Kappus and Lewis or (Longshot) as he was called talk to them, Kappus to his girl Millie, and Lewis to Dominique who made friends with Lewis,

The trip to the Rollerskating Park,

The next day Kappus invited the Scouts on a trip to the Rollerblading park, they both got their rollerblades out and began to play around, however one Honeybee was scared, Tigerlily as she was feeling rather sad, Kappus and Bessie talk to her, saying, "Hey Tigerlily what's the problem" Tigerlily talked to him, "I just wish I was a beautiful skilled player for Rollerblading" and Kappus understood and had to talk to her before joining his girl Millie later on, so Kappus asks Kano, a Maori Bunny Scout of Kappus's whom he saved in his early life, to train Tigerlily to be a cute roller balder, Kano grew fond of Tigerlily for unexpected resins (Possibly meaning he loves her) later Kappus and Millie giggled with each other as they moved about, Millie did her blading dancing, twirl, Kappus did his Spanish dancing, Kappus and Millie then decided to have Spanish Music playing, when the music played Kappus and Millie both danced to it, Kappus had the flower in his mouth, Millie and Kappus were doing a Spanish dancing, they both holed each others hands while they were dancing, after that, Bessie saw what Kappus was doing, Millie and Kappus would soon kiss, Kappus would soon invite Millie to Kappus`s house,

Telling Millie of his mother's death,

Fortunately at the Honeybees, the Honeybees wanted to talk if Kappus had a mother, however he didn't want to talk about it, but Millie however told him privately to him, and stands up to him, she tells him what really happened, so Kappus tells the Honeybees about the sad story about his mother, who was a real kind and loving parent, all the Honeybees cried because it was real sad, everyone was sorry for Kappus when he was in tears, Bessie was, Penny was, Portia was, Gwen was, Tigerlily was, Molly was, Jean was, Satha was as well, Nisa was, and Marie was as well, the other bees where sad, Millie had to cuddle Kappus telling him, "It's ok Kappus, It's ok!" as she cuddled him gently.

Kappus sings opera,

In mid March Kappus was at Scouts and went to the toilet. Kappus sang his opera out loud in the toilets. everyone heard it in the boys toilets as Kappus came out, Millie came to talk to Kappus about something nice to him, later Kappus then went outside and Kappus sang out loud, Millie came and saw him singing, and the others saw him singing, Millie and everyone though that Kappus's voice was amazing,

The Twisted Sisters Concert,

The next day, all the Scouts went to the concert to hear Kappus playing on the Band with the rest of his members, Kappus first did "We're Not Going To Take It, then "I Wanna Rock", as Kappus played I Wanna Rock, they all liked this song as Kappus sang almost like Dee Snider who had long since retired, Millie cheered for Kappus on stage, then they played "I Am, I'm Me then "The Price" then "You Can't Stop Rock and Roll then "The Kids", then later "on Shoot Down", then later on "Under the Blade" then their final song "Just For Today Was I Never Grow Up Now", Everyone cheers for Kappus and others. Gwen liked what Nicholas did on guitar, everyone like what he did that day.

The Twisted Sisters makes an album.

on the next day Kappus, and Nicholas, and William, and Don, and Joseph, and Angus, and Lovik, began to help make an album of the new bandmembers, his album showed the names of the members and the people, it also showed them the music they did, Kappus published this album for New Zealand, and worldwide. Kappus then showed his girlfriend Millie and the honeybees his new album.

I Wanna Rock song goes on the number 1 chart of New Zealand.

After Kappus showed all the Scouts his new album all thousands of albums go off to New Zealand, and billons go of to other country's, His album was called I Wanna Rock they called it the best album ever, Kappus`s album was famous, Kappus was put in news paper and Magazines and also featured on ONE NEWS as being the best guy ever to feature on TV, Millie liked Kappus being on TV, She then found he was dreamy and cute, she wanted to one day be on TV like him, Kappus`s girlfriend Millie came onto ONE NEWS and told him "Isn't he the most dreamy man ever (Giggles) oh he is so my boyfriend." Kappus then told them on ONE NEWS this is my girlfriend Millie, after Kappus featured on ONE NEWS he went to his girlfriend Millie and Kissed her, she then kissed him as she always respect him. His lead single I Wanna Rock goes number 1 on the music worldwide chart and then his band members and the honeybees throw a party.

2 More New Honeybees,

Two more new Honeybees Named Gaby Harris and Another one named Alexandria Everett joins the scouts. Gaby is revealed to be a former cheerleader from Beverly Hills. Alexandria is revealed to be Portia's cousin. Later Portia and Gwen becomes best friends with them. Gaby has now moved from California to San Francisco.

The Trip to Brazil

A Camping trip in Brazil.

Mary, the teacher aides, Millie's parents and Penny's family take the Honeybees to Brazil for a trip to see the state Sao Paulo for them self's. but unknown to them their was drug barons, Kappus was in charge of the trip that organised this for the rest of the Scouts, Kappus then took them by airplane to Sao Paulo then walked as they had a guide to help them, they went to the Subway station to were a train was they went from that part in the city on their way to the main station, Kappus along with Nicholas, William, Don, Joseph, Angus. Lovik, and the Veteran boy scouts, Gears, Boomer, Longshot, Denal, Werner, Kano. also went along, and Isaac Miram, and the rest of the Bunny's joined the Scouts as well, Kappus`s Honeybees went along on this trip as well, Kappus took both Bessie, Penny, Millie, Gwen. Portia, Satha, Marie, and Jane, also Nisa, Molly, Tigerlily and Andria. and the new Honeybees came along also for the trip, they came to a platform where they were soon to board a train from Sao Paulo, which is on an old line that lead to the Bolivian boarder thought it was an electric railway that was the most beautiful in the country, Kappus and his teacher aides went onto the train along with the Honeybees as they boarded the train, the train was soon to leave for Brotas a small village 270 km further on, Kappus on the train along with his friends Millie, Penny. and Bessie, went to the area where the door was, Kappus and his friends looked out of the window as they saw another town they were passing, Kappus was soon to realise that the train was soon to speed up, the train then went at full speed Kappus then saw a tunnel, it nearly hit him but put his head inside the train just in time at it went through the tunnel, Bessie felt a little claustrophobic as it entered, she was frightened, but Millie told Penny to get to the light switch Penny told Bessie everything's going to be alright, Millie and Penny help Bessie, Kappus told them is she alright, Millie told Kappus she is felling claustrophobic and scared, Don, came to the train to help Bessie out, Don helped her out and then told about how she felt, as the train came out of the tunnel Bessie then felt not scared, Kappus told were clear, then the train was heading at full speed, then they began to talk a lot non stop, Millie then was talking to Kappus about Brazil and what's it all about, Kappus told her about it, he told her it had drugs barons and it was where cocaine was, and where other drugs was being made, later on the train was not far from Brotas, Portia told both Kappus and Millie and Penny and Bessie and Don, were soon to enter Brotas and well be soon getting off, the train, the Train then entered Brotas as the train stopped, all the Honeybees came off the train even with their guide,

Exporing Brotas,

Meanwhile in Brotas Kappus was exploring Brotas with his Honeybees he saw the river Yukawey papera, and then later came to a waterfall and later Kappus and his Honeybees were doing waterfall jumping as they were both attached to ropes. Everyone does it except Gaby, Portia and Alexandria, they do tanning in the sun. Kappus then jumped and jumped and until finally they went to the decent of the water, Later after that Kappus and his Honeybees would soon head back onto the train,

On the way to Barra Bonita,

Kappus and his Scouts went back onto the train and then left Brotas on the way to Barra Bonita, Kappus and [1]The Train Kappus and his Honeybee Scouts where on in Brazil, as they where on the way to Barra BonitaAdded by Colby James

Millie and Bessie and Penny would later go to where they were before, they saw the views and was spectacular, Kappus and Millie saw out the window and Kappus then saw what was going to happen, they saw the view as they were getting up into the hills by train, Kappus and Millie and Bessie and Penny got board of waiting so they had to sing Kappus sang a Brazilian song about the lives of many People in Spanish which was very hard for others to understand, Kappus and Millie and Penny and Bessie sang, Mary and her Honeybees could hear them singing, after they sang, Kappus got so board and had to tap his fingers and hands at a wall inside the train, later on Kappus told Millie that at Barra Bonita this was the place they made the pottery, Millie was happy about that once she learned about that, Millie then saw outside the window and also began to see the view changing, Kappus then saw more of the view and later on Kappus began to talk non stop, Later as the train came to a railway station, the train does not go all the way to Barra Bonita, as the train stopped at the station of Mashall, they went by but to cover the last 20 klomitors as they went by bus they sang the Honeybee song, not long after that Kappus and his Honeybees arrived at Barra Bonita by ferry,

The Honeybee enjoy a three day Stay in Barra Bonita,

As the Honeybee Scouts enjoyed a stay in Barra Bonita they went by Ferry to parts of the city, there's a problem that Gaby's good luck hair brush goes missing during her stay and blames Dominique for it. Bessie and Penny has to search for it, later after they go, they found it lying on the kitchen floor and find it. Gaby thanks Bessie and Penny for looking for it and Gaby apologizes to Dominique for accusing her, Later Kappus and Millie, and the Honeybees go to where the pottery were made, as they went by bus they then saw men making pottery, Millie was very happy with Kappus, one of the guys welcomed the Honeybees, just before they went for the guide tutor, Kappus spoke in Portuguese to the tutor guide, the girls understood what Kappus was saying, all the other Honeybees were surprised he could speak Portuguese, Later as they saw men at work, the tutor guide spoke in english telling them not to disturb the men at work, Everyone listed to the tutor guide, so did Kappus, later they saw other pottery that was finished, Alexandria accidently knocked one of the pottery over and smashed on the ground, the tutor guide knew that this was an accident, Kappus told her not to worry and they can make a replacement, later on after the incident they all went back to the camp, later Mary told all the other Scouts that we are soon to move to a town called Sao Jose dos Campos by Bus they both got all their clothes and camera and also they other stuff.

The Honeybees enjoy a stay in Sao Jose dos Campos,

As Kappus and the Honeybees arrived at the town at Sao Jose dos Campos and they went to their camp, as they arrived the Honeybees found some rooms later on Kappus and Millie were enjoying a night out at the Camp, Millie was talking to Kappus about Brazil and stuff, she told him something that would happen in the future, Kappus then said to Millie she is so beautiful and hot, She told him something nice, then Kappus said something nice, then they both began to laugh, Kappus had a bad dream that was his sacrifice and death to save for Millie and his family, Kappus woke up at 1oclock in the morning and then as he saw Millie, Kappus got his dressing gown on and snuck out of his cabin, Millie woke up as she heard Kappus walk out she went to talk to him, Kappus was at the water fountain as he was just upset, Millie came to him and told him what was wrong, Kappus told her nothing, but he told her he remembers when he made her a bracelet, Millie told him about what's bothering him, Kappus told her he had a dream, Kappus told her it was about my sacrifice, Millie understood him, he told her its only a dream, Millie then asked to him something nice, Millie then told Kappus would we ever have kids one day, Kappus told her when we are young adults we will have kids one day, Millie and Kappus hugged each other, Later when morning came Kappus then went to have breakfast and he sat with his best friends and The Honeybees, they were both discussing about what was going to happen, Kappus then told them that today we are going by train to Campos do Jordao,

The train trip to Campos Do Jordao.

Kappus told Anton that we will soon be going on a train trip to Campos do Jordao, Kappus and his Honeybees went onto a train, Kappus went in an vintage train, Kappus went onto being driver of the electric train, he accidently drove it, Kappus knew how to drive a train it left Sao Jose dos Campos to Campos Do Jordao, Kappus was driving the train. as it went past a person, Kappus blew the horn from the train as it went by, as Kappus drove the train he then drove through the landscapes and through the hills, Millie came to the front of the train where Kappus was to tell him how did you know how to drive a train, Kappus told her, "I learned that at Ferrymead back in New Zealand", Millie was surprised that Kappus knew how to drive a train, Later on the train had to pause at a railway station, and that was because both had to change to a more modern version because the old version was no longer able to climb this area in this section, Kappus changed to the modrsiern veon where he, Nic, and William, and Don, and Joseph and Angus, and Lovik, and his Veteran boy Scouts came onto the train along with the Honeybees, Bessie, Penny, Millie, Gwen, Portia, Satha, Marie, Tigerlily, Molly, Nisa, Jane, and Dominique, Alexandria and Gaby joined along, as Kappus was just about to drive the train, a engine driver, told Kappus he was the engine driver, Kappus told him, in Portuguese, "I learned how to drive a train in New Zealand, The engine driver understood Kappus, he and the engine driver drove the train from the station and on their way to Campos Do Jordao, he told Kappus about the controls, Kappus quickly learend how to use them, Millie and Bessie and Penny came to the front of the train, then Nic did, they saw the view as they went up the mountains, Kappus fount the views amazing, Millie was happy of Kappus to show her the vews inside the train, Bessie got excited because she could not wait to see the views, The engine driver told Bessie about the views and how this railway line got made, Millie told Kappus, do you like trains, Kappus said yes i do, Millie was happy of Kappus, Millie told Kappus she used to watch a little kiddeys program when she was a toddler, Kappus told her he used to watch a program called the Thomas the Tank Engine series, Millie was happy of Kappus, Millie kept talking non stop, Kappus showed her the controls, Don, came to the front of the train to talk to Bessie, they got higher and higher and higher, but their was trouble the train had a mechanical fault problem and Kappus had to stop the train up the hill where the valleys were,

Stuck at the Mountains,

Kappus and the Unidentified engine driver, went to try and call for help on the telephone for a mechanic to help. Millie told Kappus why did we have to stop, Kappus told her we had to because their was a mechanical problem that forced it to stop, the Repair man came to help Kappus released some help along with Nic and Will, and Bessie and Penny, and also Millie, helped fix the train it took three hours to fix the trains problem, Kappus found the problem and fixed the fault in the train, Kappus then told the Unidentified engine Driver we will soon need to get a move on, as they waited for three hours the Mechanic gave them the go ahead, Kappus was give a go at trying it, it worked and the train began to move again everyone cheered for Kappus and the Unidentified engine driver, for their help.

On the move to Campos Do Jordao,

The train then went past the hills through the mountains on the way to Campos Do Jordao, Millie was seeing Kappus at the controls as he drove them, later the train was nearing the town of Campos Do Jordao, after all that they arrived in Campos Do Jordao in a receive short time, as they arrived Mary saw all her Honeybees that they were not with her, she got a little upset with Kappus, but he told Mary that Anton said it was ok to take them on a trip, Mary then found out Anton let them go to Campos,

The Honeybee Scouts enjoy a stay in Campos Do Jordao,

After the train trip Kappus found a Camp to stay at with all his Scouts, Kappus then found a room for his men and some girls, Millie told Kappus this was the greatest day ever Kappus, and Millie kissed Kappus on the lips, Kappus liked that, he kissed and hugged her, later they had food for eat, and Millie and Kappus and Bessie and Penny and Nic and Will and Don and Joe, began to talk to Kappus about his day, Millie then told Kappus`s friends he told me he was an engine driver, then they both understood her and what she said, then later they watched a movie but since the Honeybees where both American they had to change the language from Portuguese to English, later after they watched a movie they both went to bed, before Kappus went to bed Millie had a little discussion to Kappus about what was the day like, Kappus told Millie it was a good day Millie, she had a short talk, and then finally she and him went to bed, then the next day they both went for a tour around Campos as they both realised that it look like a Swiss town that it was based on, Kappus and Millie then went onto a single seat gondolier up to the top of the hill, then later on they were soon to head back to the bottom of the gondolier then head for lunch to the park, then they went to enjoy the fun around the town, then later on when dinner came they went back to the camp for dinner and enjoyed them self's, then later they had a camp fire, and had marshmallows to eat, then later when it was their bed time they both went to bed, then the next day they were soon to head for Rio De Janeiro.

The Honeybee's go to Rio De Janeiro,

The Honeybees and The Twisted Sisters go to Rio for 2 weeks and they play a game of volleyball in the beach and Gaby gets a surprise visit from her boyfriend Spencer Jenner from Tennessee and he comes with her along on the trip. He tells Gaby that he will move to San Francisco with her. Millie and Kappus enjoys playing in the sea and they both play with each other, Millie told Kappus, that maybe she could show her my turtle when we get back, Kappus found this would be a great idea, then on the fifth day they went to a parade in Rio, then saw the parade of woman, and other People in costumes going by, Millie saw this with Kappus, then the next day Kappus and Millie and the Honeybees go on the taxi bus up to the top then see the view above and also sees Christ the Redeemer on top, Millie saw airplanes going by, as the week was soon to come to an end, the Honeybees were soon to fly back to San Francisco, as it was going them going home,

Coming Home to San Francisco.

Kappus and the Honeybees return to San Francisco.,

They went by airplane, Kappus sat next to Millie and told her you look nice today, she loved that and she hugged him and always kissed him non stop on the airplane, as they entered San Francisco, Kappus and his Honeybees arrived at the late afternoon and their family was happy to see them again, Kappus was glad to be home in San Francisco,

Millie show's Kappus her pet turtle Chester,

After they had a nice trip in Brazil they were home sweet home, Kappus got invited to Millie`s house and Millie was suprised to see Kappus, she showed him her pet turtle named Chester Turtleton, as Millie showed Kappus, he was pleased to see her turtle, Kappus and Millie hugged eachother but Chester cryed and got upset because Millie was hanging out with Kappus, but Millie came to talk to her pet and she told Cheaster its ok, this is just my boyfriend Kappus, i still like you Chester, Chester felt better, Kappus wanted to pat the turtle, as he put his finger inside Cheasters glass fishtank, Chester nipped Kappus finger and Kappus thought it had hurt, he did not scream or yell, he holded his breath for 15 seconds, Millie told Kappus that is just a love Nip, Kappus then found out it was only a love bite, Chester did not break off Kappus fingur as Kappus then saw it was not badly hurt, Kappus then patted Millie`s turtle and Millie felt happy for Kappus then Millie and Kappus both hugged and kissed eachother,

Funny Kappus,

"Oh Kappus your the funnest boy Ever,"

"oh thankyou Millie,"

Millie to Kappus,

{C&nbsp {C}{C The next day Kappus then fell asleep at a taffy factory, he was asleep, but the man blew the whisle and woke Kappus up, Kappus went yaaber dabeer dooo, and then slid down throught the window and the hit the car`s window, then he drove off, then Kappus sang a song like a flinstones style, "James, Kappus James, he`s the greatest guy in history, (Pause) from a out of San Fransico, he`s about to hit a Cable Car.!!" Kappus screamed as he hit the Cable Car then he was angry that he dented the front of the car, his Car had to be taken back to his house that day, as it came back to his house Kappus then told Nicholas that it will need a new bonit, Kappus then sang a song it was called, Grease Lighting, after they had sang the song they then got to work,

On the next day Kappus with Nic and William, and Don and Joseph and Angus and also Lovik went in the Astin Martin to the Honeybee Scout building in town, Nic drove the car and quickly parked it up, Kappus went out first then however he came to the door, as Kappus came to the door, he then banged himself and Kappus got really angry, then he saw the door he did not release, he opend the door to let Nic, William, Don, Joesph, and Angus, and Lovik inside, then Kappus went inside. Kappus then went to the class room, Kappus entered the room and the Honeybee Scouts were laughing with him, he found out this was strange, then he asked Millie why are they laughing, Millie told Kappus because you banged your self into the wall, Kappus found out this was all a trick, then Kappus showed the Honeybees some funny acts, he showed then his funny one that was one of the funny ones a joke about a man that went to a store, then Kappus showed them a real funny one that was pretending to be Adolf Hitler, he did the joke about a Jewish race that he will elimanate, the Honeybees laughed on that one, then Kappus did the Darth Vader joke, he pretended to use the force and the objet moved and and banged into the wall, then the Honeybees giddled, Kappus said in his Darth Vader voice, "The force is strong with you Mighty B!." then the honeybees laughed Kappus took his helmet off and told them he was jokeing, then the Honeybees found that one to be very funny, then Kappus did one funny joke. he slipped on a banna skin and everyone laughed, Millie told Kappus, "Oh Kappus your the funniest boy ever." then she told Kappus to hold her in his arms, she then fanted and was happy of him, Kappus holded her in his arms, Millie then new she loves him even more, Kappus then showed them some more laughes, he did a funny one where he did his C-3PO robot movements he showed it off to the Honeybees then they began to all laugh, Kappus then showed them more, he did his Yoda voice, this made them all laugh, Millie laughed and giddeled with Kappus course he was very funny, Kappus then did his Mr Bean acts, like the one at the hotel he was at, Kappus did Mr Beans voice, he pretend to use a remote as a telephone he went, "hello." then the Honeybees laughed, Kappus pretended to do the remote going onto other channals, he did a movie one as he was at a wall, then the sports one, then the Hallelujah then he did a movie one then the Hallelujah again, then the paris one, then the Hallelujah again then showed the Scouts his laugh he turned it up loud then he did a movie one the the sports fans chearing, then he did, the cheesy music orgen, and did the funny dance movements, then the Honeybees laughed, then he did a monster one where it was like when he was going down the hill, it turned out to be funny, then he did his Hallelujah dancing and pretending to sing, Millie loved what Kappus was doing, and all of them began to laugh, then later as the music was about to finish, Mary came into the room and saw what Kappus was doing she laughed, then she told Kappus you are the most funniest teacher aide in the Honeybees, Unknown to Mary that Alexandria and Gaby have put a whoopy cushion and a microphone under her chair. She sat on her chair but the chair farted then the noise was heard then all the Honeybees laughed at Mary, but Mary was frightened Bessie said to her whats the matter Mary had anything for breakfast, then she got a little fightened, then she found a Whoopy cushion and a microphone under her chair as she found out what it was, William said, "A whoopy cushion she just sat on a whoopy cushion, Mary found out that it was brilliant, because they got her, after the joke, Millie hugged Kappus, then after Scouts Kappus was on Youtube at home and watched thoes drinking adds that made him laugh.

Soon the next day he would show the Honeybee Scouts the drinking adds that where very funny, as Kappus showed them it on his Computer, the Honeybees began to laugh because it was more funny and was hilarious Millie giggled becuse of the words that were Shoclate and others like Rawberry were funny words, but some other words made Millie laugh like 400 Babys, and one of the words that made her laugh was Kanate, after Kappus showed the Honeybee the drinking adds, he then told them he made the adds for everyone to laugh, Millie told Kappus "Oh Kappus, you really are funny and you are a handsome guy hee hee hee hee." Millie laughed, Kappus and Millie hugged eachother and kissed each other that day,

The Honeybees go to the museum,

Kappus and Millie, and the Honeybees go to the museum. Things goes terribly wrong when Gaby accidently knocks over a display item and the alarm goes off, she runs off then she gets caught and then gets in trouble with the security guards .Later Kappus went home and he was given a phonecall that Mrs Millerson was to call Kappus so he could look after Millie for tonight,

Kappus looks after Millie at her house,

As Kappus went to her house Kappus was looking after her by himself, Kappus and Millie began to have fun all night long, Kappus then touched her by the sholders then they both went on the bed and made out, Millie took her clothes off but only showed her underwear, Millie told Kappus to lick her boobs, Kappus licked Millie`s boobs she found this to be touchfull, he laided on her and kissed her body, but Kappus told her we can`t have sex until we are 18, she understood him, she asked Kappus to take a picture of her nude, Kappus took a picture of her nude and once she came to look at Kappus`s phone she liked the image of her nude, and she told Kappus will you marry me in the future, Kappus told her yes i`ll marry you, Millie and Kappus kissed eachother, she and Kappus then watched a movie and had popcorn. Kappus and Millie then Kissed and hugged eachother as they were watching T,V. Later on Mr and Mrs Gibbons went back to Millie`s house, then they asked Kappus how was your night, Kappus told her it was good, just before Kappus went home, Millie kissed Kappus and then she hugged him and she told him i`ll see you tomorrow.

Millie's Birthday,

Two Days later it was Millie`s Birthday, Millie brought an invatation to Kappus she told him you are invited to my birthday party, Kappus in the after noon went to Millie`s house and he was welcomed their, he wore a nice dress and Millie liked the dress, Millie asked Kappus what have you got for me, Kappus gave her the gift, it was a Playboy watch, she liked that, Millie hugged him, Kappus then bought another for Millie and it was a 10 Barbie doll sets, she then liked the gift she got given she found this to be a great gift, she kissed him and Millie got a neckless from Alexandria and she also got a diary from Penny. Millie got other gifts as well. Kappus then did a song for her on stage, everyone enjoyed it, Bessie saw Kappus`s friend Don on stage, Bessie came on stage to hug Don, Millie came to hug Kappus, Penny came to hug Joesph, as well Gwen also came, she saw Nic and she hugged him, Jane found William and hugged Will, Longshot came to hug Dominique. Boomer came to hug Molly and Spencer (Gaby's boyfriend came to hug Gaby as well after they had found their boyfriends Portia came to hug Rocky, Lovik came to hug Andria, Millie and Bessie and Penny were talking to Kappus and Don and Joseph and then they both talked non stop. Millie`s birthday cake came, Millie then blowed the cake and she had now turned 14 years old, Kappus then hugged her and told her you are the best girl ever, she hugged him and told everyone thanks for all my gifts, i love them, Millie and Kappus kissed eachother after the party and began to play love songs, Millie and Kappus and everyone enjoyed their day,

Trouble with the Dragonflies.

Kappus went for a walk in San Francisco but their was trouble the Dragonflies bulled Kappus and a big giant girl name Maud beaten him up and Cherry kicked his balls, Kappus hated the Dragonflies, then he told the Honeybees that the Dragonflies are after Kappus Mary then asked Kappus will protcet you Kappus, Millie would protect Kappus then later on after Scouting, Millie and Kappus go out around San Francisco and then trouble came and the Dragonflies called Kappus racist names, and called Millie a nerd, Millie and Kappus both got angry with the Dragonflies, Kappus then planed to spy on them, when it was night, Kappus and Millie and some of her friends came, they saw what the Dragonflies plan was, he heard them saying to kill Kappus, then Kappus went to report on ONE NEWS, then the next day Kappus told them on ONE NEWS that the Dragonflies have called us racist names and bulled us both he told the Police to arrest the Dragonflies for their crimes, but the Police arrived too late, Kappus revead a failer for trying to arrest the Dragonflies, Kappus then found that it would soon start World War III,

Service in World War III.

On the way to Camp Toccoa,

The next day, Mary then told Kappus, I know you fell upset because the dragonflies tryed to kill you but why start a World War III, Kappus told Mary, because of what they called me, Mary told Kappus, Kappus personal revenge can happen but yes we will have to start a World War III, Kappus and Mary Agreed and this would get so much young girls to join the army, Mary told Kappus what would you like it to be in the army, Kappus told Mary, Parratroopers, Mary agreed on this one, Then Kappus and his Honeybees lined up at the assembley and he was telling them about World War III, he told the Scouts were going to be Parratroopers, and were going to Army Camp Toccoa where we are getting trained and as we are getting trained Anton is going to be in charge of your training, were going to be called Honeybee Company, and called the 501st Parratrooper infantry Reliment, all the Girls where excited, all the Honeybee had to pack their stuff and they would be away for 7 months, if they make it, they would not see their parents again until October, the month was March, Kappus packed his stuff and his dad gave him a credit card, all honeybees got credit cards just in case as if they go to england when their training is completed at Toccoa even though its unknown to everyone that Gaby has 5 credit cards of her own but she dosent tell anyone about this, she only tells Alexandria because she can trust Alexandria with her secret. All the Honeybees got all their stuff they where packed ready for a long journey to Toccoa, Kappus sat next to Millie and Millie said nice things to Kappus, Millie and Kappus then hugged eachother, they would soon go to Toccoa.

Arrival at Camp toccoa,

The Honeybees arrived at Camp Toccoa in the state of Georgia, as they arrived the Honeybees came off the bus`s they were joined by other Girls from other states and so more were coming, Kappus got suprised to see that they where more Girls scouts coming from other american states, Bessie, Penny, Millie and Dominique went inside the cabin as they enterd the Cabin they were greated by some girls in their cabin, thoes girls being, Katy Broadside, Gearshift, and Mindy Perconte, and also Lucy, they where happy to see them, Bessie told them their names, then only not that many Honeybees joined them in the Cabin, the girls being, Tigerlily. Molly, Jane, Satha, and also Nisa and Marie, joined as well, Alexandria and Gaby found their own cabin and Portia joins Andria and Gwen in their cabin. Kappus told Bessie and Penny and Millie, and the other Scouts this will be your room, your cabin is 239, that your in, so yes im in Cabin 2 if anyone needs me, Kappus told Millie, I`ll possibly come to your cabin sometime, Kappus told Millie and Penny and Bessie sometime you should join me at Breakfast or Morning tea, and Lunch, and Afternoon tea, and Diner, and Supper, Millie said yes to Kappus, She then hugged Kappus and before Kappus went to join his boys in Cabin 2 he told them, Oh their is three others joining you later, then they were happy, Kappus then went to check on other Cabins and told them what their rooms where, then after that Kappus went to his Cabin and was with his Boys, that day, Later Kappus along with Nic joined Bessie, Penny, and Millie, at Dinner, and they had something to eat it was stuew, for eat, they liked the food they where having, later on that night Kappus told the Honeybees it now time to go to bed and tommorrow is your training so you will nead a good night sleep, Kappus went to his Cabin and had a little talk with his boys then he went to sleep, Nic went to sleep as well and so did the others.

Trainning at Camp Toccoa,

Then the next day Kappus saw three girls going to Bessie`s cabin 239, their names being, Ellen Muck, Gabriella Penkala Junior, and also a girl named, Alisha Moore, came as well, then Kappus came to meet them as well. he told them their names and one Girl, Marie befriended both Ellen, Gabriella, and Alisha, as her best friends, Kappus told them to put their solider uniforms one because it would be training soon, When Anton told Kappus to bring his Girls to where he is and for inspetion, as they came into lines, they where inspected by Anton, they stand attention, then he followed by Sergeant Bessie Higgenbottom as he tells her that everthings in perfect order, then he yells at the others saying "your people are at the attenion at the position of attention! Anton turned at one of the Girls he said to Mindy Perconte, Private have you been blowsing your trousers over you`re boots like a Paratrooper?! Mindy then said, no sir, Kappus saw what Anton was seeing, Anton said then explain the creases at the bottom, then Mindy said, no excuse sir, Volunteering for the airborne is one thing Perconte, but you got a long way, before you can prove you belong here, Kappus then saw what Anton was doing and Anton said, You're weekend pass is revoked, then a girl named, Luna Luz, for dirt on his rear side aparture, then to Sergeant Calline Carwood-Lipton, for dust on his chevrons, then to Private Marie Malarkey and said that name is bullshit, then asked another girl from another scout named Lizzie Liebigott, and Anton said to her, A rusty bayonet, you like killing Dragonflies don`t you, Lizzie told him yes sir, then Anton said not with this, then Kappus heard him yelling, wouldn't take this rusty piece of shit to war," and adds "and I will not take you to war in your condition, He says that because of these girls with their "infractions" their weekend passes are cancelled, then he tell them to change into their PT Gear and that they where running Currahee, Kappus then turns his self at the Honeybees since he was the Second Lieutenant, and he told them, "Honeybee Scouts get to your cabins and get changed into your PT Gear then you will follow me in the Currahee mountin, Kappus then saw all his Honeybees do as Kappus tells them, since Kappus was nicer to them, unlike Anton, who gets real shitty with them, Kappus turned out to be very friendly to both of the Partroopers, Kappus go back to his cabin and got changed into his PT Gear for a run up Currahee mountin, Kappus then lingered up with his Company and Anton was telling them to run up the mountain, Kappus was first in the lead, the reason why he has to be first was because he is their Second Lieutenant, Kappus then ran and ran with his girls, Millie was talking to Bessie and Penny that he is handsome and a nice man Kappus was and that he always dose not get bossy with us, Later on as they got up to the hill, Kappus was first in the lead, Anton told Kappus that was good time, then Satha came second, then Bessie came third, then Dominique, Fourth, then Millie fifth, then Andria , but Anton was impressed with Andria, the as they where coming up on time, he new that that was not good enough, then Later after PT, They then where training up the hill as Soliders, Kappus was doing this, then later that night Kappus began to march with his 2nd Patallion of the Honeybees, as he was Marching. one girl Renee Randleman, began to ask Kappus "why does Lieutenant Germain hate us sir." Kappus then told her, Lieutenant Germain does not hate Honeybee Company, he just hates you, Replied Kappus, then Renee said thank you sir, Like Kappus does not be Bossy to them, Millie then asked Kappus something as they where marching, She told him, "Kappus, why does he not respect us sir," Kappus told Millie, "Millie my sweet, he just hate most of you because he thinks we are not doing it right, but Millie, your a Nice girl my love." Millie said a nice thing to Kappus she said, "Oh Kappus, your the nicest man ever, heeheeheehee," then that night Kappus and the Honeybees where ready for their final test before more training tomorrow that would be diffacult for them, they where do dump the water from their canteens, but Anton was in charge, then they dump the water, Anton decuvers one, girl named, Christeen, that had drank from her canteen, he told her off and that she will repeat everything that she will do, then Anton began to ask Kappus why has he let my Honeybees disobay orders, he tells Kappus, This is not Fox Company, this is not Dog Company, this is Honeybee Company and would be the first and finest Army in the Regiment, he told Kappus to find attations among the Girls, he tells him why not do thing to see if they are skilled enough, then after their trainning, Kappus told them its time for bed, Kappus then told Millie before she went to bed, he told her, you are hansome and pritty and a chick, Millie liked what Kappus just said, then the Honeybees went to bed until tomorrow,

The next day the Honeybees where getting more trained the girls go under intense training, From running over ropes and to crawling through pig guts under barbed wire. as they where getting trained he was doing it he then made prove to himself that he showed the Scouts he can do it, they then learned, Millie then did it and she did not trip over in training, Kappus told his girlfriend your like an aveltic girl, Millie, Millie told Kappus nicely, "Oh thanks Kappus," and Millie began to hug Kappus, then they all did more training, some of the girls keeped tripping over on hard training(including Gaby and Alexandria), he then showed Millie and Bessie and Penny and the others how to do it, after that they soon found they where doing it right, Unknown to Kappus that Mary was soon to promoted Kappus to a 1st Lieutenant for great training, he would soon get the insingnia by him, Later after training Kappus and his Officers went with Anton, to find any contraband in every girls closet, Anton was telling them that a Girl named, Nene Tipper was spending enough spare time to reading letters, Kappus then asks if personal letters are considered contraband, Anton then replies they are no personal property, then he found a can and asked anyone what it is, Nic the said to Anton "Thats a can of peaches." says 2nd Lieutenant Nicholas Weaver, then Anton told him that was incorrect Lieutenant Nicholas you're weekend pass is canceled. This is United States Army property, which was taken, without permission, from my mess facility. then Anton told anyone whos footlocker is this. Kappus told Anton it belonged to Private Karks, Anton tells the Officers to get rid of Karks, then Anton told Kappus to go outside to give Kappus his insignia and tells him about his promotion, Anton tells Kappus he wants privilege to the girls, by having a special meal, Spaghetti,

Later the next day in the mess hall, Private Mindy Perconte and Private Satha Thomas, gossip about spaghetti, then Kappus sat next to Millie and Bessie and Penny and also Nic and Will joined as well, they where having a discussion about how Kappus was being an Commisioned Officer, Kappus told them he liked that job, Millie whas telling Kappus that was sweet of you to make us Spaghetti you really are a nice man, Millie accidently farts, then Bessie laughed and Penny laughed, the Kappus began to speak to Millie, then he accidently farted, Kappus and Millie both giddled and laughed, Millie told him "Oh Kappus you are funny and a lovely man," then as they where eating Spaghetti, Nic was talking to Kappus about Nic`s girlfriend, and Nic said that Gwen likes me he told Kappus and Kappus belived Nic, Millie and Kappus began to hug eachother, then Anton came into the Mess hall to tell them orders are changed, and that they are running back up Currahee. some girls are vomiting as they run. Anton taunts both girls Private, Jessie Hobbler, Private, Kerin Gordon, and Private, Renee Randleman and tells Randleman that their is an ambulance at the bottom,, Renee found that Anton was tricking her, hergot pissed off and then told the Honeybees we will have no Captain Germain deal with, then she tells them to start singing, Kappus then began to sing so did Millie and Bessie and Penny and all the other girls began to sing, Immediatly the Boy and all the girls start singing. "We call upon the risers, we call upon the grass! We never land on our feet, we always hit our ass! Hi-hi, christ almighty, who the hell are we? Zim-Zam, goddamn, we're Airborne Infantry!" Anton is apparently annoyed by this, but is satisfied that he has made paratroopers out of them.

World War III training,

Two days later in the Morning the Honeybees began to talk about that idiot Anton they hated, Kappus understood them and told them you will be with me under the training today, then the Honeybees began to listen to him, Kappus told them you will not be push overs, you will not fail me in training you can do it, you have the strength to do it, then the Honeybees understood Kappus and then they listen to him then he told them lets rock and roll, and all the Honeybee Scouts sang the song they made up called, We are strong Honeybees, Kappus began showing the Scouts how strong they where in training he was helping them and they followed his course, Kappus then showed them how they could really do it they all did it and then proved to be the best team ever, one Officer saw what Kappus was doing, he went to warn Anton that Kappus is training the Honeybee to be Strong, Kappus then showed Millie that she had the strengh to do it she did a good job, then after they sang, the Honeybees where all fit and strong, Anton then told Kappus, why did you train my team to be strong, Kappus told Anton we don`t need you anymore in training Anton, Anton laughed but told Kappus you will still need me during the training in the trench, Kappus agreed on that one, After their course they went to the Mess Hall and Kappus made them the meal of the day, Macaroni and cheese, for dinner, the Honeybees then liked what Kappus had decided for, Kappus then sat down next to his friends Millie, Bessie, Penny, Longshot, Nic, and Will, Gwen, Jane and Dominique, joined them as well. Gwen told Kappus that is nice what you cooked for us, Kappus told them its nice yes im a good cook, Nic told Gwen, hes a good cook, he made it for both of us, then Millie told Kappus you made us a real nice Dinner for us my love, Kappus told her yes Millie my sweet you look pretty today, Millie then hugged Kappus and then kissed him, then later they had dessert, and it was chocolate fudge and fruit salad and also cookies n cream Ice Cream, Kappus then enjoyed it, Millie did, and all the others enjoyed it, but of course since some girls where gluten free, Ellen had a Gluten Free one, after dessert, Kappus then went to see a movie and then after the Movie Kappus then went to bed for a really big day for tommorrow it would be parachuting from a airplane,

Parachuting from the plane,

Then on the next day it soon moves to Fort Benning. There Kappus and the Honeybees will take the jump, and earn their jumpwings, Kappus was soon called to the door and they could not go out the plane just yet because the light was flashing but soon later they then will make their jump the Honeybees then got up and attached their clips onto the poles and then they had to call the Honeybees from the number to see if they where ok, before they could jump they soon relised that the light was soon to flash green, Kappus then made his jump and all the Honeybees made their jump, Kappus then made the jump Millie soon found out she is flying but though she is on a parachute, Kappus told her this is cool, Kappus yelled Millie told him. "yea, this is cool," then soon they landed to the ground Kappus then dettached off his parachute and he helped Millie`s from being blown, later after that they have proven them selfs the best, now Kappus and his Honeybee have finally become Paratroopers,

Paratroopers celebration,

And then moves to the celebration of the 501st becoming paratroopers, Kappus was enjoying his night with Nicholas and his friends, they saw their girl from their cabin Mindy Perconte that came over to a girl named Rosie Martin, and syas with his style someone might mistake him for something. "Oh you mean like you're fucking Sergeant?" Rosie says, she shows Perconte the chevrons on his sleeves, showing that he has been promoted to Sergeant. then Kappus said hello to Mindy, then to a girl but could not know her name, she told him her name, then Kappus knew, then Kappus and his friends saw Satha Thomas drinking Alcohol then and she won, then Kappus drank his Alcohol and drank it fast, then he burped out loud, Millie laughed, Kappus said his manners, soon Nic was with Gwen and he was talking to Kappus about his night, he told him this is great, and then Millie told Kappus, "Oh Kappus this is a lovely night," she was hugging him, then that night, Mary came to have a talk to the Honeybees and stands in front of attention, "Well at ease, Paratroopers." she says. "Now I want you to know that I'm damn proud of you." She then recieves a beer from Sergeant Leslie Grant. "Now I want you to have fun, and remember our motto. Currahee!" he continues. The Girls repeat the motto, as they raise their glasses. Kappus was with Nic and Millie, then before they could continue their party the Honeybees wanted Kappus to kiss his girlfriend, then Kappus began to kiss Millie and Millie then kissed him, they all then watched, after that they would soon realise that their was to be a short training in the trenches, before they went to bed, Millie kissed Kappus on the cheek and the lips, and Kappus loved that he then hugged her and the Kappus then went to bed,

Training in the Trenches, and Meating at the courtyard,

Then the next day the Honeybee Partroopers where training in the trenches to see if they where useful for war, they where at Camp Mackall, Kappus was waiting for any fun to begin, ufrotuntly Anton mucks it up, he leads the training girls into an ambush, but this is only training not aculal real war until they get more trained, Later on Honeybee Company has an brand new Officer, Joseph Berthran, Kappus talks to his friend that this is the new company you will partake, he along with Joseph and Nic where soon to have the meeting, he went to the meeting at the courtyard, they listened to Mary and she was telling them that they are going to England, William Mark Mendoza Daniel was excited to go to England because that is where he came from, all the others where excited, Kappus was holding Millie`s hand and before that Mary asked that Kappus is the greatest of the Company, then later on they went on a Bus to the railway Station and then went on a train to New York so that they can go by ship to England,

Journey to England,

The Honeybees went on a train to New York Kappus was sitting down next to his friend Joesph Berthran, Nic soon found Kappus and was telling him where it was heading to Kappus asked Nic to have a seat with him, then he and Nic began to talk, Kappus and Nic began dicussing about the trip and a Commissioned Officer, Kappus told Nic hows it like being an Intelligense Officer, Nic told Kappus, "Oh well it's good," Kappus and Nic then had a Drink of Alcohol. then Joseph woke up and then told them that i heard you talking, then Kappus`s best friend Nic gave Joesph a drink of Alcohol, Millie then came to Kappus and then she told Kappus that she wants him, Kappus followed Millie, she showed him a suprise for him, she gave him a gift, he took a look inside and it was a bracelet saying Millie + Kappus 4ever and he like it, Millie hugged Kappus, later they would soon head to the docks at New York, where a ship was it looked like a passenger liner but the bottom inside was moddifide to carry troopers, Kappus and the Honeybees went on the ship and then later as it left New York, Kappus then went to find his bunk along with some boy and joining the girls, before Kappus could show them, Portia told Kappus that its going to be a problem and what if we get changed in front of boys, Kappus told Portia, Dont worry there is Changing rooms for both Boys and Girls, then that made Portia better, then later on some girls where playing cards or talking, Kappus was talking to Millie about where was she born from, Millie told Kappus that, "I was born in Kentucky," Kappus then liked what Millie said, Kappus hugged her and stroked her face, Millie also stroked Kappus`s face, Kappus then saw what Satha was doing he and Millie saw what she was saying to a few Honeybees to both Corporal Linder Toye, and also to Private Luna Luz and also to Marie Malarkey, Satha was telling them that Anton`s no good but Kappus is better, then Satha was saying that Anton is a jew, however one Honeybee heard Satha saying things mean to the rase of jews, although she did not want to be like Adolf Hitler had done, Satha told her Anton was a jew, Lizzie Liebigott got real angry and upset because she was saying racist stuff, She did not realise she had angered Lizzie, which upsets Lizzie since she is jewish. she and Satha got into a fight, but the Honeybees had to break the fight up. Kappus and Millie where watching, they did nothing because that was wrong, Kappus then told Millie, "I Would never call you names," Millie told Kappus. "Oh thank you Kappus, thats kind of you," then Kappus and Millie hugged eachother,

Arrival in England,

It then moves to Aldbourne England. The girls are training with all kinds of weapons, as well as fist fights. Anton told Kappus that he is in charge of leading his 2nd battaion, and Anton is in charge of leading his 1st battaion, Kappus lead his 2nd battaion throung the grounds and then to a hedge, He along with, Sergeant Bessie Higgenbottom, Private, Penny Lefcowitz, Private, Millie, and Private Gwen Wu, Private, Portia Gibbons, and Private`s Molly, Tigerlily, Jane, Marie, Nisa, Satha, Gaby, Dominique and Alexandria and Corporal Linder Toye, plus Corporal, Jessica, and others of 2nd Battaion, plus another, brand new fellow Sergeant, who is the 1st Sergeant, being Calline Carwood Lipton, joined the 2nd Battaion, they had to wait at the hedge, unfortuntly they where running late, and Kappus was impacient, and then did not follow what Anton`s orders, Kappus and his Battaion then went to the road and Kappus was met by an old man a war veteran, Kappus soon relised he had bet Anton in the trial, Kappus was punished by Anton for beting him in the course, Kappus wished to be Court Martial, their was a trial he told them in Court Martial that it was a mastake i could not wait, then the Court Martial listened, then soon Kappus was released from Court Martial and then put back in his team, Unknown to Kappus that Anton is being replaced by a new leader of the Battaion 1st Lt. Thomas Meehan. Kappus met the new leader and before he followed him, Kappus said good luck in the new battaion to Anton, then he waved good by to Kappus for now, Kappus then was met by Nic, Nic then told Kappus about his day, Kappus told him it was great, then he and Nic go in the Jeep for a ride,

Upottery England.

It then moves to Upottery England in 2011 where the girls prepare for the invasion. They have a newcomer named 2nd Lieutenant Angus Jonathan Magregor, who got transfered from being the servant to a leader to Honeybee Company, He gets very friendly with the girls, too friendly in Kappus`s opinion. later on the Honeybees went to the meeting stage where Kappus was telling the Honeybees we are heading to Turkey and they nead Grenades and Weapons, of course some girls got upset, Kappus told why was Corporal Linder Toye getting shitty, then he told her their is no need to act silly, she then told him its not that it just that i want to kill Cherry, Kappus then understood Linder, then later he went to hear what the Thomas Meehan was going to do, Kappus then heard that they could not go because of the weather conditions, later on when a movie started Kappus then was outside and was talking to Nic, his friend, later the next day Kappus along with his group was at a plane, other honeybees went on other airplanes, Kappus`s group was Group 57 and he along with Master Sergeant Bessie Higgenbottom and Lance Corporal Penny Lefcowitz, and Private Millie Millerson, Private Dominique Harper and Private First Class Gwen Wu and Corporal Portia Gibbons, and others including Sergeant Satha and Private Marie and also other girls was their, Kappus read the letter that said, from President Barack Obama, it said, "Good luck! And let us all besech the blessing under the almighty God upon this great and Noble undertaking." after Kappus read the letter Kappus then had to get the Honeybees up with grabing their hands up from the ground, as Kappus got Millie up she then hugged him then they got on board, Kappus was last to board, then the Plane began to move ready for their first Battle in Turkey,

On the Way on the Airplane 2755555,

As they left England for their first mission they where on airplane 2755555, that was heading to Turkey, Kappus was sitting in his seat next to the door, all the other airplanes took off. then on the way Kappus soon realised that it would come to dark, later that night, most of his group was awake but some where sleeping, Bessie felt claustrophobic but Penny and Dominique would help her, Kappus then told Millie on the airplane that he had a gift, he came and brought it to her, it was a blue diamond neckless that could open, Millie put it on, and she saw the picture that showed Kappus and Millie in it, it was shapped like a loveheart, Millie then hugged him then she kissed his cheek where the scar was, Kappus liked that, then he got back into his seat where he was then as he tryed to get some sleep, Molly told Kappus when are we going to get to Turkey, Kappus told her in about 8 minutes, Kappus got a short sleep.

The start of World War III,

As they where nearing the War Zone they just had 4 minutes meanwhile on board one Honeybee Scout Gearshift asks a girl named Private, Krista H. Smith Jr for a lighter for her ciggarette. Kappus was asleep when he was on board the Honeybees where using C-47 Trooper planes

The Honeybees where heading into the War Zone on their airplanes that where carring troops, as they head into the War Zone in Turkey, Kappus woke up and then as he saw what was happening he then told the Honeybees to put their clip onto the poles as the light was flashing red, Kappus then saw it was where the Dragonflies where and they were trying to use their anti-aircraft guns to try and hit their airplanes, however one C-47 got hit and split into and also soon 1st Lieutenant Thomas Meehan was killed soon after, the C-47 got hit in the engines turbine, and it court fire, killing both everyone on borad including the 1st Lieutenant and also a member named Sergeant Jess Evans, on borad, Kappus saw the airplane go down, with Thomas Meehan dead Kappus now has to take command of the Honeybees, before they could jump of the airplane, Kappus called to eachother Honeybee Scout to count their numbers to see if their partrooper parshoots where ok, they went from 19 ok to 1 ok. as it came towards the field soon though the airplane got hit but it still worked, Kappus jumped out first from the airplane but that was not his objective to jump out because normaly the 1st Lieutenant would jump out last,

After Kappus made his jump all his other Honeybees jumped out of the airplane, Kappus was all alone as he landed towards a burning weckage which he noticed that was Meehans airplane, as Kappus landed on the ground, he was too closer to the guns, Kappus though he was along, however one Able Company girl and part of the 501st landed her name being Private First Class Rose Tyler, she landed Kappus had to help her, she had a fright when she landed, Kappus had to help Rose out, she told him her name and Kappus quickly helped Rose, he told her to follow me, as she followed him they could not go in that direction because of the Dragonfile soilders that where firing on him he ran with Rose to the trees and went into the forrest, as they went to hide from the guns as they went to hide, they then could not move when the gun was firing they had to wait until it reloads, Kappus and Rose ran into the forrest, as they ran they soon found out they where all alone, Kappus befriends Rose, as Rose began to talk she told Kappus "do you have a girlfriend," Kappus told Rose, "yes my girlfriend is Millie Millerson," Rose then found out Kappus had a girlfriend, as they went out of the forrest Kappus was soon met by five Paratroopers, three being Honeybee Company girls from his group, he reconised 1st Sergeant Caroline Carwood Lipton and also Lance Corporal Lusey, and also they was two from Joesph`s group their names being Lizel and Mikayla, he then asked Lucy if she had a map, she did she found it in her bag, and then he found out where we were, Kappus then saw the map and told them we should head for the Itaian Headcorters, Kappus and his group follow onto the railway line, they then began to dicuss about railways as he heard a noise, Kappus told the group to stop, then he pointed the gun at someone comeing, but it was the group from Kappus airplane, although two where missing, Kappus was happy to see Millie again he went to hug her, but then asked Kappus, who is this girl. Kappus explained to Millie, that my best friend not my girlfriend, Millie was pleased with Kappus and then hugged him again, then Bessie told Kappus weve been looking all over for you, Kappus understood Bessie, Kappus introduced Millie to Rose, then later they moved onto the Italian Headcourters, he along with Master Sergeant Bessie Higgenbottom, Lance Corporal Penny Lefcowitz and Private Millie Millerson Private Dominique Harper, and Private First Class Gwen Wu and Corporal Portia Gibbons and Private Marie Malarkey and Sergeant Satha and Private Andria and Private Nisa and Private First Class Tigerlily and Private Molly and the other 9 where along with Kappus, they went walking on the railroad, then later Rose told them to stop when they heard a horse comming, Kappus then told the honeybees to take some cover while he along with Bessie, Penny, Millie, Gwen, Portia, and Satha, and Marie and Tigerlily and Molly and Nisa and Jane, and Dominique, Alexandria and Gaby went as well to take cover, Kappus then saw Satha not wait for Kappus`s command she just walked, then as they saw the horse`s comming Satha got her first Revenge against the Dragonflies with her Thompson and for killing her Sister, Kappus and the Others meet on ther Dragonflies too, Lipton throughs a grunade at the horse and one patrol wagon,and some Dragonflies, Millie opens fire on a Dragonflie Soider with her Thompson and gets her first killing in war, Millie then shoots for her famirly and her Parents, Kappus helps Millie out and then they still see Satha fire]ing with her thompson Machine gun, Millie then tells Kappus when is she going to stop, Kappus told them to cease fire, but Satha still keeped firing as she kills one horse and injures another one and on another wagon, She kills the last Dragonflie soilder girl, then she was still firing Kappus told Satha that was enough, but he saw Linder fire with her pistel and then told the Honeybee is anybody ok, Kappus told her Next time when i say wait for my command you wait for my command Sergeant, she then got scared, and then had to listen to him, as he and the Honeybees then followed Kappus, then later on they went walking across the road but druing the night, Kappus then saw a convoy of army trucks coming with Dragonflies. Kappus told the girls to take cover and hide to trick them into thinking their not their, Kappus went to hide with Millie, then as they came past the Honeybees then realised it was 21 Army trucks, after the convoy came by Kappus and his Honeybees where able to make a move, later they followed the map then went into country side where the Dragonflies could not follow them they scambled over country side over fields then over samps then over ditches then to the farm Kappus told the Honeybees to stop but though he thought they were Dragonflies, they wearnt, Kappus then soon found everyone dead, Kappus and Millie began to discuss, then as the landings started, they had to move on, they went into the forrest, then on the path, then followed and found the Italian Headcourters, Marie saw a gang of POW Dragonflies, she taunts a Dragonflie Sergeant. then Kappus and his girls (exepet Marie who is still chatting to the POW Dragonflie Sergeant,) regroup with their respective units, or most of them. Most of Honeybee Company is all ready their, Kappus meets his frriend 2nd Lieutenant Angus Magregor talks to Kappus and tells him that Thomas Meehan is missing, neither does Angus know that he is already dead, Kappus now is acting C.O,

As they were at the Headcourters Millie talked to Kappus nicely and told him some nice things, she and Kappus hugged eachother their, soon or later as they heard the Cannons it would soon be a mission to destory all the cannons,

The Battle in taking out the cannons,

As the Honeybees went to see Kappus that was telling them about their next mission he told them about where they are, he told them who is with me, they all would go, Honeybees, Master Sergeant Bessie Higgenbottom, and Lance Corporal Penny Lefcowitz and Private Millie Millerson, Private Dominique Harper and Private First Class Gwen Wu and Corporal Portia Gibbons, along with others including Private First Class Tigerlily, and Sergeant Satha, and also 1st Sergeant Calline Carwood Lipton tag along, also Private`s Jane, Molly, Nisa, and Marie Malarkey, and Gearshift, Katey Broadside, and Draa, and Pelsha, and Handrix, and Corporal Linder Toye joined and also Private`s Andia, and Ranny and Private, Lizzie Liebigott and an Able Company girl Rose Tyler, joined, in and then soon they where to head onto this mission, as they went outside they where met by one girl from 2nd Lt, Don`s group, it was Ashley Loraine came and told them he had nowhere to go, but then Kappus told Ashley he is with us in this battle,

As the Honeybees go to the trees they are so close to the Battle fied, Kappus tell them to take poitions however Callerline Lipton whached as Kappus went inside an old Car that was rusty he spied on the Dragonflies, he soon relised they where 50 Dragonflies, as the fight begins, Kappus tells Lizzie Liebigott and Hendirx and Petty and Pelsha to girl Machine Guns, Calline snipes a Dragonfile from a tree with Ranny covering her, while Angus and Marie Malarkey and Satha Thomas throw grenades, killing most of a machine gun squad. Kappus leads Angus, Marie Malarkey and Bessie and Penny and Millie and Gwen and Portia and Dominique and Ashley Loraine and Satha Thomas and Linder Toye and Andria, into the trenches. Dragonflies are running across the field, while the Girls and the two men shoot them down. Angus kills one soldier with a grenade that explodes as it hits the soldier's head. Andira gets shot in the butt, and cries out "I'm sorry sir, I goofed!" Kappus covers her as she crawls away, Later after capturing the second gun, Rose Tyler comes with the explosives. Kappus puts the explosives, along with a Dragonflie grenade into the cannons barrel to spike the gun. as they got to the next gun they exploded the second, however they ran out of explosives and Kappus tells Rose to call for help, Rose went to get some more TNT, however as she ran in the trench and went inside Rose was instantly killed by a landmine and everyone whached, however all the Scouts where shocked, Kappus then went to find her, as he went the same way she went, he finds Rose dead, and a bloody-face, as he saw her he got sad but did not cry or get trumortised, he just had the memorys of Rose, he was just sad because of a girl he befriended, after his friends death Kappus continued on and went inside until he found a map of Turkey and found out where the Battle fileds where, after he found that he regurped with his Angus and his girls, Millie and Kappus thought togther and both shot the two Dragonflie Soilders, as they attacked them Kappus soon found out help began to arrive, as the help began to come, Spears and her girls came, with the help of 1st Lieutenant Spears, to capture the other, Kappus tells his Angus and the other to retreat, some stayed behind, as he saw Spears take the other he told the girls to retreat back to the Battaion headcourters, Just before Kappus retreated he shot the last Dragonflie, as Kappus was running he was with Millie,

On the way to Bilecik,

After their first battle with the Dragonfiles in taking out the cannons, Kappus got back and then explains to one of his friends Boomer that he lost one girl named Rose Tyler in the first fight, then Kappus saw his friend Nic riding on a Tank, the Tank stopped and Kappus boarded the Tank, and along the way explans the first Battle was a success, then all the girls and the men went to the next town in Turkey which was Bilecik, then that night they captured the town and although serveral where wounded, it was a successful mission, Kappus was on duty and as he was walking around he then found his girls having a party he finds Bessie, Penny, Millie, Gwen, and Portia, and Marie, and Molly and Satha, and Nisa, Jane, Alexandria, Gaby, Dominique and Andria and Tigerlily having a party in the Army truck, Kappus thanked Satha and told he for what she did today and Kappus promoted Satha to Staff Sergeant, then Kappus asked the girls if he could join them in the party, Bessie said yes, he told them he will be back in a moment, he then then he finds Nic then tells Nic, "I lost a Girl today named Rose Tyler," and Nic gave him an Ayle to drink, then said, "a Rose Tyler a Cowgirl," Nic then told Kappus, "I understand its hard to lose a girl who you befriended," he followed Kappus up to the hill then he talked to himself in his head and as he wittnested a town from the bombing in the background he said that they would be peace and other things, Kappus then went down a hill then told Nic if he would like to join the party with the girls, Kappus then went in the army truck where the girls where and then as he boarded Millie had saved a set for Kappus, Gwen also saved a seat for Nic, as they sat down Bessie asked what they would like, he and Nic had a drink of Fanta and a Hot Dog to eat, then Kappus told everyone about their first day, after he told them Kappus was felling upset about Rose his friend, Millie told Kappus. "I understand it is hard to lose a girl you befriended, but hey you got me," Kappus felt happy, then he asked Millie if he would like to fight alongside with Kappus, Millie said yes, Kappus then asked Millie for a kiss, Millie and Kappus kissed eachother, soon Gwen was telling Nic some nicethings and Gwen and Nic kissed eachother, after their kiss, Kappus asked Bessie you did a great job today, then Millie asked Kappus when are we going to take the next town, then everyone laughed and laughed Millie and Kappus hugged eachother,

The Awards,

The next day Kappus and the same girls that thought in thaking out the cannons where awarded, Kappus was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross, and three where awarded the silver medals for bravery and most where awarded the bronze medals for bravery as well, they also got awarded the medal in remembrance to Rose Tyler and both the girls and the two boys wore that medal, Kappus could remember Rose who he befriended, Millie then hugged Kappus and she told him to go with her to a food store, as they went to get some food, they had something to eat, and then had bread to eat, it was Turkish bread, they liked the taste of Turkish bread, Mary was soon to tell Kappus were on our next mission, Millie and Kappus kissed eachother,

Next Mission,

Later that next day more Honeybee Paratroopers joined after they went missing for four days, they got to the town and Kappus and Nic went with the Honeybees across the swamps and forrst`s and later Kappus and Nic went to find two that where Scouting in the forrst, as 2nd Lieutenant Lovik and Cpl Jessie Hobbler and Pvt Lisa Blithe went Scouting they found an airplane weckege and found two survivors from an C-47, A, F Company Second Lieutenant, and an F Company Solider who was in a State of a shock, Kappus and Nic and Joseph found the F Company Second Lieutenant and the F Company Soilder and his friend Lovik and Honeybee Paratrooper Jessie Hoobler and Pvt Blithe, Lovik found a dead Dragonflie soilder in the tree, Nic told Lovik that she is dead, and was the mark of the true soilder, after Scouting Kappus and his team would soon head for one of the towns in Turkey,

Arrival in one of Town,

As Kappus and his team came to the town of Eskisehir where they where waiting for the battle to begin, Kappus told both 1st Lieutenant Joseph Brethren and Tech 4th grade Luna Luz and a few others to charge, he told them to go and charge right through the town, as Joseph and Luna and the two others came running, a Heavy Mashine Gun was shooting at them however this killed both the two paratroopers in action, but Joseph and Luna managed to survive the attack, the took cover behind a wall, Kappus and his other Scouts took cover and then told both Sergeant Mile Shifty Powers and two other girls to head a different way, later on when the Machine gun was attacking Mile but then Joseph soon through the grenade into the building and Joseph survived she shot one dragonflie soilder and the next dragonflie surrenderd, Kappus came and thanked Joseph for letting the other Scouts come through, Bessie thanked him so did Penny, soon Millie and Bessie soon went with Kappus, Kappus and Millie and Bessie then joined up with Penny and Soilders, Slag and Rango and Luza, and Rizzio in Battle, Kappus and Millie went by them selfs and then went to take out a sniper, Millie shot the sniper, and later durring the battle Honeybee Paratrooper, Tipper was badly wounded when she went inside a building which exploded, Kappus and Millie then saw mortar shells, Kappus ordered his team to attack them with the mortar shells, they attacked the Dragonflies and then killed them Kappus`s team survived, after the battle Kappus and Millie then saw his Officers, and let them through, and told them the area was clear, Nic was plesed with Kappus, then Lieutenant Tyler Van Der Swett told Kappus the Dragonflies are nearly killed, he told him to got to his team, soon Kappus was shot in the leg by a sniper, and he rellised it herts, Millie then helped Kappus out, and took him to the medic, as Millie took Kappus to the Medic named Mal, Mal helped take the bullet out of Kappus`s leg and Kappus saw the bullet, Mal bandeged his leg, Will told Kappus to go and see Lovik, he found Lovik and saw what was his problem, Lovik told Kappus that he could not see becuase that his eyesite was getting bad, Kappus understood Lovik and told him after we take Turkey we will get you back to england, as the Honeybee`s where haveing lunch he sat next to Millie and Bessie and Penny and where decussing on how Millie did a good job in throwing a gurnade into the building, Later on the Honeybees would soon head on thier next mission,

Battle at Bloody Farmland.

On the way their where walking into the fields in Turkey, some Scouts began to discuss about Turkey and other things, Kappus did not know of what was going to happen next, as they came out of the corn fileds into trees as they came to the trees the Dragonflie soilders attacked from in the trenches, One Honeybee was killed by the name of Cailin J. Gray was killed, and It upseted Keri Dukeman and Rosie Martin who witnessed her death as they crouched down on the ground to the foxholes.  Kappus`s girlfriend was too close in the battlefield, Kappus told Millie to run back here which she did, and Millie did not get shot, so did another Scout, Marie Malarkey, as they got into the trench Lovik stayed in the duggen trench for the night, which the Dragonflies never stopped, Kappus was in the trench and talked to Millie and told her glad you could run back here, She hugged Kappus and told him don`t leave me please, Kappus understood Millie and then hugged her, she and him kissed, Millie and Kappus then relaxed on eachothers back, Kappus soon heard a girl accedently get stabbed, Kappus herd noise`s from an girl named Krista H, Smith Jr, who stabbed Lenner Talbert. Talbert screamed and yelled out for a medic, Kappus could not sleep because of the noise, Millie understood the noise that Kappus did not like,

Later the next day the Honeybees where soon ambushed by Dragonflie Soliders, and Tanks, Kappus worned the girls to stay in their trenches from the heavey fire, Kappus was in the same foxhole as Millie and Bessie and Penny, Kappus ran to his friend Lovik that was in danger and was screaming, he helped him and told him to use his rifle, Lovik then fired his rifle, Kappus went back to his foxhole, However durring the fight two girls by the names of Sergeant`s Kala B. Smitherson and Kaer D. Mercier went to try and take one of the Tanks out, However in the fight Smitherson was killed but Mercier was wounded in the sholder and was saved by Sergeant Kirshenbaum to the foxhole, and because they could not take it long enough, Joesph and a girl named Elmira McGrath came to hold off one of the tanks comming for them, McGrath tought she was going to get killed but then she used a basooka to blow up the tank, as she hit the Tank, it hit the sunken hill, soon the Honeybees where able to fire again, but then help began to arrive, and the Honeybee Tanks shot the Dragonflie Tanks and outnumberd the Dragonflies, as serveral Dragonflies retreated, Lovik shot the last one, and after the Battle, one of the Girls Keszear came to thank Lovik, and Kappus along with Millie and Penny and Bessie came to talk to Lovik, but his friend did his own bisness, Lovik went to the dead Dragonflie and saw the body of a soilder, Kappus then hugged Millie and kissed her for saveing her, They lost two and also five where wounded and evacuated. and the Honeybees soon where able to take the Capital.

Kappus`s Friend Lovik gets Wounded in the Scabuler,

As the Honeybees came to a farm 8 days later, Kappus`s friend Nic told both Lovik and Jenszer Dukeman and Katy Broadside to scout ahead, as Lovik came to an cart wheel, Lovik was shot in the Scabuler, after he got shot, Kappus and Millie and Bessie and Penny saw Lovik wounded in the Scabuler, and Nic came so did a medic, Lovik was soon sent back to England to Hospital, Later after the battle they took the Capital of Turkey after the Battle of Turkey they won and their was a victory,

The Honeybees have a rest in Turkey,

As Lovik went back to England the Honeybees where in Turkey and Kappus and Millie where having fun, Later on their was a Party about the "Night of the Bayonet", as Kappus was their he and Nic where their with the girls, Kappus and Nic sat next to Bessie and Satha and Penny, Satha saved a seat for Millie, Before Millie sat down Satha told her where she was from on what street, Millie told Satha, and Satha liked what Millie just said, She sat next to her boyfriend Kappus, Millie and Kappus dussucsed about their time, before they left 1st Sergeant Calline Lipton dessided to prommote Marie Malarkey to a Tech Sergeant, later on Kappus went to bed in his Cabin with Millie, and then rested, Millie and Kappus kissed eachother and hugged eachother.

New Replacements,

One night at the mess hall, their was some new Replcsements being, Jen Hevy Miller, and Jessla Doridbait and Janit Echo and Lola Cutup and Jena Fives, where the new replacements for the Honeybee Company because that the others died, Kappus and Millie where having fun in the Mess Hall that night, but of couse Kappus had now been promoted to Captain of the company, Millie liked his rank, Millie then told Kappus about when they should have childeren one day, he told her someday we will, Millie hugged Kappus that night,

Next Mission to Turkemistarn,

Soon the Honeybees where to go on their next mission to Turkemistarn and stop the Dragonflies their thought this would become the Second time in battle, Kappus told them what to do in Turkemistarn, later on as they would soon leave Kappus and his survivors of his group 57 joined on the same Airplane, and then as they left Kappus now found out we wont get shot down like what had happoned, as Kappus sat down he told Millie about his time on borad, she soon told Kappus when we land we will get to one of the towns,

Arrival in Turkemistarn,

As the Honeybees were comming into Turkemistarn, Kappus agian like he did on the Honeybees first mission told them to use their grabs onto the poles, Kappus told his group to head out, Kappus then came out of the Plane and landed into Turkemistarn, As Kappus landed he was in the same spot as Millie and the rest of his troopers of his group, Kappus then went with his troopers, Bessie, Penny, and Millie, and Gwen and Portia, and the others, came along, as they followed Kappus, they later got to a town and then later their was a parade in the town, as they came to be a prade, the Tanks came, Kappus and his friend Nic whached the celibration, Millie then came to Kappus and told him, "is this where we are staying tonight," Kappus told her this was, Millie hugged him, later durring the stay in a town, Kappus and Millie and Bessie and Penny selped inside a mans underground house, for the night, they enjoyed their stay, Kappus then had a great time, whiset they where time before their battle, Millie and Kappus then kissed and hugged and touched, she liked that, Millie then touched him and stroked him, Kappus kissed Millie and laid on her, she loved that, Millie loved Kappus even more, Millie told Kappus when are we going to our battle, Kappus told her we will soon head to battle tommorow, Millie holded Kappus`s hand, Kappus was happy, Millie and Kappus went to bunk with him and selped with him as they where in love,

Mission to Derweze.

On the next day the Honeybees went on the mission to Derweze aborad Tanks and also Army Trucks and Jeeps, as they came along the way to Derweze, durring the Battle, Renne Randleman now a Sergeant was in charge of the Replasements and her team. along the way they stopped outside of Derweze and an Unidentified Lieutenant got shot in the chest, the Honeybees Tank 312 attacked an Dragonflie half truck, and killed all the Dragonflies, later on the Honeybees thought the town was deserted, but later on as two tanks came to find the hidden Tank, the attack came and became a real tough battle for all Honeybees, Kappus was waching the town as he saw the Battle, durring the battle about 9 of the Honeybees where killed 11 where wounded, they lost Jen Hevy Miller, Jessla Doridbait, Lola Cutup, and a Trooper named, Nub, only Janit Echo, and Jena Fives where the only survivors of the new replasements, one trooper, Renne Randleman went MIA, as Kappus and Nic whached and where talking about the retreat, Nic was shot in the helmit but did not die and did not get shot in the head, Kappus told Nic if he was ok, Nic was ok, Kappus and Nic saw the Honeybees come back, Kappus told Millie why are we retreating, she told Kappus, we are overrun, Calline Lipton told Kappus and Nic about the losses, only two Tanks survived and retreated with the Army Trucks, Kappus and Nic where in the jeep and they soon got to a hide out from the town,

The night 11km outside Derweze.

Later that night Kappus was with Millie and Bessie and Penny, as they were worried about Renee Randleman who went M.I.A, Millie was a little upset that she was Missing In Action, Kappus hugged Millie and then Kappus went to where his friend Nic was, during the night, the Two survivor replacements, Janet Echo and Jenna Fives and Louissa Cobb and Bella Roller and Kelly Jonane went to find Renee Randleman, Kappus saw that night that he recognize the booming of a town, he saw it, he told Nic about the booming he knew of, he understood him,

Later the next morning the group that went to find Renee, came back on a Jeep, and Kappus was surprised to see his solider Renee return, Millie and Bessie and Penny were also happy, Gaby and Alexandria saw Renee and were pleased, later on that morning, they left this part of the country and went South east, to another town,

Battle in the fileds,

That night in Turkmenstarn Kappus led his Squad to attack the Dragonflies, Kappus told his squad to wait and Kappus then inspect the road and saw the Dragonflies which where accurley S,S Troopers, Kappus ordered Keren Gordon and Lindsay Limmer, onto a mashine gun, they both attacked the Dragonflies, then they ran into the filed, later as they where in the field, Kappus ordered Jenszer Dukeman to head to a bassoka, however Jenszar was killed in the prosses, leaving the rest of the Squad to survive, Millie got frigthond that night,

Later the next moring Kappus then ordered Bessie and Penny and Millie, and his Troopers to wait, Kappus through the red smoke and went first, then his girls went when the signal came, Kappus charged to the road and saw a S,S Solider, Kappus was shocked but then he shot the Dragonflie, then he shot more, then his girls came to shoot the S,S Dragonflie soliders, however during the attack their where Mortar shells, and the shells hit the ground and then hit, as they hit he and his squad took cover, some of the girls got wounded, Millie took cover with Kappus, Sergeant Boil was wounded in the back, and so was Kendji in the leg, after the attack Millie soon identified one trooper and told Kappus that they where S,S, Later with the two wounded and one killed, and the rest ok, they shifted the prisoners on to army trucks, Millie was happy with Kappus and hugged him,

A stay in Turkmenstarn,

Its time Nic its morning,

Ohh ohh, its my old Piss for chirst sake,!

Kappus and Nic durring the Stay and durring the time when Kappus was to wake him up,

Five days later Kappus was in the same room as Nic, durring their stay Nic got drunk and had to pee, then when moring came Kappus tried to wake up Nic, however he tried to tell him to go away, Kappus had no choice but to wake up Nic, he used his pee and woke him up, however Nic was upset because that was his piss,

Later he felt happy and then where on duty, Later Kappus wote his novel from Five days ago, Nic later came and asked for achol and Kappus alowed him to use it for his ale, Later on durring the stay Kappus later went with Millie on their spehal day, Kappus then took Millie for a ride in his jeep, and took her to a town, Later on Millie cuddled Kappus and loved him, she giddled with Kappus, later on durring the night one girl named Frenchy J, Mallet, accedently shot her own company member by mastake, she was recused by Mal and was taken to Hospital, later durring the stay that moring Kappus was in his office and he and Nic was decussing about their time, he called for Staff Sergeant Satha Thomas to have a talk, when he called for her he told her about other things she told Kappus about other things, later on Millie came to join Kappus and had a little talk before their was a celebration in Turkmenstarn,

A Move to Afganstarn,

Later durring the Night Kappus and the Honeybees went aborad their Army Trucks and the company leaders went in their jeeps, Kappus and his jeep driver, Sofie Lincon drove the car for him, he was in the same jeep as Nic, when the Company came to the borader, they lit the oil and used machise to fire them up, Kappus and Nic and Denal and Nic came to an another leader Norman Dike, as they where decussing about their plan, some Afganstarns People came out and one warned Satha, later on they soon moved in to the borader and went into Afganstarn, Kappus walked with Millie and decussed about their marrage for the futher, She holded Kappus hand as they came into Afganstarn,

Kappus and the Honeybees in Afganstarn,

Have you Shaved Kappus,

Yes Millie i have my sweethart,

Millie to Kappus durring the Battle of Afganstarn,

As Kappus was in Afganstarn he went with his Scouts to other vallages, Later on Kappus found a small town and later went to the battle feild, as they where in the forrst, Kappus was their for at least four days,

Four days later Kappus began to not shave, that day Kappus used his shaver and shaved with his shaveing cream, and also had a helmit for the water, Later one Honeybee Paratrooper named Mal Doc Roe found Kappus the Medic that took the bullet out off Kappus`s leg durring the Battle of Turkey, Mal went to find Kappus as she arrived, Kappus later encouterd with an Unidentified Dragonflie Solider that was alone, he replied in Portuguese to tell the Dragonflie to surrender, she did, then he looked at her papers and saw her name, then she was taken to the small town and later qustioned, Kappus then went to his friends Millie, Penny and Bessie, who where decussing about the war, as he found them he sat down and Millie told Kappus if he had shaved, Kappus told her he did, later on their was a battle and mortar shells came, Mal came to find who was calling for help. she went to the wrong foxhole and she thought they had been hit, then she came to the right one and found Gabriella Penkala Junior wounded in the arm from the blast Mal told her she would need an aide stasion, Later that day some girls where haveing fun, Marie and Alisha where singing but then a Honeybee Soilder tells Satha to tell them to shut up, later that day Millie and her trooper Dominique and Bessie and Penny went for a walk around, however Millie was upset about whenever she should have a nickname, Dominique tells her it was Mill, Millie complained, Later Kappus`s girlfriend ended up at a Dragonflie Foxhole, not reliseing she awoke a Dragonflie Sergeant, Millie and Dominique and Bessie and Penny ran but did not get shot, they both survived and found cover in an trench, later they found Kappus and told him about how are we going to find some weapons,

Soon Kappus sent Master Sergeant Bessie, and Corporal Penny, and Private Millie, Scouting with him, later Kappus told Bessie and Penny to split up and look for anything, Millie went with Kappus, Later on Millie and Kappus where spying on the Dragonflies and Millie told him "Its not going to be easy getting to the Dragonflies Kappus," Kappus told that their was always a way, Kappus used his benoculers and then soon found that they where going to use Mortar Cannons, He showed Millie, Later he and Millie went to tell Mary that their was Mortar Cannnons and that it would not be easy, Bessie and Penny returned from Scouting and regrouped with them, Kappus warned the Bees, about the Mortar Cannons,

Later on durring the battle, Kappus however was one of them to insult a Sergeant who disobayed orders, he talked with it to his friend Angus MacGregor, however the mortar's started fireing and Kappus and both his girls and some of his Officer's where forced to abandon the trench, they both survived with no on wounded or killed, after that Kappus and his Officer's and the girls laughed at the Dragonflies, then soon it became worse, 1st Lieutenant Joshua H. Cowing got shot in the groind and was wounded, however no intechley enough because he survived only by having his wallet in his pocket, This made Kappus angry and his Honeybee Paratroopers and his Officers both use their rifles and charge at the Dragonflies, they both Massacred some of the Dragonflies but injored some, also both Dragonflies escaped which ment the Honeybees both won this round,

Later that night Kappus and Nic where haveing a dussion about what was going to happen, however durring the night Kappus told Nic about how they are going to get throught the enemy lines, Later Kappus joined Millie and Bessie and Penny in their foxhole and had something to eat, they dussused about tommorow on what was going to happen, durring the night Millie hugged Kappus and touched his solders, she and Kappus went to sleep and waited for tommorow,

Later the next day a Honeybee Paratrooper was wounded, and Mal went to find the girl, she found a girl named Jella, who had her leg paralised, Kappus was not surprised when this happend, Kappus got a little bit upset when this was happening to his girls, Later on Kappus told a group to go and stop the Dragonflies, the Platoon leader Jesse, lead the girls to attack the Dragonflies, however they got ambushed, Jullen, was wounded, and so was a girl named Mahaler, they retreated back, so then they would get to Frenchy, however Kappus`s friend Nic told them they have to retreat, in this result Jullen died later that night this trumatised Millie, However Kappus came to chear Millie up by giving her some love, Kappus and Millie where haveing a drink together along with Bessie and Penny, they drank until Mary told them that the Dragonflies have given up the attack, after she told them, Luna mimiked Mary Gibbons,

Later that night Kappus was enjoying a good night with Nicholas and William, he was walking to find Joesph, Kappus`s friend, he found him with Donald McDonald, Kappus found Joe but he told him that fire was not a good idea because they could be a light, however the Mortar shells came and it hit Joe but only wounding his leg, Joe cried because it hert. Millie and Bessie and Penny, and the Medic Mal came to help Joesph, Mal helped Joe`s leg, she told him that it is not mangled or blown off, Kappus told his friend that everythings going to be ok.

Later the next day Kappus was sitting down with Millie and she and Kappus both were talking, Mal came to find Kappus, she fixed Kappus wounded hand with a bandge, whiset she was doing that, Kappus told Millie a nickname she could have, he nicknamed her Babe, Millie liked that nickname, she screamed to tell the Honeybees about her nickname, Mary was impressed, later on Kappus hugged Millie as he loves her so much, later on Kappus was soon to break through the lines alowing the Honeybee Paratroopers to get through, Kappus would later head to the next town in two days time,

The battle to try and take a town,

Two days later Kappus and Nic where talking about when they where going to take the town, but later on the Honeybee Paratroopers Jessie Hoobler and Marie Malarkey and Calline Lipton and Millie Millerson and Penny Lefcowitz and Bessie Higgenbottom and trooper Alisha Moore were hiding from an Unidentified Dragonflie Officer who was on a horse, Jessie Hoobler shot the Officer and also took the dragonflie Pistal she always wanted, however because Jessie was wearing heavy cloving, that Pistal would cost Hoobler`s life, Kappus and Nic where on duty, but then they heard a gun shot, Nic thought that this was a sniper, Marie told Kappus and Nic that it wasn`t a sniper that hit her, Jessie shot herself by mastake, Jessie died of blood loss that day, after Jessie Hoobler died, Kappus continued on the plan to take the town, but then Linder Toye got back from the hospital,

Later on Kappus and his Honeybees where on the mission to take the town, but however durring the mission, as they where in the forest and getting closer to the outside to a town, the Mortar shells began an attack, it kepped exploding in the forest, Kappus ran from the explosion like the other Honeybees where doing, as they ran for cover Kappus went to the same foxhole as Millie and Bessie and Penny where, then a shell hit a tree it trapped them inside but did not kill them, Angus thought it was a party but it was war he did not reallise, however durring the battle Linder Toye got her leg blown off and she began to cry, Satha had no choise but to help her, Kappus was calling for help and Gwen and Portia helped Bessie and Penny and Millie and Kappus out of their, however the Second attack came the explosion mangled Satha`s leg and she got wounded as well, durring the attack Luna tried to head to Ellen`s foxhole, but a Mortar shell hit Ellen`s foxhole killing Ellen Muck and Gabriella Penkala junior in the prosess, Luna went to another foxhole to where Rosie Martin and Calline Lipton where, then the Explosions stopped, After the death of Ellen it became a hard time for Marie Malarkey and Alisha Moore, Satha and Linder where taken to hospital, but evently Linder talked to Bessie and told her that she will have to kill Cherry, Bessie agreed with Linder,

Later for the next attack Kappus was planning to bring every single trooper along to attack, this was a plan to take the vallage and win this battle, later on Kappus and the Honeybees started to attack at the town, however most Honeybees got wounded and some died, the rest where ok, Calline Lipton and Bessie Higgenbottom and Penny and Millie and Gwen and Portia and Jean and Nisa and Molly and some other girls hid behind the wall, however Jean ran to the Dragonflies evently stopping the attack, however the Commanding Officer named Paul sacrficed himself and blew up a building killing him in the proscess, Kappus and his Honeybees sang the Railroad song, but trouble came when a sniper killed both Troopers, Lous Grason and Liuchear and Frenchy Mallet, the rest took cover and soon Calline ran to cover as a destration while Millie shot the sniper in the window, they won the battle, Kappus and the rest of the Honeybees partispated in the funaral of Paul and their was the buring of his body, after they cellbratied his death, Kappus and the Honeybees would plan an attack for tommorow,

The Mission to take the base in the hills,

The next day the Honeybees where in the Trenches taking cover, however most of the Honeybees paniced and ran to fight the Dragonflie soliders, Kappus and his team ran most girls got killed in the attack, and others where wounded, the rest where ok, Kappus and Millie and Bessie and Penny went into one of the amored base where Kappus started the attack, Millie through the grunade into the base, killing most Dragonflies, Kappus and Millie and Bessie and Penny shot the rest of the Dragonflies, Kappus then took the plans and his squad escaped the base, onto the next base in the hills, Kappus and Millie and Bessie and Penny where under heavy fire, and Kappus and Millie took cover, Portia and Gwen manged to through the grunade at the dragonflies, alowing the Honeybees to head into the hills, as they made it to the top of the hill, Kappus and his squad attacked the dragonflies, however a Dragonflie Solider used a basooka and fired it at Kappus wounding his back, Kappus did not have a bad back, Millie came to talk to Kappus she told him if he was ok, He told her that I think I`m ok. as the Honeybees went inside of the base, Millie and Penny had to assied Captain Kappus into the base and put him onto the bed, Millie helped Kappus out and told him that everything was going to be ok, though they soon heard the message, and Kappus told Bessie she is now in command but Bessie was not prommoted she stayed Master Sergeant, Kappus had to put her in command because Kappus was unable to fight,

Defend the Base,

With Kappus unavallbal to fight Bessie had to take command of the team however she did not know how to do it, her team went outside to await the Dragonflies to come, durring the attack most girls got killed including Kytten and Rango and Slammer and Jovoskey and another girl where killed leaving only Master Sergeant Bessie and Corporal Penny and Private Millie and Portia and Gwen and Jean and Marie and Alisha Moore and also Calline Lipton and Draa and Jesse and Nisa and Tigerlily and Molly and some other girls as the only survivors, when the alliey team known as the New Zealand Army came they helped the Honeybees and killed everyone of the Dragonflies, Kappus was impressed of this, however after the attack Kappus was talking to them that they did a good job, but he wanted to find Millie, Kappus told Nic to take over the talking, As Kappus came to his girlfriend Millie he hugged her and was plesed that she was alive, they later got to the borader near a town and Kappus spent a week in hospital, Anton awarded him the purple hart for his bravery,

Arival in Pakstarn,

"Oh Kappus It is nice to see you again Ohh look at you,"

"It is nice to see you Millie I havent seen you in a week"

Oh Kappypie I want to kiss your cheek,"

-Millie to Kappus durring the return from hospital,-

After the advents of being in hospital and the award of the purple hart, Kappus returned to his company and he and the ones that returned came to fight again, Kappus was pleased to see Millie again and Millie touched Kappus on the sholder and hugged him, Kappus told her something nice, Millie loved what Kappus said, she kissed him on the cheek and later Kappus told the rest of Honeybee Company and the other Companys that they are heading to Pakistarn,

As they arrived at Pakistarn, Kappus and Nic and William where put in charge of the town, however the Dragonflies where using mortar shells from the other Island on the river, however Kappus and Nic and William came to check on the girls as he entered the room Kappus looked at Millie, and she looked at him because she loves him, then Kappus wants to tell the Honeybees that his squad will have to take prisoners from the Island, Kappus could not do it because he had to heal his wound that nealy was getting better, Kappus put his hand on his lips and did the kiss to Millie, Millie fainted, then later on Marie Malarkey told Kappus she needs a break from fighting becuase they will have to be a replacement, later on that night a squad went to the Island, the names being Bessie Higgenbottom, Penny Lefcowitz, Millie Millerson, Portia Gibbons,Gwen Wu, Dominique Harper, Gaby Harris and Alexandria Everett and Molly O'Connell and Jean Parklands and Nisa and Tigerlily and Draa and Linnie and Ashley Lorraine and Rosie Martin and other girls join and went to the Island on boats, while they broke into the building, Linnie got wounded but the rest of the team was not killed, they got back with two prisoners, they made it, Millie was impressed of a job she has done, Kappus and Nic came to see Linnie, Mal tried to save Linnie, however Linnie died of blood loss that night, this made the Honeybees sad, later the next moring, Kappus and William where whaching the town the took, William decussed about having a prommotion to Captain, Kappus told Will that maybe you could be a Captain, then Nic came to see Kappus and he told them that their is a surprise for them, Nic told Kappus to not peek until they got into the building, as they went inside the building, Kappus and Nic and Will went inside and the Honeybees said surprise to them, Kappus was pleased of this, Millie asked Kappus to dance with her, Kappus said yes to dance with her, then the party began,

After the battle and the party the Honeybee Paratroopers where soon to head to India, Nic awarded Kappus a medal and was promoted to Major and now lead command of the Army, then Sofie Lincon drove the car to Kappus and Nic and they boraded, then the rest of the company joined into Army trucks and the leaders went in jeeps, then they where on the journey to India to arrest Cherry,

Arivval in India,

"Oh Kappus your body looks amazing,"

"Oh Millie,"

-Millie and Kappus when having oral sex-

As the Honeybees arrived in India Kappus had a lot of stops in the town, Kappus and the Honeybee Paratroopers had a stay in the town of Amrister and the Honeybees had a good time, however jouring the stay, and unknown to Kappus that his friend Nic would also do something arround the town, Kappus sent Nic and Kappus`s jeep driver Sofie Lincon to a village to check on the other team their, later on Nic came back later on to Kappus to talk to him, despited Nic not getting the right acrholo which resulted in aucaholisum, Nic smashed a glass window in the town that night which set the alarm off, Nic however ran and never got caught, and also Kappus was talking to Millie when he was in bed with her, she and him kissed eachother in bed like it was husband and wife, Millie keeped kissing Kappus and now she always wanted to be with him,
Kappus in bed with Millie

Kappus and Millie's first time together in bed!

That night when it was midnight Kappus and Millie began to do Oral sex that night, Millie found it to be touchful, Kappus was whereing a condom so that it could protect him from peeing sperm into her vagina, Millie liked what Kappus did that night, though the others didn`t know of this, Later the next day Nic had a plan of his own but when he came to meet up with Kappus he told him about him trying to give up from acharhole that he was drinking too much so that he wouldn`t need to get that drunck, Nic also told him about how are we going to get to New Deli and take the plasce in the hills, Kappus told his friend Nic that you are the greattest friend I ever have, later on they where at a resturant and Kappus along with Bessie and Nic and Gwen and Penny and Joesph and Don and Millie where at a table talking to eachother, Millie told Bessie about Kappus that he is a nice man and that he is very kind and he always where`s a condom when having sex, Bessie was amazed of this, Kappus hugged his girlfriend and kissed her, she kissed him on the lips, later on at night Mary told Kappus about his day, he enjoyed his day, Anton told him an apolagle to say sorry what had happend when he trained back in england, Kappus exepted his apolligie to Anton, later on Kappus told his friends Nic and Will to call for the squads in vallages to come to the town Amrister so that soon they will head to the next town,

One the way to the next vallage,

After the stay in Amrister Kappus and Nic went in to Kappus`s Jeep with Sofie Lincon who was driving the Jeep, all the Honeybees went into their Army Trucks and also the boat mobiel Army Trucks, as the rest of the Honeybee Company boarded the trucks they begain to sing an very old war song called, Gorly Golry to the hell where going to die, they sang it when they left town and as they headed into the desert terrtory, as they sang Kappus only sang one line for his Opera and he sang out loud and everyone heard him, then the Bees sang again after Kappus had stopped singing, after the song Nic told him about the time when he was a good Scout Sergeant back in the New Zealand Boy Scouts and how he servied under Kappus, after talking about that Kappus then talked about other things as well, then as they went into enermy terrotory they then took a township and got the Indians out of their houses and to the bus, later on after that mission they then went through contry homes and then as they passed by the barn Kappus witnessed the death of three dragonflie POW`S getting shot by allied forces known as the New Zealanders, later Kappus then saw the desert as he knew it would be for him, because he found that he never saw India it was is first time to see a country that he never saw before, also for Nisa it was like daysharfu for Nisa because this was the country that she went on hoilday to see her nanna in India a long time ago, they where soon to pass the town of Jullundur where they would stay for three days, as they where getting close to the town Kappus and his friend Nic and his Jeep Driver Sofie saw alot of Dragonflies leaving the town and surrendering, it was a great time for Kappus to see the surrender like back in world war II when the germans where surrendering in the towns, though alot like that it would mean that the Honeybees would not witness Dragonflie Soilders in the town,

Arival in Jullundur,

After the arival in the town and the long Journey to Jullundur Kappus went to investergat the town with a team, Kappus also told a Squad to go into the feilds and into the forrst and later be back at command by 5.00 clock, he sent 5 girls on the mission including Master Sergeant Bessie Higgenbottom, and Sergeant Penny Lefcowitz and Private Millie Millerson and Mindy Perconte and Renne Randleman on the mission to invetgat the area,

Meanwhile durring the stay Kappus along with Mary and Nic and his Officers came to a holgram and heard Cherry`s evil plan to take over the world, after hearing this, and once Mary heard what Cherry`s evil plan was, Mary orderd Kappus and Nic to kill Cherry, when they head to New Deli,

The Honeybees find a POW camp,

Later on Mindy Perconte came back to tell Kappus that their is a POW camp that Kappus must see, Kappus brought the team to see the POW camp, Mindy was in the passinger seat of the jeep while Kappus was driving and Nic was in the back seat, as they arrived Kappus was shocked when he saw the first look at a POW camp, then his Honeybees opend the gates to let the POW`s out, as Kappus went inside he found may poor people inside the camp, then some boys hugged the girls just as a thanks for the allie to come, then Marie Malarkey and her friend Alisha Moore and Marie`s boyfriend Issac Miram saw the remains of dead poor people. some Honeybees found they are starving and are hungry, then one POW came to talk to Kappus, Kappus along with Nic, Gwen, Bessie, and Millie, and William, and also Lizzie Liebigott where also lisiong to the POW poor guy, as he was telling them in Indian, Lizzie replied in english and told them what he ment, then they all belivied him, Kappus found out it was a poor people`s camp, after they had brought all the POW`s out of the camp, they went to town and later Kappus and his Honeybee Paratroopers helped give them food,

The night when Axe died,

"Kappus take them, take them to the Indian Sauscer,"

"Axe noo."

-Axe to Kappus before she died,-

However that night Kappus along with troopers Master Sergeant Bessie Higgenbottom and Sergeant Penny Lefcowitz and Private First Class Millie and Platoon leader Axe and Private Kickback went on a mission to scout at night, however jouring the search at night a Dragonflie Assion killed Axe and tried to kill the squad, however jouring the attack Bessie killed the Assion, Axe said to Kappus in her final words just before she died, the death of Patoon Leader Axe, upseted Kickback and made her sad, Kappus managed to take her tears to the Indian lamp sauscer,

Kappus finds out about the early life and the death,

"So when the time comes Kappus must die"


-Anton to Mary in the Sauscer-

As Kappus took the tears to the Sauscer he put them into the Sauscer and Kappus put his head into the Sauscer and it looked back at his life, as it went back in time to the early life it told him that Axe was Kappus`s god sister, and it also showed how Kappus`s mother died, and also told him about how Anton and Mary where decussing about Kappus, It told him about, "When the time comes he will die," the resion why was a part of a dragonflie saul that he could talk to incestes and Bunnys lived inside Kappus, when Kappus learned of this he got sad and upset,

Kappus sees his Mother as a ghost,

"Your so grown up"


"Son it is nice to see you and you have a girlfriend"

-Karen now a ghost to Kappus and his girlfriend,-

That night Kappus along with Millie and Nic and Gwen and Bessie and Don went out at night to have a talk as they went into a jungle, Kappus saw his Mother who was a ghost, she was happy to see him, she knew that he was all grown up, she was suprised to see his new girlfriend, because this made Kappus happy to see his mum as a spririt. Kappus also saw Axe his god sister and also a ghost of Ellen Muck and also Gabriella Penkala Junior who was a ghost and also Rose Tyler who was a ghost and also his grandad who was a ghost, Kappus told them he wished they never died for him, Kappus spoke to Ellen if it did hurt. she told him that it did, because Ellen told him about what Kappus has to do this made him happy to see a ghost he never saw before, Axe told Kappus they will always be their in Kappus`s head, his Grandad told him about how he shall stop Cherry the Dragonflie leader and kill her, then he told his mother will she always hang onto me, she told him always, then Kappus thanked his mother and then went back to the base,

The plan to get to new Deli,

Kappus had a plan to head to new Deli with the Honeybee Paratroopers, because of the loss of Axe this would mean the last of a causlties of the war to die leaving the origanal 599 Paratroopers left and also 677 Replasments left, and also 166 Sinior Officers left, Kappus told Honeybee Company about how they are going to kill Cherry and stop the Dragonflies. they then lisioned to him,

The Jurney to New Deli.

Later on the Honeybee Company left the town of Jullundur and then headed on the way to New Deli. on the way the Honeybees started to sing but Kappus then thought if this leads to his death he would go to heven, Nic told him to stop thinking about death and also to think about life. durring the trip to New Deli, Kappus and his Paratroopers would soon encounter the leader named Cherry, on the way on the roads they traveled over the desert and also jungles and also a river and towns and also this to Kappus was like a good life to him,

Arrival in New Deli

As they arrived in New Deli, Kappus and his Honeybee Company Paratroopers where parked on top of a hill because they could not start the attack until morning, Kappus and Millie then laid on top of a hill and whatched the sky and clouds, Millie then holded his hand and then kissed him. Back in the hills, Kappus and his band mates have each of their own tents. Bessie shares a tent with Millie, Penny and Dominique, Draa shares a tent with Molly, Marie and Tigerlily, Andria shares a tent with Jane and Nisa, Portia and Gwen share a tent each. Gaby and Alexandria have their own tents. also the other Paratroopers share their own tents. Later that night after everyone goes to sleep, Kappus and Millie sneaks to the woods that night to make out, she liked what Kappus was doing, Gaby spyed on Kappus that night and it was unknown to Kappus and Millie that Gaby was going to tell Mary or Anton about this.

A Traitor of the Bees.

As it came to moring Kappus was with Millie and began to hold hands, but Mary was very upset with Kappus she clamed that Kappus had sex with Millie, Kappus told her he didn`t, she keeped telling him he did because Gaby told him, then not long Mary was soon said with Kappus, Kappus told Mary the truth, he was a prostichute and made sex for money, Mary understood Kappus and told him you don`t have to do this you are not a prostichute, and he wasn`t one of them, Kappus began to cry and began in tears, Millie hugged Kappus to tell him it is allright, but then Gaby told Mary the truth that she was a Dragonflie and worked for Cherry, Gaby began in tears and cryed, and Gaby told Mary what she had done, Mary unstands about the crime he did, after that Kappus and Millie where relised from Court Marshall and would soon start the final battle.

The Final battle in New Delhi,

Kappus then began the final attack with Tanks, Armor Cars, and Army Trucks and also his convoy of Jeeps and Boat Army Truck mobies, Kappus at first went to the top of a hill at a palace, as he in the tank bashed through the gate, it set the alarm off which sent the Dragonflies to attack, the Honeybee Company attacked the gaurds that where gaurding the door to the entrance, One Gaurd told them to stop, but was instantly shot by Kappus, then they banged the door and then Honeybee Company shot the Dragonflies at the inside of the entrance, Millie shot one butler and another butler, but another Butler escaped to the top level, Kappus and his team killed the rest of the Dragonflie Soliders at the inside of the entrance, durring the fight, Kappus along with Master Sergeant Bessie, Sergeant Penny and Private Millie and Private Marie Malarkey and Private Alisha Moore and also Basooka Trooper Draa and Private Kickback and Private Echo and Private Fives and Private Swoop, then took the door, also they killed another Dragonflie Soilder group, durring the fight Kappus and Millie then shot an Officer and also durring the fight, Kappus told Nic if he was doing allright, but a floor onto at the upper level collapesed and Nic and most of his team jumped, including Lipton and Lucy, and Lorrain did, Gwen holded ontop of a light, but Nic told her to jump and that he could grap her hand, after saving her Kappus told Nic he did a good job, however despite Nic`s efferts in saving Gwen, Gwen kissed Nic for saving her life, then after killing most Dragonflie Soliders they got to where Cherry was,

The Fight between Maud and faulse Death,

As Kappus went into the room Maud was waiting for the final fight to begin she told them to kill the Honeybees but the fight begain, Maud tried to kill Kappus but Kappus used his Magum pistal to shoot her, she and her three gaurds escaped to the top level, but also the other Dragonflies Colonel Longface and Officer Bibi and also the surviving Dragonfiles Soilders and Cherry`s servent named Cheserty escaped, Kappus followed Maud up the stairs, he tried to shoot at her, Nic followed him, as Kappus went at the top roof a Dragonfie Gaurd who served under Maud tried to shoot Kappus but Kappus shot her with his pistal, then the next tried to shoot him but shot his sholder two times, nealy wounding Kappus, but Kappus shot her instantly killing the second gaurd, however despite Kappus having armor on his sholders, this made him not wounded, the third Gaurd was going to shoot Kappus but then Colonel Mary stunded the Gaurd only leaving not killing this gaurd, then Maud tried to kill Kappus then Kappus did a sward fight, Kappus then used his combat knife and Maud used her`s, durring the fight Maud had allready called for a Dragonflie Tank to try and kill Kappus, however durring the fight Kappus then stabbed Maud in the arm and also sprayed linx in her eyes, then the final fight began and Kappus charged at Maud but then the Shell fired from the Tank only killed Maud blowing her to peices, and stunned Kappus and also burred him in the rubble, also Cherry was killed soon after by Bessie, Kappus thought he died but later saw his mother, she told him about what happed though this was only inside his head, he was still alive and not dead, Kappus then saw his girlfriend tell him this is not what you where ment for, so he came back alive, and brock out of the rubble, then saw the girl Maud that had been blown to peices, Kappus recouved the neckless and also a photo album of her and then he and Nic retreated along with Mary from the exploding roof, he joined with his girlfriend Millie and also with Honeybee Company for the next assinment,

The last battle in New Deli,

Kappus and his Honeybee Paratroopers then left the Palace and went to the town of New Deli, they then went into the town but however a tank was trying to get them, Kappus along with Nic and Will and Bessie and Penny and Millie, took the tank and killed all the Dragonflie Soilders in their, then they managed to drive the tank, however Penny was the only one who can drive because Kappus just wasn`t skilled enough to drive a tank, then they managed to blow up Dragonflie convoys, and also managed to save Mary and also her Honeybee Paratroopers from danger, they took a ride to the next destiantion of town, durring the fight, Kappus then came out of the tank because it exploded at the bottom, but no one was killed in the insadent, Kappus and Millie and his team surrounded the Dragonflie Soilders and the last ones quickly surrenderd to Kappus and the Honeybees, it was a victory to the Honeybees,

The end of the War.

That day a victory was help in New Deli and the Honeybee Founder named Miram Breedlove and Chelsea Gibbons also came to thank Kappus and Chelsea was proud of Kappus and the Honeybees although Kappus gave Chelsea the neckless from Maud who died, she thanked him everyone thanked Kappus and Millie also kissed Kappus durring the celbration.

The Award to the Bees.

After the celbration Kappus and Millie and the honeybees where awarded gold medals for their bravery, Bessie was awarded the gold medal for killing Cherry, Kickback was also awarded a medal and Gearshift was also awarded as well, they where all awarded to both the Honeybee Officers and NCO`s or otherise known as non-commisiond Officers,

A night out with Millie at the Indain Resturant,

That night Kappus went out on the date with Millie to the Indain Resturant and also Several Paratroopers went their as well, Kappus`s friend Nic and Gwen also go their on their first date, that night Kappus and Millie had butter chickin and they also had a drink of fanta, as they ate butter chickin Millie found she never tried Indian food before in her life, it was the first time for Millie to try Butter Chickin, then that night Kappus and Millie then kissed,

The Trip to Argra,

Later the next day Kappus and the Honeybees went on a excution train which was hauled by a WP Class steam locomotive to the town of Argra, the trip was so that the President of India could thank Honeybee Company for saving their town and that the war came to an end, Kappus on the train was sitting next to Bessie and Penny and Millie, they talked along the jurney, as they arrived at Argra, the Steam Train blowed the whishel to welcome the Bees, they went to the Tah Mahal then the President did the speach, he thanked Kappus and Nic who where the hero`s, after that they soon returned to New Deli for the stay for two weeks,

Kappus enjoys the stay at New Delhi.

Kappus and Millie then through the town to see many poor people who where in need of Rashtions, Kappus also saw the poor people look at him because they knew that he is the hero of the war, then later on Kappus and Bessie and Penny and Millie and Kickback went onto a bus and rode on top of a roof they thought it was fun, then later on durring the stay in New Delhi Kappus had sex with Millie, Kappus also went on many outings durring the stay, although it was not over yet because the other Dragonflies Longface and Bibi were to be the ones arrested when they go to Napal, Kappus had a great time like when he then keeped kissing Millie on the lips to make love as they laid on eachothers back,

Kappus tells Millie and a small group talk in a building,

That day in New Delhi, Kappus, Nicholas, Bessie, Penny, Millie, Kickback. Peconte, and Randleman, and Marie Malarkey, Alisha Moore, where then talking in a blown off hole in a building which was in the top roof, Kappus and the girls saw the street in a heap of rubble which was a mess, and also saw people cleaning the town up, Kappus told Nic he did quite a good job, Millie then kissed Kappus, then Nic tells the others that Muad was dead and that she was killed from a tank blast which the one who Kappus was trying to kill, but Nic told them it still wasn`t over yet although Cherry was dead, they was still two more Dragonflies to arrest,

The move to Napal,

Then later next week the Honeybee Company where on the way to Napal to arrest Longface and Bibi, Kappus then new that this will be the final arrest, although the S,S where to make it their last stand, On the way to Napal Kappus and the Honeybees came to a edge in the Himmerlarer mountines on a narrow road, however on the was they saw the road which was blocked however they tried to clear it but it didn`t work until the rubble lifters would come, Kappus went to the small vallage to a building where those Dragonflie butlers where they ran away because they thought they where going to be exicuted, Kappus and Joseph then took the forks and knifes that they hid and took them away, Later 4 hours later the road was clear, Kappus and Nicholas along with Bessie and Penny and Millie and Marie Malarkey and Alisha Moore and also Kickback and Draa and Peconte went to Cherry`s egal nest which was a building she had and as they entered the building Kappus went to invetigate it but no one was their, they looked outside and saw the vew,

Arrival to Katmando,

After finding an Eagles nest Kappus and the Honeybee Company then boarded the Convoy to Katmando the capital of Napal, however this was the only road in Napal because they was no other roads anywhere else, on the way they passed many people who waved at them and also the Honeybees have found out the war is over, as they arrived at Katmando, Kappus and the Honeybees found a big mentien that belonged to Cherry, as he and Nic went inside, he dessused to Longface about her surrender, she told him about what she has done, she also told him to take her gun as a surrender, after Kappus took her gun, Longface told Kappus that she and Bibi won`t kill the Honeybees anymore or hurt them now, after the nogoisation Longface and Bibi left the mentien, so the Honeybees could have this as their hotel to stay in durring the two week stay, as they stayed their they knew that they can`t leave because they has to be a nogoisation about peace that would wait until two more weeks,

Kappus`s stay in Katmando,

Durring the stay at Katmando, Kappus was in charge of the mention where his soilders where staying at, Kappus did feel that he wanted to talk to Presdent Brako Brama about what had happoned, he told him about this and the battle in Turkey and Turkmenstarn and to Afganistarn, and why a new Lieutenant took over his company and he made a X-O, Kappus then would keep whatch over the girls, when three girls, Lizzie Liegott and a girl named Lutisha Webster and Andria A. Sisk went to stop a dragonflie Officer who was the leader of a camp, only Sisk killed her, and one insadent was with Jessa Jonovic who was killed in a car accedent, however they tried to bring him to the hospital but failed in time, she was the only casualty in Napal and one of the Replasments that died, Kappus got real said of this,

A Incident with a drunk I company Scout and the Ceromerary,

Kappus would also know that a Honeybee Paratrooper named Leslie Grant was shot in the head but was only the brain, However the girl that had hurt her was arrested and Leslie recovered from her wounds when they sent her home.

After that he still knew what was he going to do with them so he then asked Marie Malarkey to head home because it felt like time for her to go, then when the Ceromerary came he along with Nicholas Eddie Ojeda Weaver and William Mark Mendoza Daniel and Millie Millerson and Lizzie Liebgott and Calline Lipton came for the ceromerary and they soon met with Longface who did the ending of the war. she told her Dragonflies that it has been a tough war and that now they are allowed peace then their war came to an end.

Last days in Napal,

Durring the last days Kappus did go for a swim in the hot pool and the Honeybees joined him in the pool as Millie then hugged him and told him about something nice,

Later on their last day Kappus whatched as they where playing baseball and Kappus`s voice spoke in his head and told them about the veterans and what they would later have as a cerea, after that Speirs told the Honeybee Company to lision up and also Kappus told them that the other Battle was over in the other place around earth. then they returned to the airport and then the rest went home on their airplanes back home to the USA, Unknown to Kappus that his friends and the company would soon become hero`s.

Return to San Francisco

A Welcome back to San Francisco.

Kappus and the Honeybee Company return to their home town and are welcomed by their parents as a welcome home and they soon turned out to be hero`s, Kappus was happy to see his famley again and was also pleased to see his home after a lot of monthes away fighting in the Middle east and asia.

The Medal of Honor.

Kappus went to the ceromery and all the honeybees all came to see his Honor and the Queen of England made him a "Sir" for his job as a hero and also he was made a new hero to San Francisco.

Celebrating the end of World War III,

Kappus and his band mates and The Honeybees returns to San Francisco to celebrate the end of World War III and the death of Cherry the Dragonfiles leader. also Kappus was present for the Honeybee Paratroopers that fell durring the war and the 21 gun salute was also their. Mary Gibbons told them that the war is over for the Honeybees and peace has come back. Bessie was also in command of the 21 gun salute for those fallen durring world war III and after that Mary told him how this war started and also Kappus hugged his girlfriend Millie in the ceromery and all cheered for him, Kappus would soon write a book on the war about what had happened.

The Funerals of the dead Honeybee Company Soldiers

With the dead Honeybee Paratroopers that perished in World War III Kappus told his Honeybees and the People they will not be forgotten and they partook in the burring of their dead bodys! all the Honeybee Paratroopers where present at their funeral of the burrieing of their bodys into coffins,

Later after the war,

However unknown to Kappus and his Honeybees at night they would get nighmears from the fighting in world war III and because of that Kappus got a nighmear and woke up at the middle of the night with only a bad dream this made him real upset,

A welcome back to Honeybee Recreation Center,

It soon became a welcome back with all the Honeybees in San Francisco and new Honeybees from the Paratroopers joined as well, Kappus and his friends were back in charge of the Class and Kappus did a great job that day,

Kappus starts doing jokes on his micorphone at the recreation center.

That day Kappus then started to do a lot of jokes on his Micorphone at school and the Honeybees found it funny in someway to say what was he doing, Millie started laughing because Kappus was real funny and what he is saying to them.

The Honeybee scouts do a talent show,

That day Mary disided to do a talent show and also she anounsed Kappus would take part in it with his Opera only because of the Rockband was not alowed due to languge that could offend childern at the talent show, Kappus winngly agreed with Mary,

Then at the Talent show that night first Portia did her`s then Gwen and Nic did theirs, then it was Penny and Joe`s although she and Don were baught of stage for stripping and showing her underwear on stage. and Bessie and Don`s did her`s with her magic trick where a rabbit disapeared and it came back. Then Kappus and Millie did their opera but then as they did it they became famus where the people liked the singing and also after that the jugdes where happy of Kappus and Millie and they won a Trophy for singing.

Kappus and Millie's third date,

Kappus and Millie goes on another date but this time, they go on a double date with Don and Bessie.

Halloween night,

Kappus also however on Halloween disided to dress as a Airmen of the R.A.F from the war, he buy's the costume and also tries it on, Then however he finds he looks just like in the good old days of the R.A.F in World War III, Nic drives him to the Recreation Center one night and there he goes inside, the girls think his suit looks better than the others, Kappus however looks at Millie in her pritty dress and talks to her, she however tells him 'Kappus nice suit,' and she giggles with him, the two also dance together and also hug while danceing, then unlike the other Bees who got tired, only Kappus and Millie and Bessie and Donald remained on the floor, Kappus and Millie also win the dance and the two both hug each other and kiss's Kappus, she then also hugs him and Kappus loves that, and the two also hug,

Kappus goes bowling with The Honeybees,

Kappus and his band mates takes The Honeybees on a field trip, but Kappus picks Bessie and Penny and Millie and Tigerlily and Molly and also Satha on his team. Kappus got the first high score with a strike and also his girlfriend Millie went on fire that night when she won the game, after she won she bet Portia in the game and Millie kissed Kappus for the strike that night and he and Millie and Bessie and Penny and Satha went OHHHHHHHH! that night when they got the high score.

The CIA Mission.

Kappus and his friends Nicholas Weaver and William Daniel are both on their way to meet Mr's Gibbons and her Honeybees at the Cathedral, but however he and Nic and Will are called by the CIA Armor Team Police to partake in gthe arrest of a drug lord Franz Lopez who is flying into the airport of San Francisco, where four men steal into a bank of money and smuggle cocain, Kappus and Nic and Will together with Junior Police Officer Albert Michal and an unnamed Officer land the helicopter at the airport to stop them from escaping, Kappus however on the ground was being chased by three Henchmen by the names of both Franko, Perez, and Jiminez, chase him, but Kappus shoots at the car which causes it to tip over killing Perez in the front seat, only Franko and Jiminez survive, however Kappus tells his friend Nic to chase after them, while Kappus and Will together stop Lopez, while in the air Kappus quickly manages to hook onto Lopez's airplane, however Lopez climbs out of the airplane and tried shooting at Kappus, however Kappus fights to the death and punches him off the plane which causes him to fall into the Cathedral, Kappus and Will paraschute to the Cathedral and are met by the Honeybees, Nic also arrives and tells Kappus he has caught the prisoners, the job was finnished and Kappus went into the Cathedral and sat with his girlfriend Millie while listioning to the church music and sang some god music,

The Ski Trip and made 00 agent and the mission in Cortina.

Meanwhile while Mary started to do a ski trip to Italy she would go to Cortina with the Honeybees for the Hoilday, They went on the Airplane and all his friends and Scouts where going on this trip to Italy. on their journey they arrived at Baun airport and then on they took a train, on the train Kappus starts telling the Scouts about what would happen, apperently Tigerlily said to Kappus that she would want to go to ski when they got their, apperently Kappus said she could, but Kappus diserpeared and was soon spotted by MI6 agentsy and they told Kappus that they was a Villian by the name of Locque who was staying in Cortina, Kappus got made 004 because thought he might make a good agent.

When they arrived at the Hotel they soon begain to enjoy the resort but when Kappus was having a wash he later on headed with Honeybees Bessie, Penny, Satha, and Millie to the top of the mountain and their he met with his contact Ferrara who told him that Locque was in Cortina. so he and his fellow friends then went to find their boss Airs Kristatos. When the meeting started he was met by Bessie and Penny and Satha and Millie, and he told him that Millie is his girlfriend which he was surprised about it, a Ice Skater by the name of Bibi came and met with Kappus and the others, Millie got a little bit of a joke but she told Kappus if he would have spare time to take her to ski in the afternoon, Millie got a little jealous, but Kappus came to help her after the meeting, and he told her that Bibi is not the one he loves or going out with, and Millie felt happy of this and trusted him because he told her that she is only a friend but not a girlfriend since he was in a relationship with Millie.

Later on Kappus was walking downtown but saw his friend Nic and also Gwen walking and slacking off, like going downtown, but according to this Kappus told Ferrara that he and his scouts must go alone on this which he agreed on. Kappus saw the Motorbikes which one of Locque`s squad, appearently they nearly got Nic and Gwen killed until Kappus saved their lifes, Kappus wacks a roadblock on the first biker but on the second he trapped the roadblock into the wheel which caused the bike driver to slam into the flowershop`s window and also by landing on the head killing him in the prossecss. Kappus told the flowershop manager to send the flowers to the funaral. He and his fellow Scouts puresue on them and also find Nic and Gwen and told them off. he said to Gwen, "Where have you been Gwen, you are supossed to be at the Hotel not go slacking off." he replied to Gwen, she also told him that Mary said it was ok to do. they returned to the Hotel so they wouldn`t be in anymore danger off.

Kappus later meets Bibi alone in his room when he got back and his very surprised to see her, but tells her he does not except his sex life to her, He and her went sking later on, they both then skied down the mountain, they soon saw a man named Eric Krielger who was German and was Bibi`s boyfriend but never said a word to her, They whached him shoot at the targets and he won. But after that he followed where he went and also unknown to Kappus that Locque was contacting a Henchman named Claus to trackdown Kappus, Then soon as he went alone in the mountains he then didn`t relise that Krielger was going to kill Kappus with his sniper rifle. He tried to kill Kappus but he took cover until then he reilsed his gun was knocked out of his hand from the shot, he trys to get it but was tracked by Krielger, He did escape him but unarmed and also shot his skipole. but was still able to escape. Durring the escape he knocked Claus and was trying to kill Kappus, he escaped to the Olymic skiing test,

As he arrived he was not noteised because he acted a ski Olymic man he also was met by his Honeybees, One of Locque`s men saw Kappus who was walking into the ski ring and also Locque and Claus go to stop him. Kappus and the Bees then makes it the lift. but it stopped because of Locque and also he and Claus boarded. Kappus acted nactral, His girlfriend Millie tapped him on the back and wispered that "Locque`s behind you so be carful my love," she replies to Kappus. as they head to the top, from their Kappus walks up the stairs but Locque told Claus to do a decoy where there he would be at the ski ring callange. Kappus walks up the stairs but took his first look at Locque, who looked at him. then he continued on to the top. There he was told by the ring challenge man to set his ski`s up because Kappus he knew was the hero of San Francisco, he tells him to hop onto the ski`s but he says he couldn`t go until the time went, Kappus then tricked the ring man into thinking there was a helicopter so he went without being timed, this was also so he could escape Locque. He ski`s down the ring challenge where he is knocked by Claus but Kappus then knocks him, they then come to the jump from there Kappus then makes the hugest jump and unknown that Millie was also impressed when she saw it. All the Olympic fans where impressed to see a new champon who jummped, Then Kappus lands and knocks Claus unconscious and also jumps the second time and runs into Eric Krielger again for the second time and then the chase begins. Durring the Chase however Kappus trys to escape but Eric Krielger lead his motorbike team but only one man was with him. He trys to persue Kappus and trys to shoot him down but it dose not work as he runs into the forrest which causes him unable to fire, Kappus then runs past skiers on the way but they get knocked down. Kappus then runs acdently into a party where it is ruined when passing right through it, Also he headed into the forrest where he put his ski pole into the tree which knocks off a driver of the motorbike but Eric Krielger still continues on the chase, Kappus then hadded into a bobslaying challenge where he ski`s through it, Kappus then ducks down from a low bridge, still skiing he warns the man bobslay to go faster. where they wouldn`t be caught into it. then Kappus heads out of the Bobslaying challenge and jumps to a farm where he landed on the roof and tumbled down the hill. Krielger however gets his motorbike ruiend and also boken, Krielger was real angry of Kappus`s escape and that he wanted revenge on him. he chucks the gun at him but misses. and also the broken motorbike at him also misses as Kappus escapes.

After all that Kappus heads with Bessie, Penny, Satha, and Millie to the Icering to see Bibi off, Kappus told her about her boyfriend the one who trys to kill Kappus, she leaves him as the hocky players come on, Just before he can leave, he is challenged in the mach with them, It turns out that there it was Eric Krielger again leading the smugglers, Kappus fights his gang of three, Bessie appearenty knocks one unconscious and also when Eric is knocked out by Kappus and also Millie helps him knock him out, then as one man tryed to kill him with his sharp ice skateing boots, it stabs the wall but Kappus used his Kwon Do through and through him into the gole and is knocked unconscious then they won the round. Later he finds Ferrara dead and who was murdered by Locque, Kappus was going to get revenge on Locque.

Later the next day Kappus and Bessie and Penny and Satha and Millie went into town and also where having Ice Cream from an Ice Cream man Hal who was impressed to see the Honeybees! although not impressed to see Bessie, As Kappus brings the four Ice Creams over to Bessie and Penny and Satha and Millie the Ice Cream Truck is blown up from one of Locque`s men and this killed Hal and Kappus and his fellow friends where upset of the death of Hal the Ice Cream man. Police came and said to Kappus if he killed or blew him up, and Kappus said "No we didn`t blow it or him up, and I didn`t plant that bomb." He replies to the Policeman of Cortina, they belived Kappus, After the death of Hal, Kappus, Bessie, Penny, Satha and Millie head to the wepons store for AK-47`s and KF7 soviet guns for the Honeybees incase of a defence. Donald Jay Jay French MacDonald and Joseph A.J Pero Brethren enter the Gun Store and Don is very happy to see his father, Kappus made a deal for wepons to be delivered to the hotel, meanwhile Don and his father stay and Kappus continues on around town.

He goes to the Pizza place where they make Pizza`s, They both have them. Millie talks to Kappus about getting married one day. And she jokes with him a lot. Millie starts having a Pepperoni Pizza and Kappus has the same as Millie.

Later on when arriving at the Gun Store he soon finds Donald`s dad who has been killed. Don feels upset of his death but Don`s girlfriend Bessie helps him out and tells him he is sorry for the death of his father. dispite the death of Don`s dad. Kappus and the Bees had to move on.

Kappus saw Bessie`s dad who meets Bessie and tells her that it has been a long time. Kappus then meets her dad and he tells about Locque. but dispite all of this he tells them that "Locque must be arrested unless you kill him." he replies to Kappus. Fourtunantly Kappus starts talking to him. but not known the next day he is found murdered in at the hotel as Kappus enters his room. he calls the duty manager and tells them who was it that murded him. He replies to them that it was Locque who was trying to kill you. he replies to Kappus. Dispite the death of Bessie`s father she felt sad and began to cry about it.

Kappus then is met by Colombo and four of his men and tells him that the villian is Aris Kristatos who is the villian and hired a henchman named Locque, Colombo agreed to assist the Honeybees. Then they met Mrs Gibbons where they had to talk about Kappus being a 00 agent. Mrs Gibbons was scared to see this. then she agreed to him. They knew that they where trying to kill him so he and the others would have a meating that night.

That night Kappus and the others began to talk that Kristatos was a villian and that he plans to kill everyone. The Honeybees where shocked and when Bibi came to tell them all the Honeybee Scouts where shocked that Locque could kill them. Kappus tells them he must complet the Olympic challenge.

In the Ski Challenge he completley wins and beats the record of 21 seconds, But after that Claus tried shooting at Kappus, but missed as he chased him with vengence to kill the man, he escapes as he failed to kill Kappus. but the Honeybees felt happy for Kappus after that.

Then later on in town as Kappus went to a shop he is found by Aris Kristatos and there he tells him to 'Put his hands up' which soon results in makeing him force to do it. He told them that he was a Mercenary's leader in all this. Kappus got real mad and said "Who has killed four men," he replied to Kristatos. He told him "I ordered them to kill you." he replied to him there he said he was going to take him to there base. Locque also has the gun pointed at him but there Kappus then makes a break and wacks the gun out of Locque's hand and also Kristatos tried to kill him and missed. Kappus makes a break to a Motorbike and there he runs away and also The Bond Theme "The Living Daylights" is heard in the fight. Kristatos and Locque and Kriegler and Colby also tries to stop him. Kappus jumps onto a Truck which Bessie Higgenbottom is driving, also with Penny Lefcowitz and his girlfriend Millie Millerson. he jumps on to the truck and only did Kriegler jump onto the big truck. Soon however Kristatos and Locque's car chrashed but both of them survived including his driver Colby. When on the big Mack Truck, Kappus was so pleased to see his girlfriend again and she and him hug. soon however a bang is heard and Kappus goes alone to check what it was.

There however it was Kriegler who attackes him and the Bond music from The Living Daylights and the song from ("Necros Attacks" and "Air Bond") is heard when Kappus fights Kriegler. however Kriegler tried to knife him but he used his strong musselses and there the knife let go of the bags of opium in the net which was still attached. Millie accidentley openes the trailers door which he and the Henchmen Kriegler are sucked out. Kappus and Kriegler hang on tight over the alps on the hight although unknown to Kappus that Bessie was traveling at full speed. Kriegler was in a struggle with Kappus in the air, however as Kriegler rips the net with his knife the opium is throughout of the bags. However Kriegler grabs onto Kappus's boot but however Kriegler pleads for his life, but Kappus all too vividly remembers the death of the defenseless Luigi Ferrara and Hal the Ice Cream man and Donalds father Handry MacDonald, and Bessie's father Henry Higgenbottom, and also with his anger on Kriegler he kicks Kriegler off his boot and falls to his death. Kappus got real very very very angry after that, dispite the anger for Kriegler for killing Ferrara and Hal and Handry and Henry. Millie comes to Kappus and tells him, "Hey Kappus, I feel so sorry for you." she said to him. He said to her. "Don't you see Millie, Kriegler was the one who killed Luigi Ferrara and the Ice Cream Man and Donald's father and Bessie's father." He said. to her. Millie said. "Here Kappus let me give you a cuddle Kappypie." she replied and she hugs him with joy, Bessie warns both Kappus and Millie to get out of the trailer and just before it fell. Millie nearly fell until Kappus and Penny saved her life. She then kissed and hugs Kappus again and embaressed with him. After all that they returen to the Hotel after that. 

At the Hotel he arranged a plan to go to the Milos Columbo and he told him of a briliant plan of disent, Bibi told them that is won't be very easy, Columbo and three of his men Karageorge, Santos, and Nikos to go along for the attack to the drug factory, Before they went Kappus told them only Bessie, Penny, and Millie and Satha will come, so they went off on the way to the Opium factory, When they went into town Kappus and his fellow honeybees and Columbo and his three men spied on both Locque and Colby, Kappus heard Colby talk to Locque where Kriegler is, however Claus told Locque and Schmidt that Kriegler was last seen fighting with Kappus and was killed by him, Schmidt was upset but he knew he never would get a revenge on him, He heard him say, "Oh well he was a good friend." he said to them, then they went off, Kappus and the others went into the pipeline to the Drug factory,

Then as they got there they soon where at the factory and there Kappus had to do some rockclimbing but however he got spotted by Horatio Apostis, and he kicked Kappus off once, however Kappus gets real angry and then kills him with a piton, and there he falls to his death, Kappus continued on and then got to the lift where he let his troops get in to the top, At the top Columbo then told Kappus they had to slip up as teams, so Kappus and his bees would go with him and Columbo would also take Karageorge, Santos and Nikos with him, on the way Kappus was encountered by some guards and he only wounded one, however Claus spotted Kappus and said to him, "STOP Right their Kappus, and Mighty B!" He replied to him then they was a fight and also Bessie punched Claus into the grinder killing him as a brutal thing what the Mighty B! did, (Very similar to Dario in Licence to Kill) He, Bessie, Penny and Millie and Satha, where so shocked to see Claus crushed by the grinder, Bessie said to Kappus, "That was brutal," she said to Kappus, then they continued on,

He also soon encountered Aris Kristatos and Emile Leopold Locque and Colby Schmidt, however the fight began and Kappus begins to fight Kristatos, durring the fight however their was a trapdoor and as it opened, Kappus was knocked into it and also he grabed Kristatos's foot and he fell only to grab onto his foot and also be crushed in the grinder, he fell into the grinder and was instantley killed but Kappus replied, "Turn the bloody machine off." to Bessie, then durring the fight the Honeybees soon arrive to aid the remaining squad, however Kappus tells Columbo where Locque is, he told him. "He is on his way to the airport, Kappus along with his sikicks Bessie, Penny and Millie helped Kappus, and he drove a car, very quick to the boarder,

He stoped Locque and he along with Schmidt and two guards were completly arrested and Kappus becomes the hero of Cortina,

Then the next day the Honeybees and Columbo's men have a party before the Honeybees went back to the U.S.A, Kappus danced with Millie in his arms and the two kiss! Kappus was awarded the kings Medal for the stopping of the Opium!

The date to the movies!

Kappus and Millie are soon to go on the date tonight! however He is in his office and Gaby tells Kappus she felt sorry for Kappus and for spying on him, Kappus teaches the Honeybees swimming and stuff, Kappus then takes his girl to the movies the next day,

He took her to a love movie! and even though she and him saw the screen and the man kissing the girl, Kappus and Millie kiss and the two kiss thoughout the movie, however it was the recored and she cuddles him at the movies.

Kappus and the Bees go on a Beach trip!

Kappus and his bees go on a beach trip! The Bees sing on the way! however Gaby and Alexandria plan to ruien the Beach Party! On the beach Kappus and Millie play and touch each other in the sand, Gaby nearly ruiens the party for everyone! but Alexandria didn't help her do it! she warns Kappus of this and he goes to stop her! He and Bessie, Penny, and Millie joined up and the two managed to stop her from her evil plan, She then apoligised to Kappus saying she was sorry, later durring the party Kappus and Millie sit next to each other and the two laugh! and also they kiss in the shade!

Last day of the Honeybees.

On the last day and the date was December 1st, The Honeybees where to have a hoilday however, Kappus fortunantly has the chance to hang out with Millie, so he and his friends Bessie, Penny and Millie and Satha go and both of them play on the playground, Later however he and Millie both kiss under the tree and the Honeybees whatch them, and also along with there own boyfriends both kiss, Mr's Gibbons however got very happy what she trainned them into,

Kappus then however goes to tell the bees that we have done really well this year, and also Kappus however does do one thing of his speach, he says "Honeybees we have done a real good job this year, but what we have become is hero's, now I would like to thank my buddy Millie who tought me into this world and everything,  However we are going to be here until our last years when we are 18 years old," he said, Then they had a party with food and drinks, Kappus has really become the hero of the Honeybees, and saved their lives, After the Recreation Center, Kappus and his friend Millie both go on a date around San Francisco, he and her together go to a Restraunt and the two that night kissed,

Millie comes for a Sleepover,

Kappus however oneday phones Millie if she would like to come for a sleepover and she says "Yes", that night she comes over to his house, unfortunantly his dad is away and Kappus however lights the candles in his bedroom for his girlfriend who is comming,

When Millie arrvied, she came and also she saw his room and was real exicted, Millie then however feels happy and suprised, she hugs him, she told him that she has to stay at his house because her mother is away for two weeks,

That night the two even eat Pizza and and play video games, Kappus and Millie play a game and the two even go to Kappus's room and even strip nude, Millie however giggles because the two are playing streaking around the house, Millie even hugs Kappus as they are both naked, (Not mentioned in the story) Kappus and Millie acctuley had sex that night and didn't wear any condoms, as they had sex, Millie even said, "Oh Kappus, it feels wonderful," and she giggles, Kappus was glad to have a girlfriend who didn't swear, the two gladly cuddled each other, and then slepped nude,

Then the next day Kappus and Millie both play together and have fun, Millie starts to joke with Kappus and the two even play around, Kappus plays tag with Millie, also later Kappus then says a funny thing, which makes her giggle, then onenight they play Halo together as well,

Later the next day Kappus and Millie both go around the park and play some real fun games, however they start to have fun with each other, and she does however spin on the spin about thing, and Kappus however does it as well, they both get dizzy and sick,

Later the two then both sleep again in bed and the two also cuddle in bed, and she sleeps on him in his bed,

Later the next day Millie also whatches a old western film with Kappus, on TCM TV, an old movie telivision, Kappus however finds it was a little worse than he thought, Millie however hugs Kappus while whatching the movie,

Kappus and Millie go to the Park.

Kappus and Millie together both go to the park, their however the two have a very fun time together, he and her both played and touched each other in the flowers, Kappus and Millie then both lay together in the shad and kiss that day, Millie giggles with Kappus that her love is starting forever, she also tells Kappus if she would like to have 11 kids when she is old enough, and Kappus agrees to that, only to her though because that she liked him so much, The two later have Ice Cream also they both play jokes on each other, even like when he plays papersizers rock, Kappus however wins but Millie still likeing Kappus hugs him so much, Later on the two also have a ride down San Francisco and later that night the two would later make it like with their fellow Honeybee Scouts to the movies, He and her where both seen kissing each other at the movies that night,

A Very Honeybee Christmas,

It is Christmas Time, and Kappus and Millie together kiss in the park, however it was a snowy day their, also what really happened was Lovik came and disturbed them, however he was so happy of himself he was on his 3rd date with Andria, fortunantly Kappus told Lovik that his butt was on fire and also he screamed because it was a truth, not a lie, however Kappus and Millie both laught because of Lovik screaming his pants off, however he was just about to kiss Millie until she slapped his face, because she liked Kappus, not him, he said to Millie, "I will be back, but with my own fist," at her, then Kappus and Millie talked about how they would kiss, she also told him, she will never break-up with him, because she cares about him, and likes him so much, however the two go to the mall, but are met by his friends Nicholas Weaver and William Daniel who tell him some terrible news about Christmas, it was real serius, people from Africa have arrived so porly and upset, so Kappus will call for a back-up or plan-B! as if it where called,

22nd December!

It was also planned he would start to copy a band member called Band Aid! with the help of their girlfriends, however Kappus led the band to a start which led them closey to having it on the day in the last day before the 25th would come, However Bessie was faceing problems that she hasn't asked her boyfriend to giver her a gift for christmas, so Kappus tells Donald MacDonald to go to her in person, and also give her a gift on christmas day, Kappus was being very much nice that day! as he always was, Millie however also told Kappus she will give him a gift and also he told her he too will give her one, a nice one, he said, however with Lovik upset and not talking to Millie, she apologises to him and says "Lovik! I am real sorry for what I did! you know you already like Andria, well you shouldn't have tried to kiss me, I like Kappus not you," he told her, "No Millie I didn't said I love you, I was doing a friend thing," however Millie was shocked and so she hugged Lovik as a friend, like what friends just do! (Unlike to what happened with Colby James in real life with Kytten when she was bullying and horrasing his love which Millie dosen't do to Kappus but always goes to him a lot) So soon afterwards Kappus and Millie together kiss, and Lovik has since learned his lessen, in all of this, Kappus and Millie however both kiss but her father talks to Millie about something, he told her, "Millie! you do also know I do apolgise for runeing your privercy but please lisien, you need to help Kappus do his job!" so she agrees to help Kappus, she also spent the night with Kappus babysitting while his father went fishing!

23rd December!

Meanwhile on the 23rd Kappus managed to bring Millie something only for christmas, also the band managed to train so hard before tommorow night, Kappus was exicted for tommorow,

24th December!

Today was the day when Kappus and his rockband begin to start pratising for tonight, however their old boyscouts would join and their girlfriends would too, Kappus was real excited to hear that Millie will go and see him, Kappus anoused he would buy her something nice for christmas, Kappus and Nic together talk all day and they buy Millie a doll! that she would love,

They also talked at a cafe with their friends Nicholas and William and Donald, who where intrested, when it started to snow, Kappus was exicted to see it do so, but couldn't stop and liked the snow, same with his friends, Kappus then however came on time to the stage where they would perform tonights band in order to raise funds for the poor people of today,

That night Kappus and his rockband where the final band to perform it, and he played "Do they know it's Christmas" which was to raise funds, Kappus played so hard and even confetti and presents fell on the ground, after all that, Millie comes on stage and gives Kappus a hug on christmas eve which was all he ever wanted,

25th December Christmas day!

It was christmas day and Kappus got his best gift which was a Hornby model trainset! he really liked, his father even set it up for him, he all too well enjoyed it even too well due to his like to trains, later on that afternoon, all of the Honeybees and the Bunny Scouts joined, everyone came even so well to thank Kappus for a wonderful christmas, He was so happy when his girlfriend came, and he gave her a present, she liked her new doll and she kissed Kappus all too well, Kappus and Millie together all too well enjoyed it, his friends also enjoyed their girlfriend relationships all too well, later a photo was taken to all the friends that where so kind to everyone and if not for Kappus than the heroism would not have happened! and if he haddn't had a girlfriend Millie, than he wouldn't have done so, so thanks to him and his friendship with Millie, she remained his girlfriend for the rest of his life,

Later life!

What happened later to Kappus is unknown, but however according to Colby and his new Mighty B! Story's he married Millie and had 11 kids and also he got a job as a train driver possibly due to his like to trains, and also the Amtrack Driver on the Coast Starlight! according to the end of "A Very Honeybee Christmas!" his love came true if not for his friendship and his heroism with the Honeybees!

His Kids,

Kappas had sex with Millie!, His penis was really big, and hurt her. So mile, mad, and punched him, abut he bought her donuts, and Millie said "Kappus, your hot I love you" but she lied, so Kappus called Valentines day stupid liers f*** day lossers.

sTrip club

One day Kappus and Millie divorced, and Kappus went to a strip club, and Girls were hot, and Kappus saw a girl get nude, But then he got really horny, and then he kissed her, And she pulled off his pants, and rubbed his penis, and they both got nude and went down. Kappus sucked her hots sexy bitch tits breasts, but the girl liked it, and kissed his neck, He put his mouth on her vagina, And he sucked it, and her juices flew out and he drank it.


Kappus is not seen in the Mighty B series, but a guy named Colby James that will write season 3 of The Mighty B series and the book series. This will feature new characters named Kappus and his band members and also more new Honeybees named Dominique, Gaby and Alexandria.

Kappus was based on the fan named Colby James,

  • In the new Mighty B! when the Honeybees are getting trained, Kappus`s roll is often based from a character in Band of Brothers, (Richard Winters,)
  • Kappus is more possibly a funny character for Colby's new books,
  • According to Kappus in Brazil he learned how to drive a train while back in New Zealand according to him, he learned this at Ferrymead in Christchurch,
  • Kappus was based on an Indaina Jones Russian Solider named Lincon which he closely resembles,
  • The name Kappus possibly comes from a character in Halo Combat Envolved,
  • Kappus's real name is Michael but why he is named Kappus is unknown,
  • His Theme tune is to sound more Spanish and pop version.
  • His pop version can more sound similar to the Thomas Anthem in Thomas the Tank Engine, although a little bit of changes to it, but without the singing in it,
  • Kappus is very cheeky and funny to everyone,
  • Kappus means (Pretty as a flower and cute as a boy!)
  • His real last name was later reviled and it is Dario, although his dad changed his last name because when they moved into the country.
  • Kappus is believed to be hypochondriac, because he clams he has a problem.
  • It is told in "Bunny Pop Star" that Kappus is a pop star, because he sang "If I had you" by Adam Lambort, and danced like him, his girl liked what he did, only to this, but not to anyother,
  • Why Millie loved Kappus remains unknown, although it is likely he was a nerd just like her,
  • Kappus is the most nicest man ever although he hate's Portia Gibbons and always he stops her from making her do dirty things with Bessie.
  • Kappus is known as 'The Mighty Bunny!' that means he is a superhero with no fur and only ears nose and tail, and whiskers, and a super-suit,
  • Kappus is a very nice man to everyone.
  • He wears glasses because of his poor eyesight,
  • Kappus has a slow way of talking.
  • He also has two spirits known as Jealousy and a Dragonflie spirit.
  • Kappus is believed to be that of an Spanish ancestry because his father and his other grandfathers where Spanish because they lived in Spain in a state called Granada but only Kappus was born in New Zealand so it is believed he has half Spanish in him,
  • Also in The Mighty B! story of when the Honeybees go to Brazil, he could speak to many people with Portuguese, it is possible that he learned Portuguese in his former Boy Scouts at the Bunny Scouts in a Portuguese class,
  • He is one of the two main characters for Colby's new books. and most of the story focus on either him or Bessie.


  • "I am so smart! I am smart! I am so smart! I am so Smart! S-M-R-T! I mean S-M-A-R-T!"
  • "MMM...Chocolate..."
  • "MMM...Donuts..."
  • "MMM...Something..."
  • "I love you Millie,"
  • "Well ether Bessie's gone madder than KP when he runs out of Pork Sausages" Millie to Penny about Bessie and Kappus
  • "Humm! meanding a bus with a bootlazce! That'z gonna be like trying to get sneakers on tool to get sneakers off!" KP about the bus that broke down!
  • "I'm not taking my sneakers off! I'm a sneakers or too!...(Policeman in show) "Hey take them sneakers off" (KP) "No!" (Policeman in show) "Take them off I said!" (KP) "NO!" (KP's father in the show!) "Ahh let him go! will never catch him! not in these shoes!" (KP) "I didn't take my sneakers off! I feel sneaker than too!"
  • "Stop slapping me!" Mrs Gibbons to Kappus, "NO!" Kappus to Mrs Gibbons while not respecting Bessie,


Nicholas Eddie Ojeda Weaver,

Nicholas is Kappus`s best friend and also right hand man and bodygaurd to Kappus and also known as his astin martin driver, Nic is a nice man to Kappus and always hangs out with him he is a good friend and very friendly although he has acaholelisum which he is addicted to, he is also known as a great man Kappus calls him because he is a great elitirc Gurtairist, he will aways be their when ever he wants to,

Bessie Higgenbottom.

Kappus first met Bessie at Kiss Kiss Clue where they started the Introduction and began their friendship although he did say he would not ask her out. because he thought she was too talkitive a lot. They are good friends but they Intractact a lot with each other, Kappus went with Bessie on many times a lot. When World War III came they became good friends although he said to her "You where really brave of surviving Bloody Farmland but you still where cool Bessie." he replied to her.

Penny Lefcowitz.

They are very good friends although their friendship together is seen they talk a lot. And like Bessie she is one of Kappus`s good friends being one of the three friends that help Kappus on many times on many adventures. At one stage durring World War III he said to her after takeing the town of Eskisehir "Penny that was kind of cool dude." he replies to Penny and she felt happy about what Kappus said to her, she is a good friend to him.

Millie Millerson,

Millie is Kappus`s girlfriend and also he is in love with her, he and her have a cruch on eachother, however Millie likes Kappus and always hangs out with him, Millie likes to have sex with Kappus which Kappus always wants to do only for her, she and him want to get married in the futher and always want to have kids, Millie will always say that he is handsome and hot, Millie can do anything she wants for Kappus like she will give him a kiss on the lips or she will give him a massarge or a hug, Millie is in love with Kappus and she will always be with him,

Possible Season 3,

It is unknown if there will be a season 3 of The Mighty B series. According to this page there could possibly be a season 3 of the series, If there will be a season 3,The series will focus on all of each characters story rather than just Bessie's even though there might not be new characters there could possibly one though and the creators have not confimed this yet. |}

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